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Give your Talladega Nights disc a rest: Lair ships to NA retail on August 14

Jul 25
// Nick Chester
PlayStation 3 owners, the time to remove Talladega Nights from your console is fast approaching. Ryan Hamlyn, associate producer for the upcoming Rogue Squadron-with -dragons PS3 title, Lair, has announced that the North Ame...

Dragons ate my power cord: New Lair Screens

Jul 23
// Leigh Alexander
I've never seen Lair demoed anywhere. My parole officer doesn't like me going out much, especially near childrens' schools. I know that people scrutinize any new developments on the Lair front, though, to see if i...

E3 2007: Lair trailer; Nex can't find joy in anything!

Jul 13
// Earnest Cavalli
Yes, the video looks amazing, and yes, the PS3 is getting some amazing titles coming to it, but after watching this whole thing I'm left with a hankering to play Panzer Dragoon. I guess there's just a certain part o...

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