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Katamari Damacy

Katamari Amore rolls onto your iPhone today

Sep 29
Feeling the need to get the ball rolling? Well Namco Bandai foresaw this and decided to whip up a portable Katamari for your iPhone. Katamari Amore will be hitting the App Store today and it's more of exactly what you'd expe... read

First screenshots and teaser for Katamari Damacy Vita

Sep 16
How does shape-shifting Katamari action sound? That's what the next game, due out on PlayStation Vita, promises. Namco Bandai has posted the first screenshots of Katamari Damacy for Vita, plus a suitably quirky teaser trailer... read

TGS: Namco teases the new Katamari Damacy for the PS Vita

Sep 14
KATAMARY DAMACY!!! We already knew the series was heading to the PlayStation Vita and Namco Bandai was finally able to let out some info about the new game. Don't get your hopes up too high though, as the only thing that was ... read

Katamari creator Keita Takahashi to work on MMO Glitch

Jul 14
What's next for the guy behind Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy? A MMO. Keita Takahashi has joined forces with Canadian developers Tiny Speck to work on the upcoming MMO Glitch. You'll easily get why he is involved when you ... read

Don't mess with Katamari's Prince of All Cosmos

Jul 05
Although, technically, the Prince would eventually roll you up in his Katamari regardless of you being a dick to him. Still, you might get to enjoy life a little longer if you let the Prince roll along in peace. read

Adventure Time creators love games, plan to make games

May 23
It's clear from this panel at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival that the creators of the hit show Adventure Time really loves videogames. There are a lot of name drops here in terms of gaming's influence on the show; Zelda, Ma... read

Corgi in a Yoshi outfit! Corgi in a Yoshi outfit!

Mar 21
As my first post on my first day back at work, I really wanted to set the tone as positive. And with corgis. So I present to you a Welsh Corgi named Yoshi, dressed up in a Yoshi (from Nintendo's Mario series) outfit. How grea... read

Roll up Destructoid with a Katamari in your browser

Mar 14
This one's for folks using Safari or Chrome only: a clever programmer has designed a version of Katamari Damacy that you can play in your web browser on any web page. Simply paste the following code into your address bar and ... read

Katamari creator's new company is called 'Uvula'

Oct 04
Keita Takahashi, the mad genius (he's at least one of those things all the time) behind Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy left Namco Bandai some time ago, apparently bored with game development. Rumor was that he ha... read

Katamari creator thinks the future for videogames is dark

Aug 13
Keita Takahashi may be famous for making bright, happy games such as Katamari Damacy and Nobi Nobi Boy, but the quirky developer has a bleak and depressing view on the future of the games industry. In fact, he doesn't think h... read

Resident Evil 5, Beautiful Katamari hit Games on Demand

Feb 16
The Xbox 360 Games on Demand train continues to roll, as Resident Evil 5 and Beautiful Katamari have hit the service in North America today. The seven gig Resident Evil 5 will run you $29.99, and $19.99 will get you all three... read

The art of Once Upon a Pixel: Katamari Damacy

Nov 09
Did you enjoy last week's Once Upon a Pixel episode? Want some insight as to how and why I created the dark world that Death Ball takes place in? If the answer to either of these questions is "no", then maybe you haven't seen... read

Once Upon a Pixel: Katamari Damacy

Nov 03
Once Upon a Pixel kicks off its official first season with an episode based on Katamari Damacy! Except this time, it's not a bright and happy videogame about consumerism. You see, in the world of Once Upon a Pixel, Katamari i... read

Monday Mind Teasers: KOI2

Oct 05
Last week was full of violence as Karoshi (Japanese for "death by overwork") brought us countless levels involving suicide strategies. If you thought that was the peak of Japanese odd vocabulary and Japanese-themed ... read

Naaa na-na na na na na-na na na na na-na naaaaa.Naaa na-na na na na na-na na na na na-na naaaaa.NAAAA na-na na na na na-na na na na na-na naaaaa.Naaa na-na na na na na-na na na na na-na na-na na-na naaaaaaa. read feature

Katamari Forever launch trailer is ... uh, yeah

Sep 23
I'm sure you all remember the first trailer for Katamari Forever that Joseph posted a while back. It had a monkey in it, which is really the only reason I remember. Above, you'll find the new launch trailer for the game, whic... read

Katamari Forever demo hits PSN with two free levels

Sep 11
I know full well that the upcoming Katamari Forever is nothing more than a rehash of all the previous games with new skins and music, and you know what? I'm just FINE with that. Much like the Silent Hill series, I'm just happ... read

Katamari Forever coming to PS3s on September 22

Aug 31
Yes, that's a boring and functional headline, but I'll be damned if I'm going to make like every other blogger and write that Katamari Forever is "rolling" onto the PS3. Everybody's done that, and it's neither origi... read

Stop making sense: A tribute to videogame gibberish

Aug 17
Here's something that a lot of people don't get: videogames shouldn't always talk. There is a variety of reasons for this, but I'll just touch on a few. For one, videogame characters are most often made out of hand-drawn spri... read

Katamari Forever, Tekken 6 playable at GamesCom 09

Aug 10
Namco Bandai has just announced its playable games lineup for the 2009 GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, which runs from August 19th through the 23rd. The company will be bringing along 8 new titles to be showcased at the event, ... read

The Katamari wedding to end all geek-themed weddings

Jul 31
Watch this slideshow first. You've just witnessed what might be the geekiest wedding ever to happen. Aidra and Ernest were married in Idaho earlier this month, with the whole event being Katamari Damacy themed. Really. Grooms... read

SDCC: Monkey and rooster advertise Katamari Forever

Jul 25
If there is one thing that can be said about the Katamari games it is that they are relentlessly normal. They're fantastically amazing games that make total sense and are not strange in any way. Even the advertising for the g... read

SDCC: Follow the King of Cosmos on Twitter

Jul 23
Naa naaaaa. Everyone is on Twitter. Now, even the King of Cosmos is on Twitter, and he wants you to follow him. What will he tweet about? He'll probably be just like us, bitching about his long-headed lover, or talking about ... read

Katamari Forever vid shows off Autobot King of All Cosmos

Jul 04
Ok, before we even get started, I should warn you all: the video after the jump is gameplay for the upcoming PS3-exclusive Katamari Forever.It's still a Katamari game, and that's really all there is to it.If you're an observa... read

Custom Katamari Damacy box art is na-na-nice and incredible

Jun 25
Unhappy with the official box art for Namco Bandai's Katamari Damacy, Destructoid forum-goer Matthew Blake took matters into his own hands. He created his own. While we're flattered by the fact that he put our very own Mr. De... read

Katamari Forever sound director on new score of remixes

Jun 22
I love Katamari Damacy's musical score, but I've grown a bit tired of hearing the same thing over and over with its reuse in the last couple of series games. Because of this, I was pleased to find out that the upcoming PS3 ga... read

Katamari Forever: new modes and screenshots

Jun 19
Just when I thought I was tired of Katamary Damacy, Katamari Forever is announced. And after the trailers and material I've seen, I find myself excited about the franchise again. The Prince has that power over us. Aside ... read

New Katamari Forever trailer, with 100% more sock puppetry

Jun 14
While Jim was busy railing on the Swine Flu sequel-itis epidemic currently gripping the games industry, Namco-Bandai was releasing a new trailer for Katamari Forever, the series' PS3-exclusive first foray into HD. Katamari Fo... read

E3 09: Have some fresh Katamari Forever trailers

Jun 04
Remember that incredible trailer for Katamari Forever that had us all goggling at our computers with it's epic weirdness? Luckily, the game is looking good for its US release later this year and I got to spend some time with ... read

I tried to put something in the title about the upcoming Katamari Forever being a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and that in in being an exclusive it is making me slooowly come around to considering getting a PS3. But our character... read feature

Katamari shows off its Easter Sunday best

Apr 12
I'm on the bad side of town now and it looks like its been rolled over with a giant Katamari ball. There is rubble everywhere. It's the perfect hiding place for that nefarious Easter Bunny. Speaking of Katamari Damacy, have y... read

Katamari Damacy making thrift store paintings so much better

Apr 03
If you were to go into a thrift store, the last thing you'd probably buy is a painting. What if that painting had a little videogame spin to it though? That's what Etsy artist loudxmouse has done here. He's taking thrift stor... read

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