Bundle bump: Knack was the best selling Japanese PS4 game
Taking third & fourth...Killzone and Battlefield?
1:15 PM on 02.26.2014

Guerrilla's new IP has been in the works for 2.5 years
Perhaps not as far off as originally thought
2:45 PM on 02.25.2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall patch adds framerate lock option
Patch 1.09 can be downloaded now
3:30 PM on 02.06.2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall has sold over 2.1M copies
Helghan you believe it?
10:00 PM on 01.30.2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall clan support incoming
He's in the Garfield clan
8:00 PM on 01.21.2014

Here are two of Killzone: Shadow Fall's free maps
The first free multiplayer maps
2:30 PM on 01.15.2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer is free this weekend
You can pre-load now
12:00 PM on 12.26.2013

Sweet Tooth planks in this Robot Chicken Killzone ad
No, seriously
7:00 PM on 12.17.2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall patch fixes things and adds stuff
Left-handed support among the additions
1:30 PM on 11.30.2013

Fallout: New Vegas creative designer joins Killzone team
Welcome to Amsterdam
6:00 PM on 11.29.2013

Killzone: Mercenary gets patch so it can get more patches
Best. News. Ever.
5:30 PM on 11.26.2013

The best and worst games of the week
Review Round-up: Week ending 11/16
6:00 PM on 11.16.2013

Destructoid's PlayStation 4 launch title guide
What to get, and what to skip
2:15 AM on 11.15.2013

Review: Killzone: Shadow Fall
A fresh start
8:00 AM on 11.13.2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall launch trailer is a sight to behold
The PlayStation 4's flagship launch game sure looks pretty
1:00 PM on 11.12.2013

Need a drink coaster? Killzone: Shadow Fall is out now
PS4 isn't available yet, but it's hottest exclusive sure is for some reason
11:30 PM on 10.29.2013