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3:46 PM on 02.23.2007

My name is Bob and I'm an angry gamer

We all get frustrated playing video games. No one likes to lose and no one likes to run the same level over and over again trying to complete it. It sucks when a game isn’t going your way. How each of us reacts to ...


Japan gets Naruto Wii next week. Care?
by Papa Niero

Naruto may be the butt of every Japanator joke, but the popular anime franchise does have a huge following. Underachieving children everywhere will eat it up!  This new trailer, however craptacular in video quality, does show some differences between it and the Gamecube version such as the minigame montage, what I believe to be new environments, and updated character models. Love it hate it Naruto: Clash of Ninja EX is poised to take the seat as the best fighting game available on the Wii (however temporary).

Even if you detest this game on principle, I recommend taking a look at the video demonstration of the gameplay portion. Seems like fun arcade action, but how precise could that possibly be? For better or worse, whiskerface bombs Tokyo on Feb 22. Tell me that isn't a perfect name for your next emo band.

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12:57 PM on 02.13.2007

Resident Evil 4 could have been scarier

HardestBoss spotted a video of an early Japanese E3 build version of Resident Evil 4. These concepts were dropped from the final game because it was "too paranormal" to mesh with the game's ultimate storyline: T...

Papa Niero

11:30 AM on 02.09.2007

Nintendo's last-gen graphics turn off Bethesda, Epic Games

A ShackNews interview with Bethesda reveals that the company wanted to bring Elder Scrolls Oblivion to the Wii, but the system obviously doesn't have enough under the hood to support the game. This is unfortunate, as the...

Papa Niero

11:08 AM on 01.27.2007

Destructoid's most discussed of 2007

In addition to tracking the most lurked through stories on Destructoid, we also keep an eye out of the most active discussions.  You can always find this info on the top right hand corner menu right above the Top 20 Buzz...

Papa Niero

10:39 PM on 01.23.2007

Shield video game: Attention whoever made this piece of crap

Licensed games, there's a reason they suck. Most of the time they are pathetic rush jobs and just an excuse to make an easy buck while never putting that much effort in quality control. I'm used to this, I understan...

Robert Summa

6:56 PM on 01.21.2007

Like Second Life? Go get a First Life instead

I don't like MMORPGs. I don't like the concept of it and I despise what it can do to a person. But I'd rather go play World of Warcraft than to ever get into Second Life. If I had to sacrifice my life for the gami...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

12:36 PM on 01.16.2007

Sims Stories: episodic standalones inbound

Episodic content isn't going away. No, it is instead leaking into all kinds of franchises and into the dirty minds of those that ruined the concept of "expansion pack" for everyone. I'm pointing the finger a...

Papa Niero

6:30 PM on 01.08.2007

Old G4TV lives in Canada

Over a year ago, G4TV opted to change their station format from an all tech/gaming channel to more of an all guy channel with new programming like that of SpikeTV, in hopes that they would draw in more viewers and advertis...


3:23 AM on 01.03.2007

Soda Popinski, I will end you

Yeah, you're l33t as hell. You can trounce waves of fearsome baddies without breaking a sweat. You've made your friends scream in anguish over Xbox Live and humiliated them with your mad skills. Little girls cry at th...

Colette Bennett

8:40 PM on 01.02.2007

The glory days of G4TV remembered

Ask any gamer that watched G4TV before 2005 about the state of the station's programming now and expect him to spit on the ground, set a picture of Kevin Pereira on fire, and then curl up in ball to cry about the good ...


6:26 PM on 12.26.2006

A guide for all console haters

Having a hard time coming up with that perfect comeback on why the PS3 sucks compared to the Nintendo Wii?  Tired of never knowing what to say when you want to slam Xbox 360? Well, Ottsel the Obnoxious Sidekick has post...


2:01 AM on 12.12.2006

Sexism in video games

While surfing on my favorite blog to hate, Official, I came across this documentary, "Damsels, Vixens and Buff Guys: Sexism in Video Games", which looks at the stereotypes used in video games to depict b...


7:28 AM on 12.07.2006

Sony fixes PS3 video issues; world passes out from disbelief (Update)

So, I've finally crossed 100 posts on Destructoid (this being #101), and am a little high, considering I've only been here about a month. Within this short period of time, I have managed to piss Summa off on multiple ...


1:15 PM on 11.10.2006

Gamer girls hate gamers girls; They must be on the rag

As a gamer, it's not commonplace to come across women, especially attractive ones while playing a few rounds of Warsong Gulch or while 'fragging n00bz' in UT2K4. Compounding this problem is the fact that there...

Earnest Cavalli

12:40 AM on 11.10.2006

EA invents new meaning of irony

Are you sitting down? I'll wait ... OK. Look what this fool from EA had to say about Gears of War. Keep in mind, we're talking about EA, Electronic Arts: Alain Tascan, general manager for EA Montreal, has revealed that he ...