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Heavy Rain

Move support for Heavy Rain hits September 22

Sep 13
PlayStation Move is officially on store shelves next Sunday, September 19, although if you're lucky you can buy one right now. Heavy Rain is on store shelves as I write this, but if you want to play it with Move, you'll have ... read

Storm's Adventure with Quantic Dream

Aug 27
Specifically, Indigo Prophecy (a.k.a. Fahrenheit) and Heavy Rain.  Sorry, no Omikron: The Nomad Soul this time around. If that first sentence wasn't confusing, then I'm not trying hard enough. Quantic Dream is a French ... read

Heavy Rain sold four times better than expected

Aug 17
Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain wasn't expected to be as successful as it was, according to creator David Cage. The wannabe film director has said that Heavy Rain was given a lowball sales estimate, but that the PS3 exclusive... read

First images of Heavy Rain Move Edition

Aug 06
Sony has released the first images of Heavy Rain Move Edition today and -- surprise! -- it looks a lot like Heavy Rain. The differences are obvious: instead of standard DualShock action prompts, the game displays indicators s... read
Quantic Dream's David Cage recently revealed that plans for previously announced downloadable content for Heavy Rain had been put on hold. The reason? It seems Sony was more interested in the developer working to create a pat... read feature

Quantic Dream working on two new projects

Jul 14
Quantic Dream, a company that usually makes one game every five years, has revealed via self-styled gaming messiah David Cage that it has not one, but two new projects in the works. So, that'll be why the studio has apparentl... read

Heavy Rain DLC will probably never see the light of day

Jul 01
Speaking with Eurogamer, Quantic Dream's David Cage has admitted that it's unlikely the "on hold" downloadable content for Heavy Rain will ever be produced. "Chronicles" was set to to be a series of post-launch content for He... read

E3 10: Here's what Heavy Rain looks like with PS Move

Jun 17
We've known for a while that PlayStation Move support will eventually be patched in to Heavy Rain, and at E3, we found out that bringing Move to the game is taking precedence over the next DLC chapter after "The Taxidermist.... read

E3 10: Next Heavy Rain DLC chapter on hold

Jun 16
While E3's been chock full of great news for just about everyone so far, Heavy Rain fans -- and especially those who liked the "Taxidermist" DLC -- might want to brace themselves a bit. Quantic Dream's Guillaume de ... read

LOLOLOLOL: LittleBigPlanet Heavy Rain costume pack

Jun 04
Someone should take this Heavy Rain costume pack for LittleBigPlanet and make a level where you'd run around a crowded mall area, yelling "Sackboy!" at the top of your lungs, looking for your lost one. Next week this costume ... read

Is Heavy Rain coming to PC?

May 28
Nvidia seems to think that Quantic Dream's latest interactive storytelling adventure isn't a PS3 exclusive. They have the title listed as one of the games "current and upcoming" which can take advantage of their video cards' ... read

Square Enix's Yoichi Wada is all about Heavy Rain

May 26
What does a Square Enix boss play when he's not getting pounded by enemy encounters on a straight, narrow pathway that you can't back out of? Heavy Rain, apparently. According to Famitsu magazine, Yoichi Wada has been playing... read

Ethan Mars of Heavy Rain in custom toy form

May 19
Our good friends over at Tomopop spotted this exceptional custom toy. It's Ethan from Heavy Rain and I'm really impressed with the detail. Now, if only it had a button you could press so head shout, "David!" That would m... read
Destructoid's been talking with Alan Wake writer Mikko Rautalahti as we gear up for the game's release this week. As a big Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake has obviously been dragged into the console wars with many fans pit... read feature

Bitches whine about Heavy Rain ad, ASA rejects complaints

May 12
A British Heavy Rain commercial that details the "store robbery" scene and the various ways in which players can experience it (even though the scene always ends the same way) has been the subject of complaints by clucking bu... read

Heavy Rain sells more than a million units

Apr 13
We're pretty sure SCE and Quantic Dreams have already announced that their narrative-driven choose-your-own-adventure game, Heavy Rain, has sold over one million units worldwide. Perhaps as a trick to get us to think it has s... read

Jason!! Heavy Rain star launches his own mo-cap studio

Apr 08
Apparently Pascal Langdale had such a positive experience working with Quantic Dream as Heavy Rain's Ethan Mars that he figured he could do it on his own. The British actor has launched his own motion capture company called M... read

David Cage 'frustrated' by Microsoft's 'sci-fi' Natal presentation

Apr 05
Quantic Dream has already talked up its interest in motion controls, having even at one point designed its own controller for Heavy Rain. Vague hints have even been dropped that a future update could bring PlayStation Move su... read

Heavy Rain will be Move-compatible

Mar 28
While the headline of this story might sound like Heavy Rain hasn't come out yet, it indeed has. You may have noticed. Still, it is a true fact that Move compatibility will be coming to Heavy Rain. Get ready to brush your tee... read

Heavy Rain's Scott Shelby had a cameo in a real film

Mar 22
I guarantee that this is the weirdest thing you'll see today. If you're familiar with Heavy Rain, you may know that the playable characters in the game were based off of real people -- the voice actors for the respective rol... read
“The Taxidermist” is the first in what will presumably be a series of a few additional short stories in the universe of Heavy Rain. At first glance, downloadable content for a game such as Heavy Rain seems problem... read feature

JASON!?! Heavy Rain 'Taxidermist' DLC out on April 1

Mar 19
People who (SSSHHHAAUNN) pre-ordered Heavy Rain already got their hands on the (JASONNNNN) first Heavy Rain DLC, "The Taxidermist." Now the DLC will be made available for (SSHHAAUUUNNN) all starting on April 1. The new conte... read

Heavy Rain patch is on the way

Mar 17
If your copy of Heavy Rain freezing all the time? Never fear, Quantic Dream has a patch waiting in the wings so everybody can bask in how brilliant David Cage is. It would be a crime against humanity to deny people the right ... read

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Heavy Rain

Mar 12
I'm at GDC and currently tired beyond description, but I thought you might wanna know that the newest episode of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin' is up. It's on Heavy Rain, and you can watch it here. Hope you like it. read

Press X To Jason is the ultimate Heavy Rain experience

Mar 12
If you are interested in playing Heavy Rain but don't have a PS3 with which to access David Cage's masturbation session masterpiece, then allow me to introduce you to Press X To Jason, a brand new game by K. Thor Jensen. It t... read

GDC 10: Quantic Dream designed its own motion control device for Heavy Rain

Mar 11
With the reveal of PlayStation Move, the question on everyone's minds is whether or not Heavy Rain will be updated to take advantage of the motion controller. While Quantic Dream is quiet on the topic, we do know that the dev... read

Here's what Heavy Rain's 'The Taxidermist' DLC looks like

Mar 09
If you're hungry for more Heavy Rain, then you'll be pleased to know that it's getting episodic DLC, so you can keep enjoying that top-notch writing and quality acting. The first episode is The Taxidermist, and Sony has relea... read

Heavy Rain is now a text adventure!

Mar 04
PC people, rejoice! Sick and tired of hearing Playstation owners talk about their "interactive movie" game Heavy Rain? No longer are we left out in the cold -- Heavy Rain is now available to play right on your computer! Well,... read

Podtoid's special Heavy Rain episode records tonight

Mar 03
While the critical reception for Heavy Rain has been overwhelmingly positive, the masses seem to be rather divided on how good it actually is. As it turns out, the opinions of the Destructoid staff on Heavy Rain&nbs... read

How Heavy Rain has lowered the bar for game narrative

Mar 02
[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware that it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or ho... read

The Videogame Show What I've Done: Heavy Rain

Mar 01
We usually post this on a Saturday, but after all the controversy we had this week regarding Heavy Rain and a Premonition of a Deadly nature, it didn't seem appropriate. Luckily, we had time after the weekend to cut a brand ... read

Deadly Premonition is blatantly better than Heavy Rain

Feb 28
Yesterday we reviewed Deadly Premonition and gave it a score of 10. This comes just weeks after we reviewed Heavy Rain and gave it a score of 7. Obviously, this means one thing. We love the Xbox 360 and want to have sex with ... read

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