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Descent photo

GOG removes the first two Descent games due to licensing issues

They're still on Steam, though
Dec 30
// Mike Cosimano (née Good Old Games) has removed the Descent games from sale after developer Parallax Software terminated its contract with publisher Interplay over unpaid royalties. According to a post on GOG's forums from de...
Free game photo
Free game

Be sure to grab Giants: Citizen Kabuto for free on

One more for the mooch collection
Dec 11
// Jordan Devore is ending its Big Winter Sale with a free game. And it's a rather good one, at that! For the remainder of the site-wide sale, Giants: Citizen Kabuto is free to claim and keep. This game is part third-person action, pa...
Mad Max photo
Mad Max

What happened to Fallout dev's cancelled Mad Max game?

Oh, to think what could have been!
May 19
// Vikki Blake
If Mad Max: Fury Road had been released twenty years ago, the accompanying video game - currently in development by Avalanche Studios and scheduled for release this coming September - might've been created by Fallout develope...
ClayFighter photo

Haha, really? Interplay is bringing back ClayFighter

Remaster coming to PC next year
Mar 02
// Jordan Devore
Mere days ago, I hoped out loud that 2015 would become the year of clay for videogames, and now there's an announcement for a remaster of ClayFighter. Shame it won't be out until 2016. Interplay and Drip Drop Games (who?) are...

Deals photo

Own Interplay's entire library for $125

Half-price sale
Oct 04
// Jordan Devore
Running through this list of discounted Interplay titles on, all I see is dollar signs and my bank account draining. Thankfully, I've played a fair number of these before and can resist the urge to rebuy. The games th...
Interplay gets Freespace photo
Interplay gets Freespace

Interplay now owns the Freespace IP

The classic space combat sim is back with its original publisher
Jun 07
// Alasdair Duncan
In this week's episode of The Question, I talked about how much I'd like to see a new Freespace game; now we've gotten an update as to who owns the Freespace IP. Coincidence? Almost certainly. Polygon has discovered that the ...
Couch Campaign photo
Couch Campaign

To the depths and back in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

The Couch Campaign continues!
May 21
// Conrad Zimmerman
Jordan and I are pushing further in our play of the tragically existent Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. The mayor of Carbon, Texas is sending us down to the bottom of a crater where he swears the people we're looking for...

Watch the worst Fallout game ever made

May 16 // Conrad Zimmerman
And here is episode 2 for your perusal. [embed]253856:48683:0[/embed]
Couch Campaign photo
Conrad and Jordan's Couch Campaign continues
Jordan and I have started a new game in our Couch Campaign, and it's one that I have been excited to play since we first began talking about the project. As a huge fan of the Fallout franchise and a lover of top-down, exploration shoot-em-up games, the pairing of the two could have been glorious. And Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is, provided you think train wrecks can be glorious.

Mario's Game Gallery photo
Mario's Game Gallery

Behold, the first Mario game voiced by Charles Martinet

No, it wasn't Super Mario 64
Apr 20
// Tony Ponce
[Update: And I've just been informed that Mario was voiced in Mario Teaches Typing, which predates even Hotel Mario. The original 1991 DOS version used a different actor, but a 1995 CD-ROM re-release replaced him with Martin...

Interplay has massive 'pay what you want' sale on

Get the entire library for 35 bucks!
Oct 18
// Jim Sterling
Interplay has followed Larian Studios to become the next company offering a "pay what you want" sale on If Larian's deals didn't get your attention, this most certainly shall. They've got an interesting little setup ...

Weekend PC download deals: Interplay, Alan Wake, Wargame

Apr 13
// Alasdair Duncan
It may not be a holiday weekend but there's still plenty of great PC download deals to be had. Gamersgate has knocked 33% off the recently released PC version of Alan Wake (both the standard and collector's editions). Meanwhi...

The DTOID Show: Journey, FEZ, and Wasteland 2!

Mar 31
// Tara Long
Happy Friday, folks! In case you missed it, The Destructoid Show went live earlier today, and in addition to giving out four codes for Waveform on Steam, we also covered a metric shit-ton of news that happened recently - som...

GDC: The original Fallout was coded in two weeks' time

Mar 08
// Conrad Zimmerman
At GDC 2012, Tim Cain provided insight into the development of his landmark game, Fallout, in one of the conference's popular Classic Game Postmortem sessions. As a huge Fallout fan, I couldn't miss the opportunity to learn n...

The DTOID Show: XCOM, Diablo III, and PC Dark Souls?

Jan 09
// Max Scoville
Hey gang! Here's today's Destructoid Show news segment. We've got some decent stories today, and I have a new shirt! Also, Tara looks nice today and my mug is shaped like Boba Fett and there is Mountain Dew inside it! 1.&nbs...

Interplay's Fallout MMO is done as Bethesda wins battle

Jan 09
// Jim Sterling
The long, bitter legal battle between Bethesda and Interplay has finally resolved today, with Bethesda emerging the victor. Interplay officially has no claim to the Fallout IP, and its plans to create a Fallout MMO are now th...

MDK2 is getting some HD love on PC

Aug 13
// Victoria Medina
MDK2, one of BioWare's lesser known titles, recently got a WiiWare port which is great if you have a Wii, not so much for the rest of us. Good news is that some BioWare vets (now with Overhaul Games) are reworking the old tit...

GOG's Interplay sale will make your wallet cry

Jun 20
// Maurice Tan
Good Old Games is having a 50% off sale for all the 32 Interplay games in their library. Each game is now only $2.99 until July 4th, and you can buy all of them for $95.68 although the only benefit of that not clicking 32 tim...

MDK2 ready for WiiWare on May 9

Apr 18
// Tony Ponce
Here's something you might have totally forgotten. Last year, we mentioned that BioWare-developed cult classic MDK2 was receiving a WiiWare port. It was admittedly a strange announcement; as with most outlandish WiiWare news,...

Interplay: Bethesda's Fallout MMO lawsuit is absurd

Jan 10
// Jim Sterling
If you've not been following the long Bethesda vs. Interplay struggle, take my advice -- don't. It's utterly stupid and depressing, and the latest chapter takes it to a whole new realm of stupid. Bethesda has claimed that it ...

Hurry up and buy Planescape: Torment on Good Old Games

Sep 28
// Josh Tolentino
I have to say that I was mildly miffed when Good Old Games pulled its weird little PR stunt last week, pretending they were dying and then showing up in wizard robes going "Fooled you! We were just coming out of beta! You loo...

Fallout Online viral advertising moves to religion

Sep 18
// Matthew Razak
We've seen neither hide nor hair of the actual Fallout Online game save for a few screens that arose from the court battle between Interplay and Bethesda, but we have seen the start of some viral campaigns for the game. And n...

Fallout Online starts the viral marketing

Jul 04
// Matthew Razak
With the legal troubles behind them it seems that Interplay is back in action and actually working on Fallout Online, or they're just sending out teasers  and launching that website with beta sign ups during E3 to get...

MDK2 coming to Wii and PC

Jun 27
// Matthew Razak
MDK2 is quite the game. It's a little weird, but a total blast to play with some really creative level design for its three playable characters. Or so I'm told. I've never actually dug into it because I have a fear of charact...

Earthworm Jim HD is quadrupling the groovyness

Jun 01
// Conrad Zimmerman
I love me some Earthworm Jim, but the prospect of yet another re-release of the original game, even in sparkly high-definition, left me wanting. I want new Jim, not old Jim that I've played a thousand times before. Then I wa...

Bethesda drops Interplay suit, V13 may move forward now

Apr 22
// Conrad Zimmerman
In a maneuver which is bound to surprise some people, Bethesda has decided to no longer pursue an appeal in their case against Interplay over claimed breaches of contract in regards to licensing the Fallout franchise. The app...

Descent is headed to WiiWare

Apr 15
// Conrad Zimmerman
That image brings back a lot of memories. It's probably from Descent II and not the original game, but I'll be damned if I could tell the difference by this point. And it wouldn't matter, as both titles utterly devoured ...

Interplay vs. Bethesda stuff is going to take a while

Feb 28
// Matthew Razak
Thank goodness for the American court system. If there's an issue it will take care of it no matter how long it takes. Or maybe it's the other way around and they'll make an issue take longer than it ever should because of th...

Details on canceled Fallout Extreme emerge from vault

Jan 27
// Nick Chester
Hey, what's this Fallout Extreme business? An "xtreme" sports title featuring your favorite vault dwellers and mutants? Nah, it's a canceled first- and third-person tactical title that was in development for the Xbox in 2000!...

Interplay's maybe-sorta-Fallout MMO enters beta in 2012

Jan 25
// Nick Chester
It might not be a Fallout massively multiplayer online title, but maybe Interplay's upcoming Project: V13 (in codename only) will fill a post-apocalyptic void nicely. According to Interplay's Chariman and Chief Executive Offi...

Court stops Bethesda from blocking Interplay Fallout

Dec 12
// Matthew Razak
It seems that the battle over Fallout is over... for now. A U.S. District Court judge has denied Bethesda's motion for a preliminary injunction against publisher Interplay. The ruling came down this week and was discovered by...

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