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Gamefly victorious over United States Postal Service

Apr 22
Two years ago, GameFly filed a dispute with the US Postal Service, saying that the mail carrier was providing preferential treatment to big companies Netflix and Blockbuster. The central issue is the sorting of mail from the ... read

GameFly sale: God of War III, BioShock 2, and a lot more

Aug 26
GameFly is holding another one of its awesome used game sales, and if you've never bought from them, know that the shipping is free and the games come in excellent condition. At least, that's always been my experience. Also: ... read

Rock of the Dead seemingly coming to 360 and PS3

May 26
I'm not trying to get anyone's hopes up. Few things frighten me more than the idea of disappointing legions of zombie fans armed with plastic guitars. But if you were hoping to get Rock of the Dead, the guitar game with zombi... read

Plants vs. Zombies coming to Xbox 360 on a disc?

May 04
Everybody's favorite online games rental service has a version of Plants vs. Zombies in their list of upcoming titles. It's listed for Xbox 360, which will no doubt please users of that console if this winds up to be tru... read

GameFly has a bunch of PS3/360 games on sale

Mar 24
GameFly sent me a heads up notice that another one of its crazy used game sales is happening right now. I figured you guys could appreciate some savings as much as any other sane person wrapped up in this expensive hobby. Kee... read

PSA: Gamefly has a ton of Wii and 360 games for under $10

Nov 19
You wouldn't know it by looking at my credit card bills, but I have never been a member of GameFly. I have, however, racked up a bunch of meager transactions over the years whenever they try to pawn off their excess videogame... read

USPS worker busted for stealing 2,200 GameFly games

Oct 16
Wow. I've seen some examples of criminals with nerve, but it must have taken some real brass to get this flagrant. A United States Postal worker has admitted in court that he is responsible for the theft of 2,200 videogames t... read

Konami's Tornado Outbreak listed on GameFly...wait, what?

Apr 28
Straight away I'll say that I have no idea what Tornado Outbreak is, but judging from its name, I'm sure it's packing a whole lot of awesome. I'm expecting that kind of so-bad-it's-good kind of awesome.Online videogame rental... read

GameFly files formal complaint against the USPS

Apr 25
Ah, the USPS. I can only speak for my local branch of this lovely organization, but if the rest of the United States Postal Service is anything like my lot, then it is made up primarily of lazy, incompetent imbeciles. Apparen... read

GameFly acquires Shacknews... wait, what?

Feb 04
We're not normally for running news about another game site's goings-ons, but this one is interesting. There's one less independent game site out there now that Shacknews has been snapped up by online games rental outfit Game... read

Assassin's Creed, Army of Two among GameFly's most requested games

Jan 29
Want to know what people are most interested in borrowing from GameFly's videogame rental/delivery service? The rental lists are interesting because I think it lays out what people want to play but aren't willing to buy. Of c... read

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