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Dtoid's guess-packed Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 prediction post

Apr 20
// Jonathan Holmes
After over ten years of waiting, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has finally been announced. Yes, we're psyched, but we're also freaked out. A lot has changed for both Marvel and Capcom over the past ten years. Multiple new Marvel and Ca...

Here comes the new Pokemon...

Feb 06
// Jonathan Holmes
We've known for a little while that an all new Pokemon game is in the works, but that could mean a million different things. It could be a puzzle game, a Wii spin-off with Nintendo 64 quality graphics, or any number of other ...

Unwrap Banjo-Kazooie 3 this Christmas

Mar 28
// Chad Concelmo
You already know about the appearance of a mysterious teaser site, but now Rare has confirmed that Banjo-Kazooie 3 (oh, please call it Banjo-Threeie) will be released for the Xbox 360 in time for the...

Living the Dream: Meet GH3 band, Furry Revolution

Nov 05
Look I drink... and from time to time, I spout off an idea that only God could make happen. Meet Furry Nation, Furvolution, Furry Revolution. They are the first Dtoid Guitar Hero band and the first one I have ever heard ...

New PS3 exclusive, Rat Race, revealed

Oct 16
// Nick Chester
Crazy things are happening over at the official PlayStation blog tonight. Greg Easley, founder of Super-Ego Games, has announced their new PlayStation 3 exclusive title, Rat Race.Dubbed a "comedy/adventure game," Ra...

Final Fantasy XI trailer tries to seduce me, nearly succeeds

Sep 29
// Colette Bennett
World of Warcraft can blow me. Yes, I said it, and I'm not sorry. No amount of friends in that game can convince me that it's fun to play. Give me the characters and surroundings of any Final Fantasy XI expansion and I'll pic...

Second Life gets even creepier: Sex with unicorns anyone?

Sep 07
// Earnest Cavalli
Every time I write a post about how terrifyingly Caligulan Second Life has become I swear on a copy of Jane Eyre that I will never draw more attention to that digital Sodom, but then, some virtual Guccione manages to push the...

EIEIO 2007: Hands-on with Fury; this game is HOT

Jul 16
// William Haley
Fury is an upcoming MMO game that strips away all the grinding and leveling of games like Everquest or World of Warcraft and jumps right down to the nitty gritty of PvP while still retaining the things that make RPG's s...

Wiimbeldon: Barcade, Beers, and Bears! Oh My!

Jun 25
// Tiff
Part hipster costume party, part casual Wii-gamer, and part "Well, I don't really want to fit into either of those other two categories, so I suppose I'll just drink a lot of beer instead" would all aptly d...

Someone buy our game please, Viva Pinata marketing returns

May 03
// Nick Chester
Microsoft and Rare thought they had it all figured out with Viva Piñata. Here was a game that was not only sickly adorable, but was also supposed to appeal to the same gene that controls a child's frenzied Pok&eacu...

Welcome to the machine; Life 2.0 teaches Second Life from within Second Life

Apr 06
// Earnest Cavalli
Dr Dobb's is a respected resource for computer development, and has been so for thirty years now, but somewhere along the line, the good doctor started downing handfuls of valium, ketamine and DDR Ram chips, and decided ...

Summa on Coin-OP TV ... no, for real, it's tonight y'all

Apr 01
// Robert Summa
Sorry, no April Fool's here, I will actually be on Coin-Op TV tonight, live, as a special guest. And only in that special way that I know how. So, if you got nothing better to do at 7 p.m. Pacific (10 Eastern), then tune in, interact, and laugh/cry. Go here for the live show.  

The true origin of Sonic the Hedgehogs blueness. Update

Mar 25
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
While working on the most epic YTMND ever this past Thursday, I came across this YTMND that had the comic seen above. Who would have ever guessed that Sonic is blue because of the cobalt effect! You know, the cobalt effect! ...

Earth Eternal provides beast and location

Mar 19
// Earnest Cavalli
Kotaku somehow beat me to this gallery, for which I would declare jihad on them if I was of the proper ethno-religious background. Luckily for them, the worst my people can do is under-salt their marinara.Earth Eternal, an up...

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