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Gay friendly


Same-sex marriage is coming to Skyrim

Aug 25
It would appear that medieval-tinged fantasy worlds are more progressive than we are, as gay marriage is perfectly acceptable in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The news comes by way of Bethesda marketing man Pete Hines, who con... read

I'd stick my mushroom into THESE plumbers' Warp Pipes!

Jul 19
Our lovely features editor Chad Concelmo said we needed more Hard Gay on Destructoid today and his handsome wish is my lowly command! What you're looking at are some physically delectable specimens of manhood dressed up like ... read

I'm sorry about this: Pokemen at Anime Expo

Jul 08
I apologize in advance. If you're one of those guys that clicks play before reading, I'm super sorry. This video It comes from YouTube user acksonl, a guy that has gained some popularity by filming cosplay videos... read

The Unofficial Destructoid IRC has moved to Quakenet

Jun 28
Our little community-run IRC channel has been active since 2007, and some years ago we moved from some server I don't even remember to Dynastynet. However, Dynastynet has been having some serious connections issues the past f... read

Earthworm Jim creator ... no friend to gay people?

May 28
Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel is, apparently, a living parody of American bigotry. Recently, the artist made several amazing comments on the subject of Christianity, gay marriage, and why AMERICURRRR is the best damn co... read

The Destructoid Unofficial IRC guide

May 22
[Important: We have moved from Dynastynet to Quakenet. Just use the info under "Basic Info" as server info for all steps of the guide. Registering yourself doesn't work via Nickserv on Quakenet, so use this as a guide instea... read

BioWare writer accused of negatively portraying gay folk

Mar 29
BioWare writer David Gaider has upset people for daring to portray a gay character as anything but a flawless beacon of brilliance in Dragon Age 2. A petition for his firing has started up online, inspiring a counter-petition... read

Apple pulls 'Gay Cure' app after consumer petition

Mar 23
Yesterday, news of an app that claimed to "cure" people of homosexuality enraged a fair few people, both in and out of the LGBT community. Responding to overwhelming consumer protest, Apple has decided to pull the app from th... read

Apple approves iOS App that 'cures homosexuality'

Mar 22
I'm still picking pieces of my jaw up off the floor as I write this, but Apple has come under fire for allowing an App that claims to "cure" people of homosexuality. I can hardly believe this is the year 2011. Exodus Internat... read

BritToid Ep 7: Keep calm and home dip!

Feb 17
Ladies and gentlemen, we have successfully returned and are pleased to give you episode 7 of BritToid -- Destructoid's European-focused gaming podcast -- with a usual cast of Daniel Seto, Daniel Carniero, Sean Justi... read

Mega Man gets cozy in this modified fan art

Feb 16
A little while back, I posted some official art from Capcom depicting Mega Man's female counterpart Roll lying around with a bunch of other versions of the character in a semi-cuddly, maybe-groping manner. The art was sold in... read

Microsoft bans Xbox Live user for living in Fort Gay

Sep 08
Microsoft has had to apologize after banning a resident of Fort Gay due to the "offensive" nature of his location. Josh Moore is a resident of Fort Gay in West Virginia, but Microsoft decided it didn't need to verify that, an... read

And now, even more new Pokemon

Aug 07
[Update: More Pokemon videos ahoy after the jump via GoNintendo and the PokemonNewsNetworkHD. We got some footage of the legendary Victini in battle, info on the game's story and characters, and the unveiling of even mo... read

Taiwanese MMO allows for gay marriage (yay!)

Apr 13
Taiwanese MMORPG Runes of Magic has an update coming that allows players to get married and become "connected" with each other. The big news, however, is that that Runewaker Entertainment's Warcraft-esque game is going t... read

BioWare explains lack of gay sex in Mass Effect 2

Apr 06
BioWare loves implied interspecies lesbianism, but has so far shied away from providing any man-on-man shenanigans. When asked why Mass Effect 2 lacks the option for gay sexual enterprises, the developer explained that the ga... read

Xbox Live just got a little bit more progressive this morning, with Microsoft proudly announcing that gamers are now allowed to share their sexual orientation in their profiles. Previously, you were not allowed to express sex... read feature



Feb 27
Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park fame once said life finds a way. He should have said life finds a gay, since that seems to be an even greater truth. At least on the Internet. You can put anything in front of your typic... read

BioWare upsetting gay folk again, censoring LGBT talk

Feb 01
With the recent discovery of male-on-male sexual encounters in Dragon Age: Origins, talk about the portrayal of homosexuality in games and the general attitudes toward LGBT people within the industry has been enjoyed all over... read

The definition of sexy: Muscle March flex-a-holic video

Dec 21
People often ask me "Jonathan, you own just about every videogame console made in the past twenty years. Why is that you play the Wii so damn much?" I usually just respond with a coy giggle and a slap on the wrist, but if I ... read

Nepotism FTW: Spirit Tracks has Mother 3's rope snake

Dec 04
So I guess the Mother/Earthbound community has been talking about this for a while, but I didn't see the connection until this morning as I was cruising around the Game Watch Impress looking for news. LoZ: Spirit Tracks has b... read

Oh Infinity Ward, you so silly! Not content to cook up a big gay sh*tstorm with its notorious Modern Warfare 2 F.A.G.S commercial, it seems that Infinity Ward had to slip some homononsensical banter into the game itself. Yes... read feature


Does sexual orientation have a place in games?

Nov 10
[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or how our... read

Hot mess? Atari to bring Project Runway game to the Wii

Oct 09
Ah, I bet you thought I was going to use “Make it work!” in the headline to describe the recent news that Atari is bringing a Project Runway game to the Wii. The popular phrase is the most well-known thing to come... read

Participate in the New Gaymer Survey

Oct 08
Like videogames? Love sexual identity? Then you'll simply adore the "New Gaymer Survey," a study by Paul Nowak who aims to continue the work of the original "Gay Gamer" survey launched several years ago. T... read

Gay publication asks if games are getting gayer

Aug 27
Following on from the Shadow Complex debate, the question is being raised as to whether or not games are becoming more accepting of homosexuality and gay issues. Gay publication The Advocate asks if games are getting gayer an... read

Gamer stereotype used to discourage 'gay' as an insult

Aug 12
Next time you want to say "That's so gay," you might want to instead consider, "That's so gamer guy who has more videogames than friends." That's what anti-homophobia outfit "ThinkB4YouSpeak" has... read

Wait, what? GayGamer a runner up in EA's #Lust contest

Jul 29
Remember EA's #Lust contest for Dante's Inferno that they ran at San Diego Comic Con? Well, in a strange twist of fate, PixelPoet of GayGamer came in as a runner up in the contest, after submitting some pictures of himself wi... read

'Gay' used pejoratively 98 percent of the time on LIVE

Jul 19
I don't think this will come as a surprise to anyone who has stepped into a multiplayer game of Halo or Gears of War recently, but the word gay is thrown around a lot and it isn't used as a compliment or a neutral adjective t... read

EA will host a panel discussing homophobia in game culture

Jul 15
Say what you will about videogame culture, but no one can deny that it can be a difficult space for a gay gamer to be in -- especially with the word "faggot" tossed around so easily online. It seems as if EA aims to... read

RUN FOR SHELTER! In Crysis, it's raining men ... literally!

Jul 01
What were The Weather Girls thinking?!For decades, people around the world have raised their hands in the air and danced to the international hit early ‘80s anthem “It’s Raining Men,” but has anyone ac... read

Double Helix man brands gaming sites as 'f*gs'

Jun 25
Eurogamer is never short of controvery when it comes to its reviews, and the European gaming site has caused yet another stir recently when it changed the score of Grand Slam Tennis from 5/10 to 8/10 (owing to them reviewing ... read

Gay Pride in World of Warcraft

Jun 24
Usually, WoW players need to invent an excuse as to why they've never been with a woman, but now they have a perfectly legitimate reason. It's Pride Month in the USA, and that means World of Warcraft once again held a mirror ... read

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