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Gaming Role Models

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution to conquer consoles and handhelds next year

Jun 28
Let’s just get this out of the way right now. I have a little bit of a platonic man crush on Sid Meier. His Civilization strategy games pretty much single-handedly started the whole concept of the “God Game”... read

Web MD: the Wiimote is actually a double-edged sword

Jun 06
We've all seen the videos on YouTube and read the stories. Injuries caused by overzealous game players getting hurt by way of the Wiimote are nothing new to any of us. However, getting your very own medical term coined af... read

Bioware co-founders talk Mass Effect

May 27
If you've been following the little known title called Mass Effect from the guys over at Bioware, then you no doubt have heard various things about the game -- namely that fitting it on a single DVD would be pretty much o... read

Miyamoto officially one of the 100 People That Shape Our World

May 03
I don’t know what the fine people of Los Angeles are waiting for. I have been staring out the window all morning waiting for the giant parade celebrating the greatness that is Miyamoto, but, alas, nothing. All I’v... read

You can take Snoop out of the ghetto, but...

Apr 21
Apparently paying double most families' yearly income for an hour of "performing" isn't enough to get a washed-up criminal / rapper to represent at a childrens charity event. I was going to write my version ... read

Gamers, these are the people who you should base your lives around

Apr 16
In light of all the bad press video games have been receiving lately, it felt like the perfect time to bring to the attention of the media all the names in the gaming industry that have been using their position to help the... read

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