The first trailer for the Need for Speed movie is here
Starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul
8:30 PM on 09.25.2013

Evil Dead director tied to Dante's Inferno film adaption
Go to Hell ... Again
10:00 PM on 09.17.2013

Movie Defense Force: Silent Hill
I'm burning
1:00 PM on 08.16.2013

Ellen Page comments on The Last of Us likeness
"It was not appreciated"
9:00 AM on 06.24.2013

Ken Levine will write the new Logan's Run movie
Welcome Humans! I am ready for you.
10:00 PM on 06.18.2013

Here's your first look at the Need for Speed movie
I feel the need...
5:49 PM on 06.10.2013

20-minute supercut of videogame references in movies
So many references!
4:00 AM on 05.30.2013

Get ready for Leo with the Great Gatsby NES game
Kill enthusiastic Flappers
4:00 PM on 05.05.2013

Battleship producer joins Gears of War film
But there's not much else to report
12:15 PM on 04.30.2013

David Cage joined by film writers and directors on PS4
Cage refuses to direct anyone else's screenplay
7:00 AM on 04.29.2013

Grand Theft KIFFLOM, Endless Summer & THQ's Final Auction
The Destructoid Show features very mild nudity
8:00 PM on 04.23.2013

My personal crusade against anti-nerd humor
Why Hollywood owes us some respect
11:00 PM on 03.26.2013

Mortal Kombat is the best game movie ever made, fools!
Cheap plug hooray!
2:15 PM on 02.28.2013

The perfect Mortal Kombat movie cast, CONFIRMED
Pure. Oscar. Bait.
11:45 AM on 02.26.2013

Michael Keaton will be in the Need for Speed movie
Vroom vroom
10:00 PM on 02.06.2013

Paul W.S. Anderson mentions a Monster Hunter movie

1:15 PM on 09.11.2012


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