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Leipzig Games Convention

The world finally has a winner in the battle for European videogame convention supremacy. The organizers of the annual Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, conceded defeat today to the new kid on the block: gamescom in Colog... read feature

9/11 Space Invaders creator says the American reaction was "immature"

Aug 25
By now you may have heard word of the game Space Invaders 9/11 shown at last week's Leipzig Games Conference, or perhaps you read our Destructoid Discusses! on the subject. It's definitely the type of thing that's difficult t... read

Confirmed: Leipzig GC is better than E3, exhibitors and visitors want to return

Aug 25
While many in the industry bitched and moaned about this year's industry-only event E3 in event in Los Angeles, it seems that just about everyone loved the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. "The Games Convention... read

'Best of Show' titles of Leipzig Games Convention announced

Aug 25
Games Convention at Leipzig has come and gone, but the impressions of the best games lasts at least a year. Leipziger Messe has recently released their “Best of GC” list and there are a few surprises to be had. Th... read

Kororinpa 2 will have you playing with balls again in 2009

Aug 20
[video]100548:200[/video] When I saw video of the first Kororinpa game, I instantly knew it was going to be a must-have for my Wii. It's still one of my favorite games for the console, in part because it actually feels like a... read

Mirror's Edge gameplay footage, now in glorious color!

Aug 20
[video]100486:199[/video] While the footage we've seen thus far of Mirror's Edge has been pretty impressive, a lot of it felt washed out by bright sunlight effects and sterile environment. With the exception of the bright red... read

New Prince of Persia trailer, complete with German commentary

Aug 20
I have a horrible, guilt-ridden confession to make: I have never played a Prince of Persia title. Considering the type of story it is, I have even less excuse for not having played it, as I definitely enjoy the setting and th... read

SHOCKING NEWS: LocoRoco2 trailer is gleefully happy

Aug 20
I know, you're shocked. Trust me, I am too. The last thing I expected from the Leipzig Games Convention this year was to find that LocoRoco 2 is a happy game about happy blobs having happy adventures. Why are you trying to ma... read

Sony's newest PSP model, PSP 3000 announced

Aug 20
You may have already seen our blurb about the PSP 3000 announcement at Games Convention 2008, but here's the skinny direct from Sony.The new PSP 3000 has an updated LCD screen "with a wider color gamut and anti-reflectio... read

Sony goes nuts at GC 2008: PSP 3000, 160GB PS3, downloadable music and more

Aug 20
We're not at Leipzig's Games Convention this year, but that isn't stopping the new from pouring out of the event. IGN UK is liveblogging the event, so we'll just nab a bit from them. They won't mind.Here's the highlights:Sing... read

New TNA iMPACT! trailer and screens help you 'embrace the pain'

Aug 20
[video]100430:196[/video]I think my head just exploded. This new trailer for TNA iMPACT! put together for Leipzig Games Convention is packed with action. Thumping dance music, lots of explosions, a really excited guy with a d... read

New Mad World trailer is black, white, and red all over

Aug 20
If Platinum Games' Wii exclusive Mad World isn't good, there's going to be riots in the streets. The kind of riots where people pull street signs out of the ground to stab and bludgeon one another. Because if this new tr... read

Kore, a six-year-old unreleased Xbox game, revived for the Wii (Update)

Aug 15
While many of you might not remember this, The Kore Gang was a title originally announced for release on the original Xbox some six years ago. The title was never released, eventually fading into obscurity as Microsoft moved ... read

BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins sweeping in, burning up PAX, Leipzig, and Gen Con

Aug 13
Shown behindclosed doors at E3 2008, BioWare's upcoming role-playing title Dragon Age: Origins is coming out of the closet for some upcoming public gaming conventions. The first will be this Gen Con Indy, which our own Brad N... read

I like the guys from Running With Scissors. Far from being the baby-eating, kitten-punching corrupters of children that certain quarters would paint them as, I've always found them to be thoroughly funny and intelligent peopl... read feature

Leipzig GC 2007: The French team preserving gaming history for the future

Sep 04
"Dave, you've got to get over to Hall 5. There are some guys over there who've got every console ever on free play.""Every console ever?""And a couple of arcade cabinets. And the consoles are all set ... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Quake Wars

Sep 04
Time was short at Activision on the day I popped over for a look at the new Quake II-themed Enemy Territory game, so I unfortunately didn't get as long as I'd hoped for with what was one of my most looked-forward-to games of ... read

Leipzig GC 2007: The mysterious mystery of THEY

Sep 03
A game called THEY was teasing me for the entirety of the GC. It was one of the first games I made an appointment to see having recieved a press release weeks earlier about it, the last one I got to see over the course of the... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Far Cry 2

Sep 02
Around a week into my Leipzig coverage, and looking at my writing schedule I've still got a bunch more FPS to detail. It's a sign of the times my friends, and one I'm not entirely happy about. Somehow, this whole genre bandwa... read

During PAX and Leipzig, Free Radical were showing off their the highly anticpated game, Haze. Whereas I (along with several community members) got a chance with some 4 player co-op hands-on with the game at PAX, David had to ... read feature

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Crysis

Aug 30
You might have read Fronz's report of his play test of Crysis back in January. While he found the game to be trouser-troubling beautiful and solidly playable -- despite bugs -- he ultimately wasn't blown away by the overall e... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Aug 30
I like Rabbids. They do a lot of important work. In this world of mopey, emo, RPG heroes, violent, grizzled, downtrodden anti-heroes, earnest corporate mascots, and cute and cuddly cartoon critters, the Rabbids want nothing m... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Warhound

Aug 30
Remember when I said in my Dead Island preview that Techland could have another sleeper on their hands if things work out? Warhound is that game. Most of the journalists I talked to at Leipzig who went to Techland's booth wen... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Spore

Aug 29
Sometimes things just turn out of the best. Earlier this week I had a ninety-minute appointment over in Electronic Arts' press area, where they had a whole load of their upcoming games available for play-test or presentation.... read

Leipzig GC 2007: The rumors are true! Heavens be praised! New Dreamcast games!

Aug 27
When I first met up with Lukas "3r0t1c n3rd" Cerin -- a sterling chap in case you don't know him, and a thoroughly dedicated member of the Dtoid army -- on Wednesday night, he told me of a story he'd heard that ther... read

Why is The Witcher so stupid looking? (Possibly NSFW video)

Aug 27
Okay, so seriously ... what the [intercourse] is this [fecal matter]? That's a cleaner example of the kind of thought that's been going through my head consistently during every minute of my watching this video. Apparently, t... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Test driving the Wii Balance Board

Aug 26
I stepped up to the Wii Fit Balance Board feeling rather ambivalent about the whole thing. On the one hand, while I'm a big fan of what Nintendo is doing in taking games beyond being playthings and into the new realm of mains... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with the Super Mario Galaxy demo's secret levels

Aug 26
I did not enjoy Nintendo's press "booth tour." Not one little bit. I never suspected for a second that they'd use the occasion to unveil anything radically new, but surely they could have done better than to spend t... read

Leipzig GC 2007: A New Beginning

Aug 25
I've been ranting about the need for a resurgence in point and click adventures for a good while now. The genre's been forsaken as unfashionable for far too long, and in this Wii and DS-dominated climate, there's absolutely n... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Dead Island

Aug 24
I've noticed over the years that I have three main reactions to new videogames I like. Firstly, I have the "serious" reaction, whereby I take on an expression of thoughtful reverence in the face of a something groun... read

Ubisoft's new RTS Tom Clancy's EndWar kicked up a fair amount of interest when it was announced. The early teasing incited a great deal of intrigue, and when the game was revealed to be an apocalyptic real time strategy game ... read feature

Leipzig GC 2007: Hideo Kojima presents Metal Gear Solid 4

Aug 23
Working at Destructoid is brilliant. None of us will ever deny that. There are some days however, when you wake up that bit more excited and appreciative of you job than others. Days that start with the knowledge that you'll... read

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