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Games Of The Week


Games of the Week for 9/19/2010: Todd Margaret Edition

Sep 19
It amazes me that there are programming directors out there who would greenlight a series starring David Cross. That takes balls that clang. And, yet, here we are. The Destructoid editors played videogames this week. I bet you did also. We've written out the games we played in a list with our tappy-tappy boards and published it below. You should do the same. read

Games of the Week for 9/12/2010: Tapuface Edition

Sep 12
THE TAPUFACE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN. We played videogames this week at Destructoid. Hard to imagine, I realize. Read on to find out what games made the cut this week. read

Games of the Week for 8/29/2010: Life lessons edition

Aug 29
Sometimes you just need a platitude to get you through the day. In a staggering departure from form, the Destructoid staff played videogames this week. Read on to find out more and tell us what you've been on about. read

Games of the Week for 8/22/10: Carol Channing edition

Aug 22
Heavy is the head that wears the crown. It may surprise you to learn that the Destructoid staff played games this week. Follow along as we tell you all about it. read

Games of the Week for 8/8/2010: Tigers vs Gibbon edition

Aug 08
Truly an epic battle for the ages. Games were played this week and they were played by the staff at Destructoid. Read on to find out what those games were. Apply our wisdom to your life and be enriched. read

Games of the Week for 8/1/10: Lawn Jockey edition

Aug 01
I am not Jim Sterling. Depending on your perspective, this could be a great or terrible thing. Jim's plate is pretty full these days, so I will be taking over the posting duties for our weekly celebration of the games we played the week before.  Let us begin as all things should begin: With a murderous lawn jockey. Hop along past the jump for everything we did last week. read

Games of the week for 07/25/10: Scatman edition

Jul 25
Our very own Joseph Leray reminded me of Scatman today. Now you all get to watch Scatman and be reminded of him as well. My God the Nineties was an age of kings. An age, my friends, of kings! In other news, games were played this week. Hit the jump to find out which ones. read

Games of the week for 06/11/10: Bottom edition

Jul 11
I've been on a real Rik & Ade kick lately, rewatching episodes of Filthy, Rich & Catflap and Bottom. This is a clip from the last episode of Bottom in which Richie and Eddie film a viciously hilarious accident to try... read

Games of the week for 07/04/10: American justice edition

Jul 04
It's July 4, the day we celebrate America doing some stuff to some people a number of years ago because of reasons. In honor of this great day, what could be more Patriotic than a classic scene from Metal Wolf Chaos? Richard Hawk is the most American man that ever did America. Long live the USA! Also, videogames. If you're bored of watching fireworks, why not read our stupid words? read

Games of the week for 05/27/10: Spengbab edition

Jun 27
Yep, because that's a thing. In other news, we played videogames this week, as per usual. If you want to find out which ones, all you have to do is hit the jump. Easy, right!? read

Games of the week for E3 2010: Everyone's tired edition

Jun 20
As you likely know, Jim usually does this. But he's wiped from E3. Everyone is, actually. No one's in a mood or anything, and we feel pretty good about our coverage, but today is definitely a down day. We need a down day, com... read

Games of the week for 06/06/10: Z-List celebrity edition

Jun 06
I have officially obtained the rank of "minor Z-list celebrity that nobody cares about", making this the most important day of everybody's lives. Basically, I was on the BBC's World Service station this morning talking about ... read

Games of the week for 05/30/10: Tim Minchin edition

May 30
  Anybody who follows me on Twitter or Facebook will know that I have become obsessed with Tim Minchin lately. The singer/songwriter/skeptic/handsome bastard is a genius and well worth watching. The above video is "The G... read

Games of the week for 05/16/10: Transformers edition

May 16
Those who know me will know that my non-videogame obsessions tend to fluctuate wildly between Aliens and Transformers, and the obsession is usually kicked into high gear when a videogame is on the horizon. With War for Cyber... read

Games of the week for 05/09/10: There is no God edition

May 09
I've come to realize that this section has had a distinct lack of Mitchell & Webb. Luckily, this is soon to be rectified. This week's not-game-related video presents proof that there is no God. Enjoy that, why don't you?... read

Games of the week for 05/02/10: Bangers & Mash edition

May 02
They never mean to do no harm, but you can guarantee, they'll upset the apple cart, though accidentally, Mash and Bangers' clangers come about quite frequently... Hit the jump for our games of the week. read

Games of the week for 04/25/10: Riverleap edition

Apr 25
I have been obsessed with Riverleap. The game was free on iTunes this weekend, and it is amazing. It's not actually very good, considering the graphics are weird and confusing, the gameplay is based on pure luck and death co... read

Games of the week for 04/11/10: More Ray Peacock edition

Apr 11
Comedian, handsome boy and friend of Destructoid Ray Peacock recently did a lovely bit of comedy for Russel Howard's Good News, which is a telly show on the telly. He was very funny and made me do laughing out of the toothed... read

Games of the week for 04/04/10: MAH BOI edition

Apr 04
Old meme is old, I know. Couldn't resist busting out a classic though. Immature, stupid videos like this make me laugh, and I don't really care whether you find them funny either. At least I'm not putting up some mawkish Eas... read

Games of the week for 03/28/10: Sega Addicts edition

Mar 28
Time for some shameless self promotion! In case you haven't heard, I'm a regular on a new podcast that discusses all things Sega. It's called Sega Addicts. That's a nice name. It also features Topher Cantler who you might re... read

Games of the week for 03/21/10: No Hot Chip edition

Mar 21
I was going to feature the brilliant new music video for Hot Chip's "I Feel Better" for our Games of the Week post, but finding a vid without embedding disabled is impossible, so there shall be no promotion. Shame, because it really is quite brilliant. You ought to go and check it out yourselves if you can be arsed. In other news, we played videogames! Read on to find out which ones! read

Games of the week for 03/14/10: Ekans edition

Mar 14
Hot off the heels of our SoulSilver/HeartGold review and I still cannot stop thinking about Ekans. Ekans is the Rattlesnake Pokemon and there are so many reasons why it is the best one. So many, in fact, that I might write an... read

Games of the week for 03/07/10: Bangers & Mash edition

Mar 07
We all remember Bangers & Mash, and nobody can pretend that they don't. Let us all bask in the nostalgia that we all have for those cheeky apes and their madcap shenanigans. It really doesn't get anymore zany than this, ... read

Games of the week for 02/28/10: Ed Gamble edition

Feb 28
As you may have learned yesterday, British comedians Ray Peacock and Ed Gamble had an argument thanks to my posting of a Ray Peacock video in a previous GOTW article. By allowing Ray to go viral, I gave him around 2000 more ... read

Games of the week for 02/21/10: MMM MAMA edition

Feb 21
It's time for more Tonetta! This is Dale North's second favorite Tonetta song, MMM MAMA, which recently returned to Youtube after an undeserved hiatus. As the official fan blog for Tonetta, Destructoid is thrilled to see jus... read

Games of the week for 14/02/10: You tosser edition

Feb 14
I'll grab any excuse to promote a good comedian, so this week I would like to remind everyone that Ray Peacock exists. Here's one of the few bits of stand-up that you can actually find of the guy. He's a very funny man indee... read

Games of the week for 02/07/10: Super Bowl edition

Feb 07
You are all watching the Super Bowl so I literally have no reason to put any effort into this.  Hit the jump whenever you see this. Like, in the morning or whatever. read

Games of the week for 31/01/10: Chaos Rising edition

Jan 31
This week I've been playing Chaos Rising, the new expansion pack for Dawn of War II. I had bumloads of fun with it and a preview for the game is coming this week. There will also be a full preview of Metro 2033 as well, so k... read

Games of the week for 1/24/2010: Talking Psycho edition

Jan 24
Jim's traveling this week, so you're getting your Games of the Week fix from a different source. Thrilling. You've no doubt seen this video by Miles Fisher, where he covers a Talking Heads song and puts it to a video where ... read