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Lost Odyssey

Jimquisition: Innovation - Gaming's Snake Oil

Jimquisition happens every Monday!
Mar 18
There's nothing wrong with a game that innovates. There's everything wrong with a game that goes out of its way to innovate without reason. Like any tool, innovation is neither good nor bad, and it has its specific uses. How... read

JRPGs, narrative conflict, and gameplay lyricism

Aug 15
I really need you guys to do me a favor. The next time someone tells you that they like a Japanese-style role-playing game because of its "story," I want you to kick them in the teeth. You might have to stand on a chair, or p... read

Badass of the Month Club: Jansen Friedh

Mar 02
Time for another Badass of the Month Club, wherein the staff highlights a character or industry figure of noteworthy badassery.Last month's badass was rightfully labeled by many readers as almost too badass to start a series ... read

The Memory Card .40: In memoriam

Jun 19
It is that time again. After twenty weeks of celebrating the most amazing and memorable videogame moments of all time, the second “season” finale of The Memory Card has finally arrived. Not to worry, though: like ... read

Lost Odyssey DLC hits US Xbox Live today

Apr 25
As Lost Odyssey fans should be aware, new downloadable content was announced for the game on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace a while ago, which included new items. Well, if you didn't nab the content for your game back the... read

Early Lost Odyssey DLC? Fire up those Japanese accounts

Mar 04
As you know, we're just the tiniest bit in love with Mistwalker's epic RPG Lost Odyssey, and if you're anything like us, you might be interested in picking up the Masters Secret Script (originally a pre-order bonus) that is b... read

Start looking forward to Lost Odyssey 2: Microsoft expects big things

Feb 27
It's no secret that a fair few of us on the Destructoid staff are huge fans of Mistwalker's amazingly touching RPG, Lost Odyssey. While it was a sure thing that this was the beginning of a brand new RPG franchise, it should p... read

A Thousand Years of Dreams: Mortality in Lost Odyssey

Feb 19
While playing RPGs, I have encountered situations that sometimes predated me having the same experiences in real life. As a little girl, the first of these I found was comradery, which took me a while to find since I was the ... read

WTF: American Lost Odyssey packaging is extremely ghetto

Feb 13
The American version of the Lost Odyssey packaging sucks. Period. On the left hand side of the above image is the American packaging. It shoves three discs onto one spot and leaves the fourth disc in a little sleeve on the bo... read

Europe rejoice: You can get Lost Odyssey early, in English, for super cheap!

Feb 04
While lazily perusing NeoGAF this morning, my jaw almost fell off its bloody hinges when I read that Play Asia was selling Lost Odyssey, right now, in English, on a region-free disc. Quickly burrowing my way into the thread l... read

Gametrailers' Lost Odyssey preview: JRPG fans, get ready to change underwear

Jan 28
For fans of epic, old school, turn-based Japanese RPGs, Lost Odyssey couldn't come quickly enough, but you've still got some waiting to do yet. Luckily, Gametrailers has a preview running that may satiate your appetite for a ... read

New Lost Odyssey screens and concept art have me excited

Jan 16
Mistwalker and Microsoft Game Studios are nary a month away from releasing Lost Odyssey in North America and the admittedly mixed impressions are starting to pour in. Some are better than others, but the general consensus see... read

First Lost Odyssey DLC announced -- how do you say free in Japanese?

Dec 21
Feeling less-than-whelmed by Blue Dragon? Enchanted Arms a little on the tedious slow crappy side? Fear not! Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey is two short months from being released in the land of the Yankees gringos gaijin, and we... read

Lost Odyssey coming this February with exclusive pre-order DLC, pretty hair

Dec 11
Mistwalker and Hironobu Sakaguchi's Xbox 360-exclusive role-playing game, Lost Odyssey, has been confirmed for a February 12, 2008 release date in the United States. The title (which Famitsu gave a 37 out of 40) was released ... read

Japanese version of Lost Odyssey features an English voice track

Dec 07
Nihongo ga wakarimasu ka? Actually, you don't need to understand Japanese when listening to the dialog in an import copy of Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey.Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey features two language tracks: English and Japanes... read

Shadow Hearts team is behind Lost Odyssey: They kept this quiet, why?

Dec 06
An Internet Matlock at NeoGaf has uncovered some very interesting information regarding the newly released (in Japan) Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey. The Feelplus development team that worked on the game seem to be mostly made up ... read

Lost Odyssey will make you the talk of Hot Topic: Accessories are FABULOUS!

Nov 13
I must confess that it's always bothered me when an in-game character is not shown to be wearing the items I've equipped on him or her. If I give a character some new armor, but God I want the classless boob wearing that new ... read

Lost Odyssey intro video found

Oct 14
I'm sure that there are plenty of Xbox 360 owners who would never even give Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey a second thought. Even though it's an Xbox 360 game, it's not really an Xbox 360 game -- you know what I mean? But, for ev... read

Lost Odyssey will stretch over four DVDs. Sony fans will love that

Sep 20
Firstly, let me just say that I honestly don't get the great hardship in changing DVDs. People talk as if having something contained on more than one disc will require an infinite and gruelling journey to the console to switc... read

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