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4:00 PM on 10.09.2013

Why you shouldn't play Beyond: Two Souls more than once

Before Heavy Rain’s release, Quantic Dream founder David Cage said that he didn’t want players to go through the story more than once. “It’s going to be unique to you. It’s really the story you d...

Alec Kubas-Meyer

Talking to Women about Videogames: What makes you want? photo
Talking to Women about Videogames: What makes you want?
by Jonathan Holmes

Despite our ability for highly complex conceptual thinking and communication, human beings are still a fairly primitive species. We may be able to create nuclear bombs and cell phones, but underneath all our "achievements," our behavior is still ruled by our emotional reactions to various external stimuli.

If a heterosexual man sees a woman who has lumps of fat on her chest of a particular size and shape, he may feel lust, affection, or even worship for her, leading to all sorts of bizarre behavior. If the same man is driving a car, and the same lumpy-chested woman accidentally hits his car with her car, he may feel an immediate need to permanently destroy the threatening car and/or its driver. Of course, when he jumps out of his car, brain swimming in adrenaline, to accost the other driver, he's going to get pretty confused when he sees those lumps. His mind, initially set on "killing" mode, will suddenly shift to "porking" mode, with some potential for crossover between the two. Oh, the complexity of the human condition! And don't even get me started on what would happen if the woman turns out to have a penis!

This hypothetical scenario reminds me of something I see in a lot of gamers. They'll see a game that they really want to play, but at the same time, they'll think the game isn't worth the exact amount of money it costs to play it, which will lead them to pass on the game for good. How can it be that some of us have the urge to play videogames that we simultaneously devalue in our own minds? Read on for more about this fascinating examination of gamer behavior!

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8:12 AM on 04.04.2008

Bungie releases Darkness trailer, reminds us to save some money for Xbox Live

Witness the new trailer for "Darkness," which will be part of that new Halo 3 map pack some of you have been waiting for. Bungie is banking on this WoW inspired sneak peek of the upcoming Legendary Maps (Avalanche,...


11:06 AM on 11.18.2007

Fallout 3 could have up to twelve endings: Now that's just silly

Bethesda's brave take on the Fallout series, Fallout 3, could have between nine and twelve different endings, depending on your actions, it has recently been declared. I think Bethesda is a fan of replay value, no?Developer P...

Jim Sterling

1:16 PM on 08.24.2007

Researchers using videogames and shock therapy, study fear effect on judgement

Thanks to a scientific study in which volunteers willingly played a few rounds of an evil Pac-Man clone that shocked them each time they made a bad move, science is one step closer to understanding the mystery of  "...


11:18 AM on 06.09.2007

Top 5: Free Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)

[Editor's note: Milling around the PC game isle offering barter handjobs for Guild Wars will probably result in the most rewarding free MMO experience, but you might get herpes.  Kudos to Huskyhog for discovering so...

Daniel Husky Lingen

12:02 PM on 05.24.2007

Fable 2 diary: All we need is love

We're all about love here at Destructoid, so we must say that we embrace this "love" that Lionhead is trying to bring across with Fable 2. The first in what should be a series of diaries leading up to the release of Fable 2, this video in particular deals with that human emotion that many of us feel as we see a robot glide into an empty room. Enjoy! 

Robert Summa

11:25 PM on 05.10.2007

Calling All Cars has arrived; PS3 gamers rejoice

PlayStation 3 fans rejoice; the wait is over. Calling All Cars is upon us. In a recent press release, Sony confirmed that it will indeed be released this Thursday (which was a few hours ago). Read on, and release those pent ...


3:06 AM on 05.10.2007

Baby ducks! Sadly, this is the best thing to come out of EA since NHL '94

The best part of writing for a video game whos-a-whatsits like Destructoid is that I can get away with completely ignoring what's going on in the world of gaming in favor of baby ducks!Kotaku managed to swipe an e-mail ...

Earnest Cavalli

1:26 AM on 04.05.2007

Old people game? Unlikely

It's all over this dammed Interblogweb device that one in seven people over the age of a hundred have played video games. Apparently this is exciting news, but let's face it, it's really not, for two reasons: ...


5:41 PM on 04.01.2007

Cute doggies to go multi-platform

Get your petitions ready, kids. We've recieved word today that adorable puppies will no longer be exclusive to any one major console; news that is sure to hit many a loyal fanboy like a 12-ton wrecking ball to the face. ...

Topher Cantler

11:20 AM on 02.02.2007

SEGA announces an all new RTS for your pleasure: Universe at War

We're willing to bet SEGA hopes that the RTS dime-a-dozen syndrome doesn't affect their newly-announced venture, Universe at War: Earth Assault, slated to hit the PC sometime in the fall this year. But, just in case i...

Robert Summa

8:31 PM on 01.07.2007

The Diablo 2 replay phenomenon

Recently myself and several other Dtoid masterminds have been running a game of Diablo 2. One thing I can't seem to understand about this game is that no matter how much it ages, it's usually about a half hour in that...

Colette Bennett