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The wait for Beyond Good & Evil 2 will likely be long

Jun 25
If you're as excited as I am about the mere possibility that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will ever see the light of day, here's some free advice: Find yourself a nice comfortable chair and relax because we're going to be here fo... read

Rumored rumor buster: Beyond Good and Evil 2 not dead

May 29
Just yesterday we brought you what is possibly the most depressing rumor I have ever read: Beyond Good and Evil 2 had been canceled and the game's creator Michel Ancel had left Ubisoft. That rumor has been debunked through Fr... read

Gameloft's first quarter sales up 7%

Apr 29
Ever since getting my iPod Touch, I've become a huge fan of Gameloft. The French studio specializes in bringing console-style games to downloadable handheld platforms such as iTunes, PSN and DSiWare. They're a pretty rad comp... read

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger landing on the PC in France

Nov 29
For those out there who are PC gamers and also fighting fans you might want to gather everything you own and move to France. The French publisher of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Tradewest Games SAS, is releasing the game not o... read

French tramp game enrages homeless charities

Sep 01
A new Internet game is taking France by storm, but upsetting everybody else. Clodogame (translated simply as Trampgame) is a transient simulator in which players start off as a penniless street bum and must work their way up ... read

Rumortoid: Silicon Knights making Sirens in the Maelstrom

Jul 25
As we discussed last week, genius supercompany Silicon Knights has been looking for a new game to followup the critical acclaim and genre-defining success of Too Human. While it was believed that this meant Too Human 2: Look ... read

Prince of Persia sidekick revealed, now with tasteful cleavage

May 22
If you're itching for information on the new Prince of Persia title, then the second "speed art" trailer might keep you satisfied until the Ubidays event next week. J-C Guyot, creative lead for the new title, introd... read

Beyond Good & Evil 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3

May 16
Yesterday we brought word that yes, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in preproduction and waiting for a green light from Ubisoft. The French magazine in which creator Michael Ancel was interviewed also brings to light the game's i... read

9/11 game whips up a storm: Because y'know, that wasn't likely to happen

Jan 06
A French Web site released a game on the Internet called New York Defender several years ago, a so-called satirical game in which you get a chance to "fight back" by shooting at a multitude of planes before they hit... read

New Dreamcast game hits in 2008: your VMU craves blood

Oct 25
The Dreamcast is dead. The American public drove a stake through its heart, Sony decapitated it, and Sega stuffed its mouth full of garlic. As we watched it burst into flames six years ago, I had a feeling we hadn't seen th... read

PlayStation 3 price cut by Christmas? France seems to think so

Oct 04
The rumors about a PS3 price cut just won't die, and now French newspaper Les Echos has added further fuel to the fire, according to AFP. In actuality, it's pretty much being reported as fact that the PS3's 40GB model is goin... read

Leipzig GC 2007: The French team preserving gaming history for the future

Sep 04
"Dave, you've got to get over to Hall 5. There are some guys over there who've got every console ever on free play.""Every console ever?""And a couple of arcade cabinets. And the consoles are all set ... read

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, from Michel Gagné, just looks lovely

Aug 27
 From the French artist and animator who brought us Insanely Twisted Rabbits and the Saga of Rex comes this preview for his newest project, an indie shooter due out in 2008.  No word yet on what platform this will r... read

Adventure is not dead: So Blonde impressions

Aug 23
Now that you’ve read all about Wizarbox, take a look at their first game, a point-and-click adventure game titled So Blonde. Wizarbox has an impressive set of credentials for a start-up company, and hopes to bring some ... read

Adventure is not dead: Wizarbox on point and click

Aug 22
Chances are, you've unwittingly played a Wizarbox game before, even if you've never heard of them. Actually, I should clarify -- you've probably played a game that Wizarbox has worked on, and you've never heard of them. You... read

Electronic Sports World Cup 2007

Jul 07
The fifth Electronic Sports World Cup (Mondial du Gaming in French; anglicanisms fail) is being held this weekend in Paris, France, at the fabled Parc des Expositions at Porte de Versailles. In keeping with the them... read

Cristophe Gans set to direct an Onimovie

May 19
Remember the Silent Hill movie? Remember how the first three quarters of it were actually somewhat decent? Well, Christophe Gans, the director of one of the only video game movies not to be complete garbage, is all set to try... read

Super Smash Bros. page on the way

May 15
A little click here will take your wretched carcass over to the soon-to-launch official site for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the much anticipated Wii sequel to the popular Nintendo themed violence party. I'm very easily conf... read

A real life WWII RTS ... how future wars will be handled

May 12
The Internet/gaming generation will one day fully consume this world. And, when and if that happens, I believe we all will be witnessing a ROFL Copter fly by our window or Wahmbulance roll down the street as haxorz overtake... read

Fresh Mario Strikers video: Yet another reason to hate the French

Apr 24
How odd is it that after mentioning yesterday that I actually like Mario Strikers and was looking forward to its Wii release that such an "exclusive" new video would come out today? Freaky man, freaky. If you're excited about this game, like I am, then check out what the Frenchies at JeuxFrance got to see. Enjoy! read

French RE4 ad redefines the meaning of "dude, that's a zombie's boob!"

Apr 20
Yeah ...I'm not even sure what to say about the above ad. It's like everything awesome and pure in the world has been torn away and we are left staring at the cold, bleak darkness within the soul of a murderer. None... read

New Crisis Core scans will make you wish you owned a beret

Mar 18
Straight from the mustachioed mouths of Jeux-France come some new Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core scans, courtesy of Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation. Check out some of Niero's handiwork for a few older scans from earlier ... read

France offers tax credits on games, giving Jack Thompson le finger

Feb 02
Days like today make me wish I was a Frenchman. Not just for the slutty women or the ability to smoke in and around preschools, but also because France is one of the few countries that truly understands video games. On Thursd... read

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