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Deals photo

GameStop Spring Sale live with $8 Titanfall Deluxe, $20 BF4 Premium

For those who can't wait for a Steam sale
Apr 20
// Dealzon
April showers are upon us, and so are more of the spring PC gaming sales. Just today GameStop launched its PC Gaming Spring Sale with discounts up to 75% off 136 PC digital titles (yes, we counted). Several titles are hitting...
Halo 5 pre-orders photo
Halo 5 pre-orders

Halo 5 has some fancy Hunter armor, but only for those who pre-order at GameStop

Are you a gambler?
Apr 20
// Brett Makedonski
Imagine, if you will, that you're in a GameStop plunking down money for Halo 5: Guardians well ahead of the game's release. Kenny Rogers saunters in and croons in your ear "You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to ...
GameStop photo

Police officer killed during GameStop robbery

Officer buying gift for son loses life
Mar 09
// Laura Kate Dale
In a tragic series of events, a Philadelphia police officer named Robert Wilson III was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at a Gamestop store this past week. Wilson, who was performing an on duty security check of t...
Shulk amiibo photo
Shulk amiibo

Shulk amiibo pre-orders are open for a second wave at GameStop

Possible in-store only, though
Feb 12
// Brett Makedonski
The Shulk amiibo, a highly sought-after GameStop exclusive, might not be quite as rare as originally thought. This afternoon, GameStop opened a second wave of pre-orders for the Xenoblade character. It's expected to ship...
GameStop photo

GameStop joins the growing list of retailers screwed by Nintendo's US amiibo rollout

I mostly feel bad for the kids
Feb 06
// Chris Carter
I know a lot of people don't like GameStop. That's cool. Like any retailer, bad customer service has the propensity to make people not want to return to a store. My local GameStop though is pretty great, and I've developed a ...
Code Name code photo
Code Name code

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. might be getting demo cards at GameStop (update)

Cards are in, but not active yet
Jan 24
// Chris Carter
[Update: According to a verified tip from an anonymous GameStop employee, the Code Name S.T.E.A.M. cards are only intended for GameStop employees. Participating stores have been limited to only five cards per store, and the c...
Good news! photo
Good news!

You may still be able to get a Majora's Mask New 3DS from GameStop

Pay for orders that didn't go through; unpaid for stock reverts to pre-order availability
Jan 16
// Steven Hansen
As the Majora's Mask patterned New 3DS XL proceeded to sell out in minutes at GameStop, some people were actually in the process of paying for their handheld when the store payment system timed out and and the limited ed...
New Nintendo 3DS photo
New Nintendo 3DS

New Nintendo 3DS likely coming February 13

Pre-order open tomorrow, only for the XL version?
Jan 13
// Steven Hansen
Ahead of tomorrow's Nintendo Direct, GameStop sources have told Ars Technica that the New Nintendo 3DS is indeed releasing in the US on February 13--just in time for Valentine's Day--and that GameStop will begin taking p...
Weekend Deals photo
Weekend Deals

Weekend Deals: Mass Effect 3, Syndicate and Crysis 3 all under $4

This or a combo meal
Jan 03
// Dealzon
It's a new year (uh, yay). And while yesterday marked the end of the Steam Holiday Winter sale, some deals are still active at select retailers. Just yesterday GMG launched an impressive "Play More, Pay Less" sale featuring h...

Wallet Busters: PC games winter sales arrive in force

Dec 20 // Dealzon
Top Picks From each stores: Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked 2 Years — $30  (list price $100) Steam Wallet Cards — 5% Off   (Best Buy) Battlefield 4 (Origin) — $4.99 (list price $30) Alice: Madness Returns Complete (Origin) — $4.99  (list price $30) <- new deal Borderlands 2 (Steam) — $2.99  (list price $20) <- new deal Console Deals PlayStation 4 Console — $329.99  (Walmart store pick up only) <- new deal Xbox One AC: Unity Bundle + Destiny + $50 Gift — $349.99  (Best Buy) <- new deal PlayStation 4 White Destiny Bundle + Killzone Shadow Fall — $399.99  (Best Buy) Wii U Deluxe + Super Mario 3D World + Nintendo Land — $249.99  (Target) Origin Year End Sale Dragon Age: Inquisition Digital Deluxe (Origin) — $46.66  (list price $70) Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin) — $39.99  (list price $60) The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition (Origin) — $34.99  (list price $70) The Sims 4 (Origin) — $29.99  (list price $60) Battlefield 4 Premium (Origin) — $24.99  (list price $60) SimCity: Complete Edition (Origin) — $19.99  (list price $40) Titanfall (Origin) — $9.99  (list price $20) FIFA 14 (Origin) — $9.99  (list price $20) Dragon Age 2 (Origin) — $9.99  (list price $20) Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (Origin) — $7.49  (list price $30) Battlefield 3 (Origin) — $0.99  (list price $20) GMG Holiday Sale Use coupon: WINTER-SALE20-GROGRE Ends 12/31: Telltale Games Collection (Steam) — $16  (list price $100) Thief Collection (Steam) — $9  (list price $45) Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse (PC/Mac Download) — $7  (list price $35) The Wolf Among Us (PC/Mac Download) — $6.80  (list price $25) Thief: Master Thief Edition (Steam) — $6.60  (list price $33) Jurassic Park: The Game (Steam) — $6  (list price $30) Thief (Steam) — $6  (list price $30) Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space (PC/Mac Download) — $6  (list price $30) Sam and Max: Save the World — $6  (list price $30) Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (Steam) — $6  (list price $30) Portal Bundle (Steam) — $5  (list price $25) The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (Steam) — $4  (list price $20) Back to the Future: The Game, Episodes 1-5 (Steam) — $4  (list price $25) Law & Order: Legacies (Steam) — $4  (list price $20) Hector: Badge of Carnage (Steam) — $4  (list price $20) Puzzle Agent 2 (Steam) — $2  (list price $10) Thief - Deadly Shadows (Steam) — $1.80  (list price $9) Thief Gold (Steam) — $1.40  (list price $7) Thief II: The Metal Age (Steam) — $1.40  (list price $7) Puzzle Agent (Steam) — $1  (list price $5) Poker Night 2 (Steam) — $1  (list price $5) Poker Night at the Inventory (Steam) — $1  (list price $5) Telltale Texas Hold 'Em (Steam) — $0.60  (list price $3) Ends 01/02: RPG Maker VX Ace (Steam) — $14 (list price $70) Brink Complete Pack (Steam) — $12  (list price $25) Age of Empires II HD (Steam) — $5.44  (list price $20) Larger GMG Sale list here. GameStop Winter Sale WildStar — $19.99 (list price $40) Guild Wars 2: Heroic Ed. — $19.99 (list price $40) Tropico 5 (Steam) — $13.99 (list price $40) Command & Conquer Ult Collection (Origin) — $4.99 (list price $20) Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Ed. (Origin) — $4.99  (list price $30) Larger GameStop Sale list here. Steam Holiday Sale Day 13 Deals: Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (Steam) — $29.99  (list price $60) ARMA 3 (Steam) — $29.99  (list price $60) Wasteland 2 (Steam) — $19.99  (list price $40) The Forest (Steam) — $10.04  (list price $15) Lichdom: Battlemage (Steam) — $9.99  (list price $40) Lethal League (Steam) — $6.99  (list price $14) Child of Light (Uplay) — $5.99  (list price $15) Final Fantasy VII (Steam) — $5.99  (list price $12) The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition — $2.99  (list price $20) Metal Slug 3 (Steam) — $2.39  (list price $8) Larger Steam Sale list here. Uplay Winter Sale 48 Hour Deals Ends 12/21: Watch Dogs (Uplay) — $29.99  (list price $60) South Park: The Stick of Truth (Steam) — $13.60  (list price $40) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Ed. (Uplay) — $10  (list price $40) Child of Light (Uplay) — $6  (list price $15) Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Uplay) — $6  (list price $15) Mac Game Store Winter Sale Ends tonight. These are Steam Play titles, works on PC. Use coupon: PCGAMES5OFF Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Steam) — $28.49  (list price $60) Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (Steam) — $28.49  (list price $50) Divinity: Original Sin (Steam) — $28.49  (list price $40) Sid Meier's Civilization V: Complete Edition (Steam) — $9.49  (list price $50) Mount & Blade: Warband (Steam) — $4.74  (list price $20) Console Game Deals Destiny (PS4, PS3, Xbox One) — $39.99  (list price $60) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360) — $39.99  (list $60) Lords of the Fallen (PS4, Xbox One) — $39.99  (list price $60) - thanks Bill PS4 NHL 15 — $39.99  (list price $60) Driveclub — $34.99  (list price $60) Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition — $29.99  (list price $60) The Last of Us Remastered — $19.99  (list price $50) Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare — $19.99  (list price $40) Xbox One Halo: The Master Chief Collection — $44.99  (list price $60) Sunset Overdrive — $34.99  (list price $60) Forza 5: Game of the Year Edition — $34.99  (list price $50) PS3 Rocksmith 2014 Ed. + Real Tone Cable — $39.99  (list price $80) Battlefield 4 — $15  (list price $30) Beyond: Two Souls — $9.99  (list price $40) Wii U Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric — $39.99  (list price $50) <-- wait till $1? Lego: The Hobbit — $25  (list price $40) Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge — $5  (list price $60) Laptop Deals Lenovo Y50 Core i7-4710HQ, 16GB, GeForce GTX 860M, 1080p — $939  (list $1,400) MacBook Air Core i5-4260U, 256GB SSD (Latest Model) — $899.99  (list $1,100) Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series, 1080p Touch, Core i5-4210U, 8GB — $699  (list $799) Dell XPS 11 Core i5-4210Y, QHD 1440p Touch, 128GB SSD — $599.99  (list  1,200) Misc Hardware / Accessories Deals Intel 730 Series SSD 480GB — $199.99  (list price $500) Crucial M550 SSD 256GB — $109.99  (list price $200) OCZ Arc 100 SSD 240GB — $79.99  (list price $150) Xbox Music Pass 12 Month (Digital Code) — $49.90  (list price $100) Nintendo eShop Card 10% Off — $45  (list price $50) Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership — $44.99  (list price $60) Updated 12/22 at 10AM PST. Added/removed some stuff.
Winter Sale photo
Straight to the backlog
For those PC gamers who aren't yet broke from all the holiday shopping, this week Steam, GMG, GameStop, and heck -- even Uplay, launched PC games winter sales to tug at your wallet. Steam's winter sale went live Thursday at t...

Deals photo

GameStop & Green Man Gaming launch winter sales on the heels of Steam

Deal me up, Scotty
Dec 19
// Dealzon
Five bucks BF4 and six dollars CS: GO. It's PC game winter sales everywhere you look. On the heels of Steam's Winter Sale (which is now on Day 2) and not wanting to be left out, 3rd party retailers are joining in the fra...

The giant list of Black Friday PC digital game deals

Get your Steam, Origin, and U-know-what keys
Nov 28
// Dealzon
Deals brought to you by the crew at Dealzon. FYI: sales from certain retailers go toward supporting Destructoid. PC gamers, you are now officially under wallet barrage as Black Friday has come to digital games. There are ...
Deals photo

GameStop Black Friday has a bunch of MMOs on sale

Prices so low, you'll scream
Nov 26
// Dealzon
Deals brought to you by the crew at Dealzon. FYI: sales from certain retailers go toward supporting Destructoid. Well, this came out of left field for us. GameStop just started up its digital PC Games Black Friday Sale. We're...
amiibo photo

Shulk is the first revealed exclusive amiibo, and GameStop has the rights

The first of many
Nov 11
// Brett Makedonski
It's been known that Nintendo planned to decentralize the way it distributed amiibo. That is, not all of them will be readily and equally available everywhere. Company president Satoru Iwata told investors recently that Ninte...
Free Pokémon photo
Free Pokémon

GameStop is giving out Diancie for Pokemon X and Y

Starting today
Oct 27
// Jordan Devore
Shiny Gengar is no more (hope you got yours!) but another distribution event for Pokémon X and Y has taken its place. Today through November 16 at GameStop, you'll be able to score a free code for the Legendary Rock/F...
Free Pokémon photo
Free Pokémon

Add a shiny Gengar to your Pokémon collection

Distribution event at GameStop this month
Oct 13
// Jordan Devore
Now through October 26, you'll be able to score a shiny Gengar holding Gengarite, the stone necessary for its Mega Evolution, at GameStop. Simply bring in your copy of either Pokémon X or Y for a free redeemable code....
Super Smash Bros. photo
Super Smash Bros.

Official Nintendo Super Smash Bros. tournament begins on October 4

64 entrants at each of 16 locations around the United States
Sep 25
// Darren Nakamura
The North American release for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. is just a week away, and Nintendo is celebrating its highly competitive fighting game with a tournament. The initial rounds will be held at 15 GameStop locat...
Nintendo 3DS XL photo
Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo wants to tempt you with two other 3DS XL designs

The NES edition was a bit of a missed opportunity
Sep 10
// Brittany Vincent
Just when you thought you were ready to jump ship for a New 3DS, Nintendo announces several more systems in an attempt to sway you into buying yet another 3DS XL you don't need. And that's not even counting the sweet Persona ...
GameStop photo

GameStop Expo 2014 is helping to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary

Batman still going strong even after all these years
Aug 18
// Brittany Vincent
GameStop is celebrating Batman's 75th year with several events at GameStop Expo 2014. Players can get hands-on early access to LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham by TT Games, for one, and Arkham Knight fans will be able to see and ...
GameStop trades photo
GameStop trades

GameStop announces streamlined trade-in scheme

New used game policy features four pricing options
Aug 11
// Kyle MacGregor
GameStop will implement a new trade-in policy starting August 18, simplifying its current program with fewer pricing tiers. The announcement confirms earlier reports. The values depend on whether customers want cash or in-sto...
GameStop photo

GameStop is simplifying the way it handles trade-ins

Increasing the 'average base value' of traded-in games
Aug 05
// Jordan Devore
Later this month, GameStop will revamp its trade-in program for used games in an attempt to simplify the process, reports Kotaku. Under the new system, there will only be four possible prices paid for games -- instead of up t...
Pokémon photo

Pinsir and Heracross are part of the next Pokémon distribution event

GameStop will be separately giving out Mega Stones
Aug 01
// Jordan Devore
The next Pokémon distribution event isn't terribly exciting. From August 13 through September 17, Pokémon X players can get Heracross and Y players can get Pinsir through the Internet. More importantly, GameStop...
GameStop photo

GameStop fingerprinting customers in Philadelphia

Retailer is being proactive about stolen goods, police say
Aug 01
// Kyle MacGregor
GameStop now requires customers to provide fingerprint scans when trading in merchandise at the retailer's Philadelphia locations, CBS Philly reports. The chain is collecting thumbprints, which are sent to a national dat...
GameStop photo

Apparently only 40% of GameStop customers know they can trade in games

I guess they ignored the 10 suggestive sells before and after the transaction
Jul 28
// Chris Carter
You know when you call GameStop and they open the call with "the place where you can buy and sell used games," then prompt you with trade-in offers before and after you buy something? Well according to GameStop itself, only 4...
GameStop credit card photo
27% APR
GameStop has a reputation of upselling customers at the cash register. As annoying as incessantly turning down pre-orders and protection plans can be, though, it's child's play compared to what the brick-and-mortar videogame ...

GameStop exclusive photo
GameStop exclusive

Well, I won't be playing as Red Hood or Harley in Batman: Arkham Knight

Red Hood is GameStop exclusive pre-order DLC
Jul 23
// Steven Hansen
GameStop teased an announcement that seems to have come out: a GameStop exclusive Red Hood story pack for the upcoming Batman game. Harley, we already knew, is a pre-order incentive at most major retailers. There's ...
Lego Batman 3 photo
Lego Batman 3

Preorder Lego Batman 3 anywhere but Best Buy for a physical reward

I'll go for the Batgirl keychain, personally
Jul 14
// Brittany Vincent
Following the abhorrent trend of announcing different preorder bonuses across different retailers is Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, which is shipping with six different doodads depending on where you go. Fortunately, it's not ...
GameStop, stop photo
GameStop, stop

Gamestop on getting involved in early development: 'You won't see us involved in the creative process'

Mitt Romney was on the board of directors when GameStop was NeoStar
Jul 10
// Steven Hansen
A few days ago, we heard that retailer GameStop could be gearing up for "getting involved at the time of game development where there could be some content exclusive to [the retailer] included in the game." Naturally, few peo...
Is this Harry Dean-Stanton's first game appearance? Who cares.
The pre-order bonuses for Alien: Isolation have been announced, and they're really, really cool... but should we take it at some kind of sign? After all, it was a very similar lust for bonuses that led to the crew of The Nostromo investigating the distress signal coming from LV-426, in the process granting passage to the film's titular nightmarish stowaway.

Alien: Isolation preorder photo
Alien: Isolation preorder

Original Alien cast returns for Alien: Isolation bonus content, available for those who pre-order

Believe it or not, you can play as Ripley
Jul 09
// Darren Nakamura
Alien: Isolation is supposed to be more like the 1979 horror film Alien, and less like the action shooter that some other Aliens game tried to be. Thus far, it looks like it has stuck to that design philosophy well enough, an...

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