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Gamers Unite


If you turned off the videogames for a second over the past week you've probably heard of the massive earthquake that hit Haiti, destroying most of the structures in the country, killing thousands and leaving even more homele... read feature


Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe says videogames helped him overcome obstacles

Jan 29
For every person that's on the rampage about the horrors of videogames, there seems to be another than claims that they have played an essential role in his or her life. Take Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe for example, wh... read

Zelda Marathon in progress, do your part to help a good cause

Aug 01
It looks like those big-hearted guys and girls who helped raise close to $12,000 dollars for the Child's Play charity last month with the Mario Marathon are at it again.This time, they've teamed up with Cameron Banga and the ... read

Study shows that gamers are not shy nerds

Jun 15
Though you all were already totally aware, it seems that the rest of the world is finally finding out that their image of the stereotypical gamer is mostly incorrect. Gamers aren't the shy, lonely geeks they think us to be. A... read

Karmic retribution: Fox psychologist gets a taste of her own ignorant medicine

Jan 24
Most of you by now should be familiar with Cooper Lawrence, the smug psychologist who grinned and giggled while slandering BioWare's Mass Effect for content she had neither witnessed nor indeed, had any experience with firsth... read

Oliver Stone vs. Gamespot in JFG

Dec 28
Remember cashwh0re? Our tribute to great ethics within the video game industry was unfortunately missed by the above video (blasphemy!) but I'll let it slide due to this short trailer's otherwise absolute brilliance. An anony... read

Cashwh0re is getting a spontaneous redesign today! Please pardon our dust

Dec 06
Why are you awake at this hour?  Isn't there a soul sucking MMO you should be attending to?  Well, since you're up, I wanted to let you know that we're undergoing a little site maintenance to take down the epicness ... read

For gamers, it's easily to take the "waste of time" attack personally, and that's why it was nice to see some of the very smart responses given to a post called "Couldn’t Care Less About Xbox 360, Nintend... read feature


It's Golden Joystick time: World's biggest gaming ceremony returns

Oct 17
The Golden Joystick awards have been running now for twenty five years. Hailed as the biggest and most prestigious ceremony in all of gaming, the show rewards the very best that our beloved industry has to offer. Despite all ... read

X'07: Hunting down Canadian videogame bloggers

Aug 31
Forgive me Niero for saying this, but … there is only one thing I hate about writing for Destructoid and that is the fact that I am the one and only writer from Canada. It’s incredibly lonely up here when I hav... read

Gamers For Gaming: The plan revealed

Jun 21
It should be no secret to the more observant amongst you that the current debacle surrounding Manhunt 2 has hit a nerve with myself and Jim. It's not that we feel particularly protective of the game itself, or of Rockstar... read

Gamers Unite part 2: Live Free or ... what a lame header ... just watch the clip

Jun 15
A few days back, we brought you the initial episode of Gamers Unite, a documentary chronicling reaction to the negative media stereotyping by those afflicted with the stigma, the gamers themselves. Today, I bring you the j... read

Gamers Unite; surprisingly good, and completely sans Michael Moore

Jun 14
Speaking as someone who once dated a girl who took two semesters of film, documentary film-making is the single most boring job an auteur can take on. It's almost impossible to make a modern audience care about any subj... read