Class action lawsuit filed against NVIDIA over GTX 970 card
When keeping it not real goes wrong
5:15 PM on 02.21.2015

Judge tosses former Panamanian dictator's Call of Duty lawsuit
Manuel Noriega will need to find a new outlet for his time in prison
10:30 AM on 10.29.2014

Court rules for EA in lawsuit over Battlefield 4 launch
Judge says publisher's optimism did not mislead investors
6:00 AM on 10.23.2014

Square Enix is suing SNK Playmore over manga copyright
High Score Girl
12:30 PM on 10.08.2014

Google to pay back $19 million for in-app purchase settlement
Parents relieved that they can continue to be irresponsible
4:45 PM on 09.08.2014

Sega outs Gearbox for lying in Aliens: Colonial Marines case
The plot thickens
2:45 PM on 09.04.2014

Take-Two: Lindsay Lohan's GTA V lawsuit was just for attention
If so, I guess it worked
3:15 PM on 08.27.2014

Capcom suing Koei Tecmo for patent infringement
Put your guns on
11:15 AM on 08.26.2014

Sega agrees to settle in Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit
Gearbox found crying by the toilet talking about how 'no one understands art'
1:00 PM on 08.13.2014

Artist files suit against pet toy company over Angry Birds trademark
Welcome to the confusing world of copyrights and trademarks
1:45 PM on 08.06.2014

Gearbox thinks it should be dropped from the Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit
Gearbox throws Sega under the bus
11:30 AM on 08.01.2014

Judge okays first settlement in 38 Studios lawsuit
$4.4 million agreement between Rhode Island EDC and bond attorney approved
8:00 PM on 07.27.2014

Sony agrees to preliminary settlement over 2011 data breach
With all this identity theft I am racking up a heap of benefits
3:45 PM on 07.24.2014

Bungie settles with Halo composer Marty O'Donnell
12:45 PM on 07.22.2014

Former Panamanian dictator sues Activision over portrayal in Black Ops II
Who does he think he is? Lindsay Lohan?
11:45 AM on 07.16.2014

Video: Lindsay Lohan is suing GTA V creators over use of her likeness
I'm pretty sure they also based Franklin on me
1:15 PM on 07.03.2014


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