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Eternal Legacy reminds me of some other game...

Aug 05
What does this game remind you of? In name and looks I know it reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. There's this blend of Fantasy and sci-fi, a dynamic battle system, magic spells, flying ships and... read

Let's Golf 3D coming to 3DS eShop August 11th

Jul 27
The Nintendo 3DS eShop has been, for the most part, disappointing. It's also lacking third-party support. Luckily, Gameloft is here to save the day with their announcement that Let's Golf 3D is coming August 11th.  It a... read

Gameloft accused of illegal, dangerous working conditions

Jul 18
Mobile studio Gameloft has been accused of overworking staff to "dangerous" levels, with a former staff member leveling some incredibly huge allegations at the creator of such titles as Asphalt and N.O.V.A. "Some weeks I was ... read

Gameloft is giving away Android games this weekend

Jul 08
Android is everywhere. There's so many devices now! Thankfully there's some companies that have been good about releasing games for Android devices. Gameloft is definitely one of them. The company tweets that they will be giv... read

Here's what Gameloft's bringing to mobile in 2011

Jun 29
Gameloft catches crap for "ripping off" console games, and it can be pretty shameless at times. However, it also produces some pretty good quality mobile gaming, so I'm excited to see what it's got coming up for the rest of t... read

First 3D mobile games on HTC EVO 3D

Jun 01
Sprint has the exclusive on the HTC EVO 3D, so its service will get the first 3D mobile games. This summer the HTC EVO 3D will be our country's first 4G phone. This Android-powered phone comes with a with a 4.3-inch qHD 3D d... read

Gameloft could be opening a New Orleans studio

May 02
It looks like Gameloft wants to open up shop in The Big Easy. Do people in The Big Easy hate it when you call their city The Big Easy? Gameloft hit a New Orleans job board with thirteen full-time job listings recently. Joysti... read

Gameloft rips off Split/Second for its Fast Five tie-in

Apr 05
Professional troll Gameloft is at it again, and this time they were 'inspired' by Split/Second for their upcoming Fast Five: The Movie: Official Game -- Fast Five being the fifth The Fast and the Furious movie. The sad thing... read

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunters coming to PSN this April

Mar 10
If you love hacking and slashing and crawling your way through dingy dungeons in a fantasy setting, April is a good month for you. Gameloft has confirmed that its PlayStation Network action-RPG, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, wil... read

Gameloft making four new games using Unreal Engine 3

Feb 28
It's unreal how much news we've been hearing about Unreal Engine 3 lately. Gameloft has just announced a licensing agreement with Epic Games to use their Unreal Engine 3 to make four new games. They say that two will be launc... read

CES: Who needs consoles when you have a Panasonic TV?

Jan 05
As I watched on at Panasonic's press conference today in Las Vegas, I saw an app icon on one of the images of a new television that had me scratching my head. Alongside Hulu Plus, Netflix and others was one that read Asp... read

Gameloft gets its Final Fantasy on with Eternal Legacy

Dec 09
Gameloft is deliciously shameless when it comes to gaining "inspiration" from contemporary console games. Guitar Hero, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Uncharted have all been turned into unofficial iPhone games cour... read

Free: Dungeon Hunter HD for Android

Dec 03
There's not much going on today. Why don't you play a free game? What? You would if you had one? Well, you do now, thanks to Gameloft. Dungeon Hunter HD is free for the taking for Android users. It's a solid Diablo-ish clo... read

Gameloft hits 20 million App Store downloads

Sep 22
Gameloft was one of the first to really jump on mobile games and try to make them...well, good. My iDevices have plenty of their titles on them, but I never realized just how many they've made, and how well they sold. Gamelof... read

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter coming to PSN

Sep 07
Gameloft is bringing its iPhone hack-and-slash Dungeon Hunter exclusively to PlayStation Network, according to a report from GamerBytes. The game will be getting a complete high definition overhaul, including an entirely new ... read

Android users: Try out Gameloft HD games

Aug 25
Want to try out some game demos of Android games before buying them? Gameloft has a deal where you can try several of their games. There's already eleven titles out: Real Football 2010, Asphalt 5, Assassin’s Creed, Dung... read

Earthworm Jim hits North American PSN next week

Jul 30
Gameloft's high definition remake of Earthworm Jim has already hit the PlayStation Network in Europe. How's that working out for you guys? Folks in the US, however, have to wait until next week. Gameloft has confirmed that Ea... read

Android: Let's Golf HD free on HTC EVO 4G and Nexus One

Jul 16
Ah, the HTC EVO. It's the first phone ever to get this full-fledged Apple whore to turn his head. I wouldn't say that the grass is greener over there, but I feel it's just as green. What a beautiful mobile device. If you're a... read

Gameloft is doing another $0.99 sale

Jun 30
This one is a quickie: We've seen several good sales on downloadable games lately, and Gameloft had a pretty good one not too long ago. They're wanting to do it again, and so they've sent word that another small sale is kicki... read

Gameloft's iPhone 4 day sale has lots of $0.99 games

Jun 24
People are excited about their new iPhone 4 phones coming in today. I kind of was, but I really thought about it and realized that I'll be doing absolutely nothing different on it than I would my old iPhone. And now I'm not t... read

Gameloft announces a bunch of iPad games

Apr 02
Hey! I saw you. I saw you roll your eyes at another iPad headline. I'll make this quick and easy on you. Gameloft has announced eight games for Apple's iPad, which is set to release tomorrow. N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vangard Alli... read

Gameloft's me-too survival horror iPhone game Zombie Infection has you going up against an evil corporation as a one-man army. Sound familiar? Don't worry about that. I remember saying the same thing about Gameloft's excellen... read feature


GDC 10: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, iPhone'd

Mar 12
I got to take an early peek at Gameloft's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction on the iPhone here at GDC. It's still early, but I was able to see several locales and game play elements, and I feel like it's already shaping ... read

Here's what Nova & Shift play like on the iPad

Jan 29
What does the release of the iPad mean for gamers? That debate will continue -- but how many of you out there have actually seen Apple's new gorgeous gizmo in action? With 60 games and a track record of 55 million downloads,... read

EA and Gameloft show off games for Apple's iPad tablet

Jan 27
This morning, Apple announced their iPad tablet computing device. Unless you like really big iPhones that you can't fit in your pocket, you may not care. Well, wait. It looks like they're trying to appeal to gamers. GamlLoft ... read

Details on DSiWare game Legend of Exidia arrive via ESRB

Jan 02
It's no big secret that some of us around here think that DSiWare is a big pile of poop. As someone who watches the weekly download releases of Nintendo pretty closely I can tell you that the service has had many, many lacklu... read

Nintendo DLC: WiiWare gives (re)birth to Castlevania

Dec 28
Of the ten digital games being released across Nintendo's platforms today, one stands out like the bright, popping lights in Eddie Adams' dreams when he saw the name "Dirk Diggler" -- Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth! For th... read

HAWX. Yeah, that HAWX. The big, beautiful air combat game with lovely sunsets from the big console. Believe it or not, its still a beautiful air combat with game with lovely sunsets, even on the iPhone. The Tom Clancy game ha... read feature


Gameloft taking Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 mobile

Nov 24
Mobile game development ninja Gameloft has announced a partnership with Capcom Mobile to publish six mobile titles in Europe in 2010.  Among them are mobile versions of the upcoming Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2. Also ... read

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