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Sony sends police to raid PS3 hacker's house

Feb 24
The next round of Sony vs. The World continues with news that the company sent German police to the home of Graf_chokolo, a well known contributor to the PS3 hacking scene. The cops took everything related to console hac... read

Bulletstorm gets heavily censored German version

Feb 09
Those dicktits at the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle have rated a heavily censored version of Bulletstorm, a variant that more or less loses the entire point of the game.  The German edition will not feature ... read

Dead Space 2 delayed in Germany due to censorship

Jan 18
Oh Germany, you so censorship! The German release of Dead Space 2 has been delayed due to the country's ever-vigilant social nannies getting upset again. The inclusion of a "friendly fire" multiplayer option has caused the st... read

Captain Obvious: Splatterhouse denied rating in Germany

Nov 16
Game Captain is reporting that the gore-soaked Splatterhouse has been denied classification by the German classification board and, thus, will not be published in Germany. Hard to imagine that what is being marketed as o... read

Call of Duty: Black Ops getting stupid German censorship

Oct 04
Call of Duty: Black Ops is undergoing a number of heavy edits when it releases in Germany. Among the cuts is a soundtrack omission, with Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil getting snipped because it's 100% about Worl... read

Keep a dungeon once more with 'Dungeons'

Sep 08
Hey PC gamers! Remember Dungeon Keeper? Remember using your Hand of Evil to slap your imps and working really hard to summon Horny? Good times! It's too bad that we never got a Dungeon Keeper 3, and with EA having farmed out ... read

Germany and England get Strong Bad for free

Mar 22
German and British people, it's time for free stuff! The fine fellows at Telltale Games are giving away free episodes of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People in both of your respective countries. Residents of either c... read

Doom makes everything better, even billboards

Dec 09
Usually when I see stuff like this roll into our happenin' tips line, I think to myself "nah, this is exactly what they'd expect us to talk about. Forget it." However, I'm willing to make a few exceptions. Gaming cakes? Barf!... read

Sega won't release Aliens vs. Predator in Germany

Nov 11
Germany hates videogames, is the message the German government seems to want to communicate. Every sensational crime committed in the country gets pinned on "killer games," and a ridiculous amount of titles have been banned o... read

German Modern Warfare 2 won't let you kill civilians

Nov 08
Modern Warfare 2 may be one of the biggest, most mainstream games ever to be released, but it's also been the most controversial. Aside from the whole PC debacle, Infinity Ward has also generated much debate over the infamous... read

German group's 'game burning' protest was a huge failure

Oct 19
Last week, we told you about the German group attempting a modern-day book burning by having people bring in their violent videogames and toss them into the garbage. The Action Alliance believes that videogames are the root o... read

German group hosts modern book burning for 'killer games'

Oct 15
This is simply depressing. The pathetic treatment of videogames in Germany has already jumped the shark several times, with the German authorities aping their intolerant forefathers and banning anything they don't like in the... read

Latest Wolfenstein pulled from German store shelves

Sep 22
Yep, Germany's at it again! Despite being approved for release in the oppressive Nanny-state, it seems that the German version of Wolfenstein has now been recalled, with Activision pulling the Raven-developed game from store ... read

German principal: Games turn kids into homicidal maniacs

Sep 21
Last Thursday, there was yet another attempted shooting rampage in Germany. Fortunately, nobody was killed, which is of course why no major news outlet run the story. Despite the fact that no lives were lost, however, one par... read

Check out this bloodthirsty Fairytale Fights trailer

Sep 03
PlayLogic has sent over a brand new trailer for its hilarious new hack n' slash, Fairytale Fights. The game promises to be an irreverent, thoroughly brutal game that rapes your childhood, and for that I salute it. The trailer... read

EA: German game restricitions are censorship

Aug 24
Most people who aren't German politicians will tell you that Germany's reaction to so-called "killer games" is childish and ludicrous. Gamers, the gaming press and developers have all voiced dismay over Germany's tr... read

Germany is now Europe's biggest game market

Aug 17
Despite being one of the most inhospitable game markets in Europe, ban-friendly Germany has somehow taken over the United Kingdom to become Europe's biggest. Yep, the country that invented the term "killer games" an... read

Crytek president and co-founder Cevat Yerli has issued a very substantial threat to his home country, stating that Germany's biggest PC developer will be forced to relocated if the country's authorities ban action games. Germ... read feature


Ze Germans have perhaps inadvertently revealed to the world that Xbox Live Arcade's critically acclaimed Braid is heading to the PlayStation 3. The Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle rating board spilled the beans just rec... read feature


Once again Germany needs the worlds help

Jul 12
If you've been following my intrepid coverage of the situation in Germany (I've appointed myself Destructoid's German correspondent on weekends) then you know that the German government is attempting to ban the sale and produ... read

German gamers protest government's war on videogames

Jul 08
They've had all they can stands, they can't stands no more. German officials have been having a field day in targeting the games industry over the past few years, banning products at whim like capricious Gods. It would seem, ... read

German officials ban Counter-Strike in public

Jul 06
Looks like Germany's at it again. The fascist anti-videogame state has continued its persecution of videogames by now banning Counter-Strike from public view, demanding that it not be brought out at LAN parties in some areas ... read

Germany wants to stop the Austrian internet

Jun 20
I'm not sure what Germany is thinking, messing with a country that spawned a man who can take down a Predator, a Terminator and be twin brothers with Danny DeVito, but Germany doesn't make sense on many levels so they're goin... read

Germany wants to ban all violent videogames

Jun 06
Evidently no one informed Germany's 16 Interior Minister's that E3 was going on this week because I'm sure if they had known they would have waited for a time when their request to the Bundestag (Germany's equivalent of Parli... read

Bomberman used to promote anti-Nazi violence?

May 14
A German ex-politician has been charged with invoking violent acts against fascists after producing an anti-Nazi poster with a picture of Bomberman on it. The poster shows Bomberman holding a bomb disguised as a cake, with th... read

Games are an evil military conspiracy, claims researchers

May 13
Hating videogames in Germany has always been popular, but it's become a downright fashion statement ever since Tim Kretschmer's school shooting. Busybodies have been rubbing their hands with glee and condemning the so-called ... read

Guitar Hero: Van Halen confirmation?

Apr 18
Van Halen is a rock band. Guitar Hero is a game that has rock bands in it. The two can thus go together, and when two things can go together and make money, Activision is there. Guitar Hero: Van Halen hasn't really been a wel... read

Videogames as bad as kiddy porn, claims Bavarian minister

Apr 03
It's been approximately eight seconds since a politician said something stupid about videogames, so let's return to Germany, where people are still screaming and vomiting and crying over the scary games and their dangerous ef... read

German games: Double the age rating, double the hysteria!

Mar 31
In the wake of Tim Kretchmer's gun rampage in a South German school, hysteria surrounding videogames is getting more and more ridiculous. As you can see in the above picture, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is subject to som... read

EVERY violent rampage ever is linked to videogames now!

Mar 22
I really don't want to take the easy route and make Nazi comparisons to modern day German officials, but their desire to ban certain forms of media really make Godwin's Law difficult to resist. The recent school shooting has ... read

Combat gun crime by restricting World of Warcraft in Germany

Mar 18
In the wake of the recent shooting rampage in South Germany, there have been calls to raise the age rating of World of Warcraft, a game known for its extreme promotion of gun crime and simulation of school shootings. Restrict... read

Times Online: German school shooter copied Far Cry 2

Mar 15
The Times Online, following the great news media tradition of linking violent acts to videogames, has noted that German school shooter Tim Kretschmer was a gamer, making sure to note "sinister" parallels with Ubisof... read

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