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Give your Talladega Nights disc a rest: Lair ships to NA retail on August 14

Jul 25
PlayStation 3 owners, the time to remove Talladega Nights from your console is fast approaching. Ryan Hamlyn, associate producer for the upcoming Rogue Squadron-with -dragons PS3 title, Lair, has announced that the North Ame... read

Dragons ate my power cord: New Lair Screens

Jul 23
I've never seen Lair demoed anywhere. My parole officer doesn't like me going out much, especially near childrens' schools. I know that people scrutinize any new developments on the Lair front, though, to see if i... read

E3 2007: Lair trailer; Nex can't find joy in anything!

Jul 13
Yes, the video looks amazing, and yes, the PS3 is getting some amazing titles coming to it, but after watching this whole thing I'm left with a hankering to play Panzer Dragoon. I guess there's just a certain part o... read

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