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Mad replay value

Baby ducks! Sadly, this is the best thing to come out of EA since NHL '94

May 10
The best part of writing for a video game whos-a-whatsits like Destructoid is that I can get away with completely ignoring what's going on in the world of gaming in favor of baby ducks!Kotaku managed to swipe an e-mail ... read

Old people game? Unlikely

Apr 05
It's all over this dammed Interblogweb device that one in seven people over the age of a hundred have played video games. Apparently this is exciting news, but let's face it, it's really not, for two reasons: ... read

Cute doggies to go multi-platform

Apr 01
Get your petitions ready, kids. We've recieved word today that adorable puppies will no longer be exclusive to any one major console; news that is sure to hit many a loyal fanboy like a 12-ton wrecking ball to the face. ... read

SEGA announces an all new RTS for your pleasure: Universe at War

Feb 02
We're willing to bet SEGA hopes that the RTS dime-a-dozen syndrome doesn't affect their newly-announced venture, Universe at War: Earth Assault, slated to hit the PC sometime in the fall this year. But, just in case i... read

The Diablo 2 replay phenomenon

Jan 07
Recently myself and several other Dtoid masterminds have been running a game of Diablo 2. One thing I can't seem to understand about this game is that no matter how much it ages, it's usually about a half hour in that... read

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