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Office Chat: GamePro gone, Resident Evil geography

Dec 01
// Conrad Zimmerman
We have a somewhat more somber Office Chat for you today, as we lament the passing of GamePro. Dale North has some trouble understanding why people buy pointless virtual junk. Meanwhile, Jordan Devore may very well have...

BioShock 2's Big Daddy design revealed in GamePro

May 21
// Colette Bennett
If you loved the first BioShock as much as I did, surely you've been keeping up with the details on BioShock 2. In that case, you'll likely be quite interested in this image on the cover of the July issue of GamePro. The issu...

GamePro's Gears of War 2 coverage 'complete nonsense'

Feb 04
// Nick Chester
I suppose a great way to sell magazines would be to make wild claims on your cover about sequels to blockbuster games. It seems that's what GamePro did, when they decided to put "Gears of War 2" right underneath the...

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground induces deja vu

May 12
// Nick Chester
When the new issue of GamePro hits the stands on May 15th, it's guaranteed to contain more ProTips than you can shake a stick at (like, "Press start to pause the game," for example). It will also be the first ti...


Gamepro may be taking bribes: somebody call Serpico

Mar 07
// Anthony Burch
 Evidently, Gamepro Australia may have accepted an undisclosed (but assumedly large) sum of money in return for printing a negative review of Supreme Commander, the newest RTS game from Gas Powered Games.Electronic Arts ...

Destructoid thanks 142,000 triggerfingers

Feb 07
// Niero Desu recently ran a poll within their community to vote for their favorite gaming blog. By the will of the Ares, Destructoid had a landslide victory over our beloved Kotaku (and I've also heard AOL also bought and ...

GamePro Expo now renamed to much lamer E for All Expo

Jan 05
// Robert Summa
Leave it to sub-par gaming mag GamePro to pick and change the name of an already awkwardly-named GamePro Expo to the even shattier moniker of Entertainment for All Expo -- or as the cool kids call it, E for All Expo. Couldn&...

Teenage girl teaches pwning

Dec 28
// Faith
It's hard to believe that a 15-year-old girl plays Halo, let alone the fact that she could teach you how to pwn. Bonnie "Xena" Burton, a member of the PMS Clan, has traded babysitting jobs for teaching new game...

Entire PS3 manual scanned and online

Nov 14
// Earnest Cavalli
GamePro, the people who brought you video game themed reviewers and game reviews that were "TO THE XTREME!" in a time when most video game publications were only "WICKED" or "TUBULAR", has scanne...

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