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Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade II looks far too sexy

Oct 04
A teaser trailer and screens for Infinity Blade II have dropped, following today's announcement that it would be a flagship title for the iPhone 4S. As expected, the visuals are damn pretty, and look like they'll be an excel... read

Infinity Blade drops price to $2.99

Aug 04
The Epic/ChAIR slash 'em up Infinity Blade has had a generous turn today, dropping its price to $2.99 for no discernible reason. There's usually a temporary cut following a major update, but today it's cheap for the... read

Epic: People want $6 iPhone games

Jul 15
Epic Games has declared that users want more than just one-buck fancies filling up their mobile game experiences. Using the success of Infinity Blade as a base, senior manager Mike Gamble believes that demand for larger,... read

Infinity Blade God King shirts hit Hot Topic

Jul 01
If you asked me to name a clothing line based on a game, it would be several days before my brain even thought of Infinity Blade. Nevertheless, the game is big enough to catch the eye of Hot Topic, and now there's a T-shirt a... read

Infinity Blade goes on sale as new update rolls out

May 19
A new update comes to Infinity Blade today, bringing multiplayer and a new Survivor mode to the table. To celebrate the new additions, ChAIR has very kindly discounted the game, which is now available on iTunes for the lovely... read

Infinity Blade: Arena goes live May 19

May 17
Infinity Blade, the wonderful iOS game from ChAIR, is getting another major update this week. Infinity Blade: Arena goes live on May 19, bringing multiplayer and a new Survivor Mode.  The multiplayer pits Titans and Knig... read

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