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Ghostbusters: The Video Game coming to PSP and PSPgo

Sep 30
Atari have finally come clean and announced Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the PSP and PSPgo. It will be out this November and will retail for $29.99. It's going to be in the same style as the Wii version of the game, with ... read

Atari said no, but ...GameStop lists Ghostbusters for PSP

Sep 14
You know how sometimes you think a thing is coming, and you ask the game company, but the answer is no, absolutely not, we aren't making that game, and then a few months later, the game is announced? That thing that happens k... read

LittleBig Busters: confirmed for US release this week!

Jul 13
With all the Ghostbusters excitement back up these days thanks to the release of the game, it was no surprise to us when we started to see teasers for possible Ghostbusters costumes in LittleBigPlanet. We've also seen some ot... read

Boo! Ghostbusters content for LittleBigPlanet revealed

Jul 10
Media Molecule has been teasing it for awhile, but Sony Japan can't keep it in their pants. The upcoming Ghostbusters content for LittleBigPlanet has been revealed, and as is expected, is absolutely adorable. The bad new... read

Ghostbusters, Fuel demos for Xbox 360 now on XBL

Jul 09
When we recently reviewed Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Fuel, we ended up telling you to "rent it," or essentially try it before you make a commitment (or never make that commitment at all). But we know you're ch... read

So yeah, LittleBigPlanet is getting Ghostbusters content

Jul 06
Last week, Media Molecule made it pretty obvious that some sort of Ghostbusters content was coming to LittleBigPlanet. by teasing "Who ya' gonna call?", it had pretty much said it all. Today, it's gone beyond hintin... read

Media Molecule hints at LittleBigPlanet Ghostbusters content

Jul 03
"Who you gonna call?"Anyone with their pulse on the 80s and pop culture knows the answer to that -- the Ghostbusters, of course. LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule is asking the same question on its blog, whic... read

Twitter Friday: Bustin' makes me, nevermind

Jun 26
Update: Congratulations to Bug42 and NVmisfit, you're our Twitter quickest reply winners! So that's it for this week. Next Friday we're going to try something different -- we're going to give something away FIRST on Twitter w... read

In 1991, had we been given the opportunity to join the Ghostbusters as an “Experimental Equipment Technician,” we probably would have jumped at the chance. It’s a job that would prove to be extremely dangero... read feature


Devs respond to PS3 Ghostbusters controversy, make it worse

Jun 18
The ridiculous fanboy wars spilled over into multiplatform territory recently when the PS3 version of Terminal Reality's Ghostbusters was said to run at a lower resolution to the Xbox 360 version. While normal human beings wo... read

Ghostbusters pre-order reminder call comes from Dan Aykroyd

Jun 15
Who you gonna call? No, it's more like who is going to call you? I don't want to ruin the surprise,, f*ck it. Dan Aykroyd is going to call you if you pre-ordered the upcoming Ghostbusters game at GameStop. The Canadi... read

For auction at Sam's Club: Dan Aykroyd signed poster, game

Jun 09
Bustin' makes me feel good, and so does letting you know about things first. Perhaps you're a Ghostbusters fan. Or maybe a Dan Aykroyd fan. Both would likely be interested in these upcoming Sam's auctions. There will... read

Xbox 360 version of Ghostbusters not region locked

Jun 09
Ghostbusters fans and Xbox 360 owners across Europe were more than a bit peeved when they first learned that Sony had locked down Terminal Reality's game for a timed PlayStation 3 release in that region. Destructoid is based ... read

E3 09: Burch 'n Davis play Ghostbusters

Jun 04
After yesterday's Ghostbuster mini-fiasco, we made it a point  to go straight to the Sony booth this morning to get to the game before the rest of the crowd could. I was nervous about what was about to happen, because th... read

E3 09: Ecto-1 bringing Ghostbusters to life for nerds of E3

Jun 02
E3 right now has a whole lot of stuff sitting in front of the LA Convention Center. From literal piles of crap, to gigantic advertisements for videogames. It's pretty damn exciting! However, the best of the best has to be the... read

Ghostbusters PlayStation 3 demo coming to Europe soon

Jun 01
If you’re a PlayStation 3-equipped European with a fancy for Ghostbusters, get excited: you’ll be able to try out the game this month. The official European PlayStation blog has confirmed a demo for Terminal Reali... read

Here's what portable ghostbusting on the DS looks like

May 27
I’ve been playing a preview build of the Xbox 360 version of Ghostbusters for a few days now, and it not anything like what’s shown in the trailer after the jump. Oh, this is for the Nintendo DS version of the gam... read

Games Ghostbusters play: Q*Bert

May 20
Having spent an hour or so with a preview build of Terminal Reality's Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360 this afternoon, I've come to one conclusion -- busting ghosts isn't all fun and games. Okay, well, it is actually kind of fun... read

Ghostbusters multiplayer trailer looks ectoplastastic

May 13
Mmm. Ghostbusters, I am excited for you. The exclusive video from Gametrailers you can watch after the jump shows off an aspect of the upcoming game that many gamers have been curious about: multiplayer mode. I'm not that big... read

GameCrazy gives Stay Puft with your Ghostbusters preorder!

May 11
If you're toy-nerdy and really into Ghostbusters like I am, you may remember that Mattel made a Stay-Puft marshmellow man collectible way back in 1986. I always really regretted not buying it (or begging my parents for it, co... read

Ghostbusters exclusivity clarified, Europeans get screwed

May 06
This morning we announced Sony's rather surprising coup when it became apparent that Ghostbusters would become a timed PlayStation exclusive. However, it has now become apparent that it's only exclusive in Europe, with Atari ... read

Sony has today pulled a shocking coup, using its clout as the owner of the original Ghostbusters movie license to negotiate a cheeky last minute deal with Atari and turn the Ghostbusters game into a timed PlayStation exclusiv... read feature


Ghostbusters' Infernal Engine to power even more games

May 04
Terminal Reality used their Infernal Engine to power the upcoming Ghostbusters game, but now it seems that that same engine will go on to power even more games.We go from hunting ghosts to...hunting bass? And deer? I guess it... read

Take a peek at Ghostbusters: The Video Game's opening

Apr 27
Desperate to get your hands on Ghostbusters? Trust me, I'm right there with you -- that short demo I played at last year's San Diego Comic Con was nowhere near enough. Gametrailers has an exclusive sneak peek at the game's op... read

Take a look at Amazon's exclusive Ghostbusters pack

Apr 19
Before we get into this, did it ever bother anyone else that Slimer was a ghost, but the Ghostbusters never busted him? We're talking cartoon Ghostbusters here, so not exactly canon, but it still stuck out in my mind. Despite... read

Ghostbusters box art revealed, I'm ready to start bustin'

Apr 17
After all the concern that the Ghostbusters game would never see the light of day, it kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy to finally get a good look at the box art. You can see the full shots in the gallery, but the PS3, Wii... read

Atari: No PSP version of Ghostbusters in the works

Apr 03
Yesterday, we reported that Atari would be porting the PlayStation 2 version of Ghostbusters to the PlayStation Portable. The word came out after the ESRB had listed the PSP version alongside the PS2 and Wii; our sources clos... read

PS2 version of Ghostbusters getting ported to PSP

Apr 01
And Activision thought Ghostbusters wasn't a marketable and exploitable franchise... pffft! According to the ESRB, a PlayStation Portable version of the game will be hitting shelves alongside the Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation... read

Atari makes Terminal Reality write Ghostbusters dev diary, makes our job easy

Jan 28
We're all excited about the upcoming Ghostbusters game, and were devastated when we heard that it lost its original publisher, Sierra. When Atari picked it up, we had a party. We think this is great for a few reasons. One: Gh... read

New Ghostbusters screens for people who like new Ghostbusters screens

Jan 22
It's been a rocky road for Terminal Reality's Ghostbusters, but with Atari now in the publisher's seat, it looks like things should be plain sailing from here. Now let's all forget our troubles with some digital images of Ego... read

Ghostbusters game to be released aside original film on Blu-ray on June 16

Jan 09
That’s one of my all-time favorite Destructoid header images. Colette Bennett rocks my socks. Twenty-five years ago this June, a modern comedy classic was released in theaters -- and it’s going to have one hell o... read

Somehow, adding Ghostbusters music to Advent Children makes it better

Jan 07
There are two classic pieces of music that seem to make everything better. The first is, of course, "Yakety Sax." The second is the Ghostbusters theme tune. Either one of these tunes can turn anything into gold.&n... read

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