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Google reveals $199 Nexus 7 tablet, uses Nvidia Tegra 3

Jun 27
At today's annual developer conference, Google revealed its Nexus 7 tablet, which goes up against Amazon's Kindle Fire and kind of winks at Apple's iPad. The big news is that this 7-inch screen Android (running Jelly Bean) de... read

From Dust arrives on Google Chrome browser

May 22
Ubisoft has released Eric Chahi's 2011 God game, From Dust, for the Google Chrome browser today. You can grab the game from the Chrome Web Store right now, where it's on sale at an introductory price of $9.99 for the next wee... read

Google gets Zerg rushed

Apr 27
Open up Google and search for "Zerg Rush," then be ready to fight! Good luck! Google "Zerg Rush" and prepare to defend your browser [PC Gamer] read

Google Maps: Dragon Quest edition!

Mar 31
Leave it to Google to show the rest of the world how to properly pull an April Fools' prank! Launched earlier today, Google Maps has received an update with the help of Square Enix. If you visit the Maps page and click the "... read

Android: 11 billion downloads, 250 million activations

Jan 20
Downloads on the Android Market have now hit the 11 billion mark. That's up from last month's 10 billion, and enough to make the boys over at Apple wince. Android-compatible tablets flew off shelves over the holiday season, a... read

CES: OnLive games will soon be playable through Google TV

Jan 11
OnLive is everywhere! First your PC, your TV by way of the MicroConsole and mobile devices like the iPad. Now they're teaming up with Google TV to provide OnLive game services straight to your TV. As of today, only the OnLive... read

Neato! Google's most searched gaming terms in 2011

Dec 15
Google has released its 11th annual Zeitgeist lists of the most popular and fastest rising search terms. They're a lot of fun to look through, and some of the results are pretty surprising. You're going to sh*t when you ... read

Square Enix announces Mini Ninjas for Google Chrome

Dec 09
Square Enix is getting into the browser game game with their first title for Google's Chrome browser, Mini Ninjas. They're working with Google to bring what they call "console quality" gaming to the browser, using its Native ... read

Bastion now available in Google Chrome

Dec 09
Google has been ramping ups its gaming presence steadily this year, with plans to make Chrome a viable gaming destination. Those efforts got a significant shot in the arm last night with the reveal of Bastion, formerly an XBL... read

Android Market hits 10 billion download mark, $0.10 games

Dec 07
The Android Market started small, but grew very quickly. The Google Mobile blog says that the Market has just passed the 10 billion download mark this past weekend. The growth rate is at one billion app downloads a month! Tha... read

Tech Industry Insider takes on Google+ games

Aug 19
[Tech Industry Insider is tech industry veteran and analyst Scott Steinberg's weekly look at the latest trends in the industry, news, and more. Let us know what you think of the videos and Scott's insight, and we may feature... read

Facebook doesn't feel threatened by Google+

Aug 15
While Facebook has become popular for its social networking features, there's no denying that its gaming potential is what's really gotten people excited over the past year. With Google+ seducing the tech-heads and unleashing... read

The DTOID Show: Friday live show was live! Did you watch?

Aug 13
First and foremost, a tremendous thank you to everyone who tuned into yesterday's live show. Between The Destructoid Show and Mash Tactics, your afternoons must be as unproductive as the day is long. Yesterday, we had a laun... read

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh again. For some reason we were all anxiously waiting for that Google+ games tab to appear in our accounts this morning in the Destructoid office. When it finally did appear for me I was a bit excited... read feature


Nick Chester, Dale North and myself are all patiently waiting for Google to finally roll out G+ Games in our respective areas. We cannot wait to play them, because we love videogames in all shapes and sizes. While we got ours... read feature


[inhales through teeth] sssssssh Yeah. Un. Yeah, baby. Games on Google+, grrrrl. Sh*t is so real. Umm. It's real. Pandas and gems and diamonds and puzzles and all that thug sh*t is on Google+ now. Real talk. It's a gradual ro... read feature


New Destructoid Episode: F*ck it, we did it live!

Jul 23
Phew, sorry I had to break out the overused meme, guys. I'm just exhausted after a long day of live streaming the Destructoid show. It truly was a festival of horrors!  In case you missed it, we discussed how G... read

Google+ Games is soon to be a thing

Jul 22
The tech-savvy among you have no doubt engaged in a "Google+ versus Facebook" debate already (G+ wins, by the way), but the fight looks set to get a bit more real -- Google+ is getting its own gaming stream, allowing it to ch... read

Saints Row 3 Google ad tells you for 'forget Uncharted 3'

Jul 12
A series of Google advertisements from THQ are suggesting that you forget about the competition and "strap it on" with Saints Row: The Third. When doing Google searches for high profile games such as Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkh... read

Games on Google could be a first attempt at social games

Jun 23
A job listing for Google is looking for a product manager to head up something called Games at Google. The listing calls this a "brand new business," and throws around "social gaming" a few times. They're looking for someone ... read

Google Chrome users can play Angry Birds for free

May 11
[Update] Okay, so any browser can play this apparently. Go figure. Google's I/O Conference is taking place right now in San Francisco and one of the announcements gamers will care about is that Angry Birds is playable for fre... read

You need Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack in your life

May 01
Another one of the indie games being made with the Serious Sam license is Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack by Be-Rad Entertainment. The iPhone AND Android game sees you controlling a Headless Kamikaze and it's your goal to blow u... read

Google homepage gets accelerometer control, goes deep

Feb 08
It's not really Bioshock, but there's some deep sea action on the Google homepage. And look! A d-pad. Kind of. Move it left and right to turn your sub about, and then pull down to dive. You'll see various divers and creatures... read

Kongregate app returns to Android App Store

Jan 26
The Kongregate Arcade app which was released last week and subsequently pulled by Google has now returned on the Android app store. Google removed the app from the store a few hours following its arrival, where it had been ge... read

Kongregate: Android Market removal 'bizarre'

Jan 21
It seems an odd thing to think that Google would pull one of the few gaming advantages it has over iOS and Windows Phone 7, but Google did exactly that. Apparently in violation of its "No Apps can download other Apps" rule, K... read

Google pulls Kongregate Arcade from Android (update)

Jan 19
F*cking really?  Yesterday we talked about Kongregate Arcade releasing an App with support for over 300 Flash games on the Android. Exciting stuff, considering how woefully below standards the Android OS is when it comes... read

90 hours to race across America in Google Streetview

Dec 27
It takes 90 hours and over 100,000 clicks to get from San Francisco to New York in Google Streetview. You know, just in case you were wondering. read

EA adds games to Google Chrome's Web Store

Dec 08
Yesterday, Google launched its "Web Store," an online destination for extensions and "apps" for its Google Chrome web browser. Videogame publishing giant Electronic Arts is hopping on this train early. EA has added a number o... read

Rumortoid: Google TV coming to PS3

Nov 09
I don't know about this rumor. It would be nice, but Google TV's whole thing is that it controls your cable box with fancypants video passthru and IR control, giving you the ability to search and watch both web and television... read

[Update: Contest closed! Winners are robptx, Vertical, ZombiePlatypus and ServantSaber!] We're giving away four Samsung Galaxy S Epic Android phones! The brand new Samsung phone was released just last month and each phone wil... read feature


Google gaming boss resigns

Aug 26
Google has been making a lot of moves lately in the social games space. They've poured money into Zynga, the makers of FarmVille and Mafia Wars. They acquired a publisher of social network games, Slide. We've known for m... read

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