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8:00 AM on 06.28.2009

Why you can't play Hulu on your PS3

I watch all my television on my computer by hooking it up to my television through an HDMI cable. At this point there just isn't any point to watching TV "live" since everyone can get everything over the web wheneve...

Matthew Razak

4:20 PM on 06.11.2009

E3 09: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom video interview

Got a butt-kicking interview here with Capcom's Seth Killian on the development and localization of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, and a little bonus stuff with Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder at the end. I'm still pissed/jealous that He...

Jonathan Holmes

3:10 PM on 05.15.2009

GameDaily BIZ leaves AOL, launches

GameDaily BIZ will become, a new site created Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of of the new site, James Brightman, and the fine folks at Hammersuit LLC, who has ties with the fine site that you're currently ...

Dale North

12:36 PM on 04.01.2009

Fake Watch: On-going April Fool's 2009 hoax list

Oh, Internets. You and your silly April Fool's Day jokes. We would never do anything like that. We're far too serious. To combat this nonsense, Destructoid has collected all the April Fool's Day hoaxes we could find as a publ...

Dale North

5:20 PM on 03.26.2009

Modern Warfare 2 teaser deciphered: What does it all mean?

That was fast. It was only last night that Infinity Ward gave us our very first glimpse of the latest installment in the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2 (which is apparently missing "CoD" from its name?), and ...

Jordan Devore

10:51 AM on 10.28.2008

Sony takes on Internet Explorer, claims the PS3 outpaces IE7

Oh Sony and Microsoft, can't you just get along? Sony is claiming that the PlayStation 3's 2.5 firmware update will allow it to browse the Internet faster than Internet Explorer 7, along with some shiny Flash 9 support. Take ...

Jim Sterling

5:22 PM on 10.13.2008

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Matlockery: Tastunoko Vs Capcom to become Marvel Vs Capcom 3?

As many long time gamers know, Capcom used to hold the rights to create games based on Marvel comics. It was at that time that they created what is perhaps the greatest cross-over fighting game of all time. Marvel Vs Capcom 2...

Jonathan Holmes

4:14 PM on 09.20.2008

Mega Man Matlockery: The Mega Man 9/ZX Advent boss connections

Like a lot of retro-philes out there, I'm currently pre-occupied with this coming Monday and it's promise of Mega Man 9 on WiiWare. To help alleviate my anticipation, I've been replaying all my favorite Mega Man games over ag...

Jonathan Holmes

6:02 PM on 02.13.2008

DLC file reveals unannounced Rock Band songs, Internet Matlocks win again

The Internet Matlocks are at it again, this time extracting a file from a recent Rock Band DLC pack. While I'm not even sure what would possess you to do this (or better yet, how you would do this), the results appear to be a...

Nick Chester

7:13 AM on 01.28.2008

Interview reveals Wind Waker Link for Brawl, Final Fantasy VII writer co-plotter

Though parts three, four, and five lack the creepy stalker talk that made part two such a delightful read, these latest installments in a series of ongoing interviews between Nintendo of Japan President Satoru Iwata and Super...

Jonathan Holmes

9:52 PM on 01.18.2008

Rumortoid: Is a mysterious new Castlevania game in the works?

The above images were apparently posted by a member of the Castlevania team on the GameFAQs forums minutes before the thread mysteriously disappeared.Hmmmm. If the screen grabs are real, they obviously prove the...

Chad Concelmo

6:58 PM on 01.18.2008

Smash Bros Brawl's Japanese Instruction Booklet hits the Internet?

Well, we had to expect that this to would happen. Super Smash Bros Brawl, now set for release in Japan on Jan. 31st, has suffered it's first leak of physical evidence of proving it's actual, factual existence. Super Smash Bro...

Jonathan Holmes

Matlockery Contest! Win an Xbox 360 and Frontlines: Fuel of War from THQ & Dtoid photo
Matlockery Contest! Win an Xbox 360 and Frontlines: Fuel of War from THQ & Dtoid
by Papa Niero

What the hell is the Olduvai Theory and, more importantly, who founded it? Beats me, but I bet you'd like to know because the right answer could score you a free game, an Xbox 360 Premium console, or some spiffy swag. This month Destructoid is sponsored by THQ's Frontlines: Fuel of War, a military FPS war between the Red Star Alliance and the Western Coalition (Remember the Reagan years? Use your imagination!) You can check out screenshots and learn more on the official site.

How to win!

The mission is to complete our cryptic scavenger hunt before February 25 for your chance to win.  The answers and clues are somewhere on the internet. I will reveal the location of the clue next week, but until then the only thing I can say is "Wayne Andrew's blog". That's it!  When you figure out the answer to the founder question plug it in to get a virtual raffle ticket for the grand prize. If you can't figure it out, don't worry -- I'll have a less useless clue for you next week. Good luck!

Legal blah blah

Odds of winning are based on how many Dtoiders' register. This is an exclusive contest just for our readers, so your odds are pretty good -- just register with the same email address registered in your Dtoid profile to prevent duplicate entries. Time travel is impossible with our current technology. A can of soda can contain about 200 calories, which is about 1/4 of the calories found in a Whopper, hence your epic double chin. Contest is restricted to Canadian and US residents only as prizes will be shipped directly from our sponsor. Destructoid employees, family, and intelligent pets are not eligible. Void where prohibited. God save the dolphins.

[Update: Do to some weird technically issues, we're going to give you the answer to question number 6! The answer is invoice number: 5785761234. YAY TECHNOLOGY!]

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6:45 PM on 01.03.2008

Internet Matlockery: Gears of War 2 at GDC?

The Team Xbox boys are putting on their Internet detective hats and are suggesting that Epic is going to be announcing Gears of War 2 at this year's Games Developers Conference. The GDC can be a good source of pre-E3 fanboy m...

Jim Sterling

10:54 AM on 12.18.2007

Speculation: Final Fantasy Versus XIII may garner Mature rating

Like an army of tiny beetles, the murmurs skittered across the internet late Monday night: Final Fantasy Versus XIII may have a Mature rating, the first Final Fantasy to ever carry that stamp upon its cover. Could it be true?...

Colette Bennett

9:11 AM on 12.03.2007

Gerstmann still likes videogame journalism: Speaks with Joystiq

Joystiq has finally coaxed some words out of Jeff Gerstmann, the now notorious Gamespot editor who found himself fired after angering Eidos with the "tone" used to review Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. While he is stil...

Jim Sterling