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Ken Kutaragi


See what it took for Mega64 to make Kutaragi's Way

A documentary on the long process involved with making it all happen
Apr 02
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
As in years past, Mega64 made some videos for the Game Developers Conference. This year in particular was really special, as they were able to get Ken "Father of PlayStation" Kutaragi himself to be involved. The team had a t...
Mega64 photo

Kutaragi's Way is some of Mega64's best work

So handsome
Mar 24
// Jordan Devore
I was only able to catch bits and pieces of the Independent Games Festival awards and the Game Developers Choice awards last week, but I did manage to see what must have been one of the evening's best moments: Kutaragi's Way...

Every now and then, it’s good to have a person come out and speak on behalf of a faceless corporation. Sure, they’re all just out for blood, glory, and those bills in your wallet — but seeing a real, live pe...


Kutaragi receives AIAS 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award

Nov 26
// Nick Chester
"Father of the PlayStation," Ken Kutaragi, has been honored with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award be presented to Kutaragi on February 7 in Las Vegas at the ann...


Ken Kutaragi steps down; Kaz takes the helm

Jun 19
// Aaron Linde
After years of holding products aloft at industry events and acting as head honcho for SCEI, Ken Kutaragi is finally stepping down for real, the Associated Press reports. Having already been relieved of duties as president la...

Weekend Reading: What if the PS3's launch was a year later?

May 13
// 8BitBrian
We've all heard people say that Sony should have waited a year to launch the PS3 -- and they're right. The thing is, very few actually go into why this would have been a good move for Sony. At the time, Sony was ...

Kutaragi retires from Sony -- makes baby dolls cry

Apr 26
// 8BitBrian
Today, SCEI has announced the Ken Kutaragi will be retiring from Sony. Kaz Hirai will be stepping up to take Kutaragi's place as President and Group CEO of SCEI. Kutaragi makes sure to pat himself on the back on his way o...

Trivia fact for the day: Spider-Man PS3 font all Kutaragi's idea

Mar 29
// Robert Summa
There will come a day, maybe 10 years from now, where you'll be sitting around a fire and playing Trivial Pursuit with your yuppy neighbors. And on that day, there will be a question in which because you love this site, y...

How Japanese PS3s were dispatched

Nov 13
// Niero Desu
A Kotaku reader sent in a chilling observation of the retail Japanese launch day of the PlayStation 3. Besides the gruesome long lines and the ambiguous mob-like crowds formed to snatch up the units, the man observed how th...

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