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Its a trap!

Sledgehammer Games gets a Web site, speculation ensues

Dec 09
Sledgehammer Games, you know, that fairly new Activision studio formed around Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey? Believe me when I say they are working on something mysterious. The developer's Web site has just recently gone... read

Beyond Good & Evil 2 'on hold'

Aug 25
Do you hear that? That's the sound of nerd anguish, my friend. The announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2 was something that many gamers had been longing for, and when it finally came it was like a dream come true. Unfortun... read

iDOLM@STER DS game contains a trap

Jul 13
Japan's iDOLM@STER games, up until now, have focused on the guidance of potential female pop stars as well as a bit of rhythm gaming, but an upcoming DS release in the series has mixed up that formula up a bit. Or should I sa... read

Wilde, incest, and the Bible: Tale of Tales announce Fatale

Jun 25
This is how Tale of Tales (The Path, The Graveyard) creators Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn describe their new game, Fatale, which is based on the biblical story of Salomé:We're interested in the idea of a love story ... read

The most blatant PSP rip-off the world will ever see

May 11
Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce the Geda VX690HD, perhaps the most blatantly obvious rip-off in the world. You almost have to congratulate Geda for summoning the kind of stones required to release a system that doesn't... read

It's a trap: Final Fantasy IV sequel coming to XBLA is most likely bullsh*t

Jan 28
A story is currently flying around the Interwebs concerning a potential release of Final Fantasy IV: The After on Xbox Live Arcade. Apparently, there was a page on Microsoft Japan's Xbox Web site which confirmed the release, ... read

Chinese government to outlaw Internet anonymity

Jan 16
China loves repression like the English love football riots, and today's Communist smackdown comes courtesy of a new law requiring all online gamers to register with their real names online. No more hiding behind a screen nam... read

Dirty PSP upskirt action: PSP used as indecent panty snap grabber

May 29
The deputy head of a Nagoya technical college has been arrested for allegedly using a PSP and its camera peripheral to look up the skirt of a 19-year old woman. The dirty 59-year old administrator supposedly performed the wic... read

Fight fires for 'real' with Real Heroes: Firefighters for the Wii

May 12
"Running into a burning building" can be found on my ever-growing list, "Things I Will Never Do Because I'm a Pussy." I understand and respect the role of firefighters, whether they're braving a blaze to s... read

Too Human will make it if we just BELIEVE!

Mar 05
Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack has made a heart-tugging statement explaining why he's stuck with Too Human, despite its notorious problems.  Say "Too Human" to any gamer right now and you can expect a re... read

Bargain Bin Laden #33: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Jan 03
Ask anybody, I'm a massive Metal Gear Solid fan. For me, Hideo Kojima is a God when it comes to developing characters and storylines in games. This series stands next to Konami's other great line of titles, Silent Hill, and o... read

Videogames cause brain damage now

Dec 26
Taiwan news sources are reporting on a new study that claims the playing of videogames, especially violent ones, may cause harm to brain functions and have an impact on their learning capabilities and emotional control. On to... read

IT'S A TRAP: Play as a tranny in the new Saint's Row

Dec 18
This is the best news I've heard all day. As a self-confessed lover of all things transgendered, the news that Saint's Row 2 will give you the ability to play as a delicious trap is something that I cannot simply ignore. I ma... read

Microsoft offers ten free Arcade games in new promotion

Nov 20
Microsoft is feeling generous lately. First we all got Carcassonne for nothing, and now the company is offering ten free Xbox Live Arcade games to new and existing customers as part of a fresh promotional campaign.New Xbox 36... read

PS2 modchip on a memory card?

Nov 07
The Memor 32 is basically a modchip on a a memory card. The device uses a USB connection to allow loading and unloading of save games to and from the PC, but less savory/more clever gamers have managed to do more with the dev... read

Germans busted in Japan during PC Engine celebration

Nov 06
I'll come right out and say that I always have had mad love for Hudson, NEC, the PC Engine, the TurboDuo, Bonk, and all related things, but even I missed the 20th birthdate of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 on October 30th. Thre... read

Electronic Arts thinks videogames cost too much? I know how weird that sounds

Oct 31
I have to admit something to you all -- I am seriously becoming a fan of Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello. Having accused the games industry of stagnation in the past, and seeming to want to move his notorious company int... read

Middle America finally gets you: WoW dating, CBS style

Oct 24
The footage in that box up there comes from a CBS sitcom called How I Met Your Mother. Other than starring an older, less Hippocratic Neil Patrick Harris, it has recently become notable for revealing that Middle America fin... read

Games time forgot: CSI: Miami

Oct 02
I'm pretty sure none of you have played this game -- I know I sure as hell haven't. Mathematically speaking, there's no reason to think that this game would be even the slightest bit enjoyable: licensed games suck, "myst... read

Lost Odyssey will stretch over four DVDs. Sony fans will love that

Sep 20
Firstly, let me just say that I honestly don't get the great hardship in changing DVDs. People talk as if having something contained on more than one disc will require an infinite and gruelling journey to the console to switc... read

Guilty Gear 2 footage is as confusing as Bridget's sexuality

Sep 19
No. This is not Guilty Gear. I'm not even sure what's going on. Before, we've only had some images to take a look at, but now we've got a montage of an entire "round" from Guilty Gear 2. You play as Sol, running ar... read

Guilty Gear: Accent Core is the latest revision of, technically, the original Guilty Gear. Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX, and all the other games in that direct line, have been revisions and updates to the series, sometimes a... read feature

GameStop to retool layout of its stores to include newer genres of games

Sep 12
While Christmas is still a few months away, retailers are already in high gear doing whatever magical things they do behind the scenes in order to separate you from that hard earned dollar you've been hiding away in that shoe... read

Weekend Reading: Bridget is straight

Aug 19
From time to time, I love to play devil's advocate. Such an opportunity came across recently, and so I wanted to turn it into a full-fledged post. This week, I'm delving into the depths of /bridget/ itself, in an attempt to a... read

China's Jack Thompson: online gaming is a major cause of stupidity and crime

Aug 18
Jack Thompson may be the one most of us associate with the anti-videogame stance, but he's hardly cornered the market with his view on the subject. Hailing out of China is a 61-year-old Sociologist named Tao Hongkai who has a... read

RTFM moment: Sony PSP battery explosion

Aug 09
Fun Tech Talk is running a story that isn't as much news as it is a public service announcement. A Florida man's PlayStation Portable was charging on his nightstand for about an hour until it suddenly exploded, sending t... read

Xbox 360 dashboard update for guitar justice

Aug 07
Xbox 360 owners will be treated to an involuntary system update on their consoles today, as Major Nelson has confirmed that it's to create compatibility with the incoming wireless guitar controller that will release with Guit... read

What your MMO class says about your psychosis

Jul 26
Within the first ten minutes of playing any MMO, you are faced with a multitude of choices about your virtual destiny. Will you be a lithe, death dealing monk? A magic casting priestess? A cheery furry dead set on the distrib... read

Game Critic Awards nominees announced, Rock Band owns the industry's face

Jul 23
Imagine my disappointment when I realized that the e-mail Geoff Keighly sent me this evening was not a love letter to me, telling me how awesome Destructoid is. I was in fact, simply just one of the thousand names on an e-mai... read

Guilty Gear 2 finally announced! [Update]

Jul 18
A while ago, I made a small mention in the community blogs about a special announcement from Arc Systems regarding the Guilty Gear series. While it wasn't the anniversary collection that I was hoping for, IGN points to th... read

What's this? Ukelele Hero?

Jul 13
Look at this cute little guitar - isn't it darling? No? This mini peripheral (or full-sized, if you're a midget or toddler) is a new, upcoming product called the XFPS Mini Guitar. This Team Xtender product is half th... read

Finally, a video game about folding paper!

Jul 03
The Nintendo DS portable game system and its nifty touch screen has sparked a slew of 'games that you can't play', with titles ranging from cooking instruction to makeup application (seriously!), and now comes out... read

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