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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2

Valve may resubmit Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia

Co-op shooter was originally rated MA15+
Jan 17
The cuts made to Left 4 Dead 2 on its release in Australia were another example of the country's inconsistent rating system before the recent introduction of an R18+ rating. Valve is now considering resubmitting the co-op zom... read

Simon Pegg endorses 'Left 4 Winchester' mod

Oct 09
Simon Pegg's love of zombies and indeed Left 4 Dead 2 is well documented, but it could be that his blessing will breathe new life into a stagnant mod. Left 4 Winchester was a mod started in 2009 based on the comedy zombie hit... read

The Matrix meets the Source Filmmaker

Aug 09
This is what I've been waiting for. Ever since the Source Filmmaker was announced, I've been anticipating some top quality animations. The initial stuff has been great, but you need time to learn the inner workings of such a... read

Free Left 4 Dead crossover DLC released for PAYDAY on PC

Jul 26
That collaborative Mercy Hospital Heist for PAYDAY: The Heist is now available for free on Steam. The original reveal for this content was rather unexpected, but I've since grown to like it, conceptually. The fact that it doe... read

Valve talks about Left 4 Dead 2 and Steam for Ubuntu

Jul 17
Valve's Linux team has started a blog detailing what, exactly, it's up to. The first order of business was to port Left 4 Dead 2 over to Ubuntu. Currently, they are "getting the Steam client onto Linux with full functionality... read

Valve: if Steam sales killed games, we wouldn't do them

Jul 17
Valve has defended its policy of offering insane discounts during Steam sales, responding to Electronic Arts' hypocritical accusation that such discounts cheapen intellectual property. Business development boss Jason Hol... read

WOAH! Left 4 Dead running on a PlayStation Vita

Jul 06
Through magic, hacking, and ungodly trickery you can see Valve's Left 4 Dead running on a PS Vita. Well, kinda. One YouTube user, digitalarts001, has tweaked the PlayStation Suite to let him control Left 4 Dead running a PC ... read

The DTOID Show: Bring on the uncensored violence!

Jun 18
That's right, folks - I'm back in the studio after a week-long vacation, and I've got my party shoes on! You know, the orthopaedic ones with extra arch support? (I have fragile bones.) Anyway, on today's show, we've got a tr... read

Payday's criminals visit Left 4 Dead's No Mercy hospital

Jun 15
[Update: The official YouTube video was taken down, but IGN managed to snag it before it was hidden.] I've been looking forward to seeing how the whole Payday: The Heist and Left 4 Dead crossover was going to happen. Today, ... read

The DTOID Show: New Wii U, Left 4 Payday & Dragon's Dogma

May 22
[Update: It's not Monday, but here's Monday's show, which didn't get uploaded until late last night. Sorry!]Hey guys! It's Monday, which means Garfield is gonna binge-eat a bunch of Lasagnas and I'm grouchy.  Today's bi... read

Payday: The Heist crossing over with Left 4 Dead

May 21
It's almost impossible to describe Payday: The Heist without bringing up Left 4 Dead. The crime caper is undeniably similar to Valve's zombie adventure, based as it is on four-player first-person co-op, providing challenging ... read

Steam headed for Linux, penguins reportedly delighted

Apr 25
After Steam's fairly recent launch on Mac systems, it did seem obvious that it would only be a matter of time before the platform would find its way onto Linux. Recently, Linux blogger Michael Larabel has been over to Va... read

This weekend on Twitch TV: 321Go Effect

Mar 24
It's Friday again, which means it's time for me to break down for you the coming weekend of entertainment on Destructoid's Twitch.TV channel. I'm leaving Mash Tactics out of this one, as you can read all about the awesomeness... read

Left 4 Dead: Impulse 76 fan film f*cked up a good thing

Dec 19
I am bummed, you guys. Seriously bummed. Remember the trailer for that Left 4 Dead fan film from a couple weeks back? Looked good, didn't it? Well, shame on me for having any expectations. The full film, entitled Impulse 76,... read

Man proposes to girlfriend in Left 4 Dead 2 custom map

Dec 13
Videogame-related proposals are just so damn amazing. When you have great proposal scenarios like the one from Portal 2 involving the voice actor for GLaDOS getting on board, or the amusing Claptrap from Borderlands&nbs... read

Left 4 Dead fan film teaser is smooth as buttah

Dec 09
There are two things you need to know about this trailer for an upcoming Left 4 Dead fan film. It is sponsored heavily by Airsoft GI, a seller of airsoft paraphernalia, natch. It's even hosted on that company's YouTube page.... read

HAWP: Papa Burch in drag

Oct 22
All Ashly wanted to do was have a family fun night, but Anthony had to be a prissy little b*tch. Look at Papa Burch! He's totally a team player, not to mention "sassy and fierce." Oh, Papa Burch... Heads up: beware the Tank! HAWP: Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice [GameTrailers] read

The Jimquisition: BOYCOTT!

Aug 15
This week, I look at the recent running joke that has become the videogame boycott. I look at why it's joke, why some boycotts are stupid, and why we shouldn't treat the concept with automatic disdain because of the bad ones.  It took me entirely far too long to draw the ludicrous pictures that accompany this week's video. read

'Dead Air' DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 will release early

Jul 11
Last week, Valve made a promise that if 20,000 people on Steam could get the "Stream Crosser" achievement that they would release the upcoming downloadable campaign "Dead Air" for Left 4 Dead 2 early. Players jumped on board ... read

Dark Horse publishing Valve 'Steam-powered' comic

Jul 11
Dark Horse Comics will be putting out a 304-page comic book featuring a selection of "Steam-powered" stories this November. Left 4 Dead's The Sacrifice, a previously published online comic, will headline the book, and it'll b... read

Left 4 Dead 2 community challenge offers early DLC access

Jul 06
Valve has been up front about wanting to get players involved with testing the Cold Stream campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam. As an extension of this, the studio has issued a challenge to the community, complete with its ow... read

Steam deals: Indie packs, Left 4 Dead 2, F.E.A.R. series

Jun 17
I do so enjoy being the whispering voice in the back of your head, urging you to buy videogames because they're slightly cheaper than normal. Heck, you aren't going to play most of them anyway, but just think -- one day, you ... read

Latest Left 4 Dead 2 mutation is all about the Tanks

May 08
While we were off doing what it is we do on Friday evenings, the Left 4 Dead blog broke news of a hilariously awesome mutation for Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam. The mutation in question -- an encore -- makes it so that all Special ... read

Help improve 'Cold Stream' add-on for Left 4 Dead 2

Mar 23
Mac and PC players who own Left 4 Dead 2 have been given a little treat: Cold Stream. It's a new, free, work-in-progress campaign being made by modder Matthew Lourdelet. While this is still in the beta phase, it's shaping up ... read

More Left 4 Dead 2 DLC after Portal 2, first details

Feb 17
Valve is simultaneously pulling from the familiar and switching it up with its next add-on pack for Left 4 Dead 2. The first details have come out by way of a blog post: four campaigns, three of which are the remaining origin... read

Save on zombie-centric Xbox LIVE content this week

Jan 10
It seems like there was just a zombie-themed sale on Xbox LIVE not long ago. Maybe we've been so bombarded with zombies lately that I can't keep my head straight. In any case, all week long you can save on the following items... read

Valve defends 'schizophrenic' release schedule

Jan 04
Valve is marked for its consistent quality, but not its consistent scheduling. The PC powerhouse is notorious for unpredictable releases and lengthy delays, but the developer/publisher claims that it isn't schizophrenic, and ... read
What's that you say? Swagtacular only gets rubbish like 3D glasses and bottles of water? I refute your claims, sir. I refute it thus! Valve sent along a box o' swag, including these lovely little Left 4 Dead plushies. I take... read feature

Left 4 Dead Hunter and Tank plushies up for pre-order

Dec 18
Valve has revealed the latest members of the Left 4 Dead plushie family. Joining the Boomer and now available for pre-order, we've got the Hunter and the Tank! Both of them are adorable and worthy of a snorgle, in their own d... read

'The Sacrifice' for Left 4 Dead is out, plus a Steam deal

Oct 05
Now would be a good time to take a break from your Dead Rising 2 kick to get high off a different zombie-slaying experience: Left 4 Dead's "The Sacrifice" add-on. It's out today on Steam for free, and on Xbox 360 it'll run yo... read

Left 4 Dead 2 coming to Mac tomorrow

Oct 04
Own a Mac? Love zombies? Want to shoot things with a gun? Valve's got the answer. Left 4 Dead 2 is finally coming to trendy computers tomorrow, allowing people with names like Chase and Dawson to jump into the co-op undead bl... read

An ominous trailer for Left 4 Dead's 'The Sacrifice'

Sep 30
There's nothing like a good cinematic every now and then, wouldn't you say? When done well, they offer insight into what the designers envisioned but weren't able to fully realize in-game because of restraints in time, money... read

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