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Adam Sessler weighs in on the Left 4 Dead 2 whiners

Jun 18
First off, thanks to Adam Sessler for giving us props in regards to dropping the rumortoid bomb that Left 4 Dead 2 was going to be announced at E3. Funny how almost no one believed us. Everyone must have thought we were crazy... read

Wet and red: Olivia Munn's Playboy cover revealed

Jun 17
Last Friday, we found out that Attack of the Show co-host Olivia Munn would once again be appearing in Playboy. We got to see a video from Olivia's Playboy photoshoot and were promised a look at the cover of the new issue the... read

Olivia Munn does Playboy again

Jun 12
Whoa, what's going on?! The Olivia Munn does Playboy article from way back in 2007 is the top third story on Destructoid right now!  Gasp! Could this mean ... Yes! Yes it's true! Olivia Munn is doing Playboy again! Oh jo... read

Morgan Webb, Jimmy Fallon to talk E3 tonight... wait, what?

Apr 15
As a late night talk show host, Jimmy Fallon is, like, totally way cooler than those other guys. I mean, seriously -- did Johnny Carson ever have a Twitter account where he recount fights he had in NY pizza joints? No! King o... read

G4TV needs another slut

Apr 02
What do G4TV and Roman Polanski have in common? They both prey on young girls who don't know any better. Yes, once again G4 TV has put out a casting call for hot women to join their ranks of presenters. One of the older hosts... read

Congrats: Adam Sessler gets promoted to Editor-in-Chief of G4 Games Content

Dec 18
Say whatever you want about Adam Sessler (and because you're hiding behind the Internet, you very well may). But having hung out with him on a few occassions, I can confirm that he's good people. And he also knows his games.&... read

G4's X-Play to reveal first details for E3 2009 tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT

Oct 20
Oh, we're all holding out breath waiting to find out -- what will become of the Electronic Entertainment Expo?Hell if we know, but we're about to find out! G4's X-Play will exclusively be revealing the first details on next y... read

G4's X-Play expanding to one hour this holiday

Sep 02
Say what you will about G4 (and I know you'll say it), but X-Play is a damned fine show. So I'd say it's pretty great news that the show will be expanding this December, according to G4 president Neal Tiles. "I'm ex... read

G4's G-Phoria 2008 Awards name Halo 3 as GOTY, I die a little inside

Aug 08
Around the time of the Oscars every year, I often hear people say things like, “Who picks the winners, anyway?” When I explain that it’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, an organization with ... read

Who are these guys in this G4 video?

Jul 27
Before today, I only thought that two men were truly beautiful. David Bowie has this special kind of charm to him, even though his face has been rapidly deteriorating as of late. The other guy, Daniel Craig, still looks like ... read

G4 announces Xbox Live distribution agreement

May 27
In what can only be described as a brilliant move, G4 announced today that they will be partnering with Microsoft to release several of their series via Xbox Live. The shows up for grabs are "Code Monkeys", a show a... read

Philip K. Dick novels get the gaming treatment

May 23
Today, The Guardian reports that The Halcyon Company -- a media company unheard of in the gaming world -- has obtained the right of first option to Philip K. Dick's works and plans to adapt two of his novels into games. The t... read

Rockstar wants to f**k casual gaming right in its ear

May 05
Rockstar Games' Vice President of creativity and Grand Theft Auto writer Dan Houser has very vocally attacked the "casual gaming" craze currently gripping the games industry. He didn't feel the need to be particular... read

Grand Theft Childhood: Research that proves videogames are not to blame

Apr 17
The Sess from X-Play got the chance to interview the authors of the new research book, Grand Theft Childhood. The authors, Doctors Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson, reveal to us a shocking truth: Videogames are not to blame f... read

G4's President tells us what we already knew: Money talks, BS walks

Mar 27
Life is a funny thing. Sometimes, what may seem like a brilliant idea that just can't lose often turns out just the opposite when put into play. Ironically enough, those thoughts that were cast aside as worthless occasionally... read

G4TV chooses their new Gamer Girl nominees (update)

Mar 05
[Editor's note - A contact at G4 confirmed that the top ten shown above are actually being submitted as nominees to be a new G4 host. Winning this contest does not guarantee that the winner actually gets a job at G4, so it lo... read

Mass Effect is the devil! Sessler tells you how it is

Jan 24
        Adam Sessler has had about enough of all this Mass Effect garbage. Well Adam, that makes 1,345,456 of us, but regardless I'm glad to hear you weighing in on the situation. Between mass exodu... read

New Prototype footage: Yes, Morgan, he did just squish him with a helicopter

Jan 17
Since first seeing the title, I've always said that Radical Entertainment's Prototype (set to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC later this year) looks a heck of a lot like one of their previous titles, The Incredible Hu... read

Chad goes Head to Head with humiliation, humiliation wins

Jan 17
I have not watched the above clip, nor do I have any desire to. You see, I was a panelist on X-Play’s brand new segment Head to Head yesterday and something … happened. Something rather embarrassing.Not to ruin t... read

X-Play to premiere new segment; dolphin viewership triples

Jan 16
G4’s hit show X-Play is premiering a brand new segment tonight -- dramatically titled Head to Head -- and the producers have generously asked me to be a part of it. Yay!When I first heard the segment’s n... read

Attack of the Show summons Bahamut, Chad parries

Jan 03
For the ones of people that requested it, here is The Loop segment from last night’s Attack of the Show that I was a guest on. I can’t really tell you how I think I did, as I only watched this once before curling ... read

Attack of the Show is about to have its best episode EVER!

Jan 02
The fine folks at G4, obviously still in a champagne induced hangover, asked me to be a guest on Attack of the Show tonight. I guess those cookies I baked for everyone after my last appearance paid off. Swee... read

Sessler wants you to buy more Wii games, we don't know which ones he means

Dec 26
In this week's Sessler's Soapbox, the host of G4's X-Play is upset with Wii owners. No, Adam's not necessarily mad at you, friends; if you're reading Destructoid, the chance that you picked up a copy of Super Mario Galaxy ove... read

X-Play reveals new, enhanced format

Dec 12
Hey you! Yeah, you, the one complaining that G4 has lost touch with its roots, and that you're more likely to see a re-run of C.O.P.S than an interview with Ken Levine. This one is for you.X-Play has officially revealed an en... read

Sessler's Soapbox: Play with your damn kids!

Nov 29
In the latest edition of Adam Sessler's soapbox, the X-Play host laments the lack of parents who actually take the time to play (and understand) videogames with their children. He references the recent study that indicated th... read

First gameplay footage of Ghostbusters revealed

Nov 16
G4 has received exclusive in game footage of what the new Ghostbusters game will look like. In the video, you watch as a Ghostbuster tortures Slimer and tries to capture various other ghosts. We also see what looks like will... read

Attack of the Show makes the world's largest Arcade Machine

Nov 10
Attack of the Show has created the world's biggest Arcade Machine. It's 14 feet tall, has a 75 inch screen, weighs 1300 pounds, and has 150 arcade games built into it. It even requires quarters to play (3 inch sized Quarters ... read

Chad Concelmo vs. Chris Kohler ... Ready? ... FIGHT!

Oct 23
Actually, I’m just being dramatic. Game|Life’s Kohler was on the other side of the Attack of the Show discussion I just recorded regarding E for All, but we didn't fight. We just butted heads a little on how we th... read

Chad runs from raging SoCal infernos; finds solace on Attack of the Show

Oct 23
Okay, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: I am going to be on The Loop segment of Attack of the Show tonight (huzzah!). The bad news: the show was originally scheduled to be all about dolphins, but has now... read

G4TV's big announcement: Part Two

Oct 15
But wait, there's more! Tonight, G4TV's Attack of the Show crew added to last week's big announcement with news of two more new shows. Starting on November 9, G4TV will be bringing you coverage of six Major League Gaming tour... read

G4TV's big annoucement: Cue the crickets

Oct 11
After not revealing their announcement on the actual day that they were suppose, and then giving us a week of re-runs, G4TV and Attack of the Show have finally gotten it together and have announced their big news tonight. Wai... read

Sessler sez Halo 3 is awesome, swears at the nonbelievers

Oct 11
For the last few months it seems that the entire world has been comprised of two groups of people: those who love Halo 3 and those who hate it (despite the vast majority of their ranks who have yet to play it). The above cl... read

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