How to enable 'retro' visuals in Broken Age
Feature hidden away in control options
9:00 PM on 01.16.2014

This engine could mean massive new strategy games
Oxide Games uses AMD's Mantle for its new engine
7:00 PM on 01.14.2014

No plans for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on next-gen
Konami and MercurySteam are more focused on the future
9:00 AM on 01.09.2014

New FPS Get Even blends single- and multiplayer
Okay, yeah, those visuals are impressive
12:30 PM on 01.08.2014

See a bunch of games get played with the Steam controller
The future of gaming!
10:00 AM on 12.25.2013

Assassin's Creed IV just got a PhysX patch on the PC
Smokier smoke
11:15 AM on 12.19.2013

Breaking: Look at this next-gen sh*t
Seriously, just look at it.
8:30 PM on 11.27.2013

You can now play Assassin's Creed IV in 1080p on PS4
Update adds native resolution support
6:30 PM on 11.19.2013

Star Citizen is a PC game and 'will never be dumbed down'
Hurray for PC gaming!
11:30 AM on 11.18.2013

Assassin's Creed IV PS4 needs a patch for 1080p
Not this again
2:30 PM on 11.15.2013

A look at how Fable Anniversary updates its interface
Yup, that's a HUD, all right.
3:30 PM on 11.14.2013

AMD giving out Battlefield 4 with R9 graphics cards
Free game!
12:45 PM on 11.14.2013

CoD: Ghosts PS4 needs a day-one patch for full 1080p
Single-player is restricted to a native 720p without it
5:15 PM on 11.13.2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts is upscaled at 720p on the Xbox One
PS4 running at 1080p, Xbox One upscaled from 720p
10:00 AM on 10.31.2013

Nvidia slashes prices on the GTX 770 and 780
New 780 Ti launches November 7
4:00 PM on 10.28.2013

AMD's shiny new Radeon R9 290X GPU launches for $549
4GB of dedicated awesome
2:45 PM on 10.24.2013