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Fighting Games

Tusk photo

Classic character Tusk is in Killer Instinct Season 3

Game is still Windows 10 exclusive on PC
Jan 04
// Chris Carter
Killer Instinct is bringing back another old-school character for Season 3. In addition to Kim Wu, Tusk will be joining the fray, and both fighters have been confirmed for launch. According to creative director Adam Isgreen t...
Games With Gold photo
Games With Gold

PSA: Killer Instinct is Cross-Buy on PC, so your free Games With Gold download transfers

Season 1 is free this month
Jan 01
// Chris Carter
Microsoft announced that Killer Instinct will feature Cross-Buy with the upcoming Windows 10 version earlier in 2015, but has since clarified recently that picking up the free Xbox One download in January will net you al...
Killer Instinct photo
Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition is free with Gold

Original Killer Instinct included
Dec 31
// Jordan Devore
Oh, hey, look at that! One of January's Games with Gold offerings is up early. Killer Instinct: Season 1 Ultra Edition normally costs $39.99, but it's free to download with an Xbox Live Gold membership through January 31, 201...
Dissida Final Fantasy photo
Dissida Final Fantasy

Ramza is coming soon to Dissida Final Fantasy arcade

Chaos characters too
Dec 30
// Chris Carter
Right now, the roster for the Dissida Final Fantasy arcade edition is complete. Well it mostly is, outside of Final Fantasy Tactics' Ramza, who will be added in "soon," according to Famitsu. Ramza was initially teas...
Samurai Warriors photo
Samurai Warriors

Samurai Warriors invades Dead or Alive

Last Round
Dec 28
// Chris Carter
I haven't been big on Dead or Alive in years, but the sheer roster of Last Round entices me at times. It's about to get even bigger too, as Koei Tecmo has announced that Naotora Ii will join the cast, hailing from the Samurai Warriors series. She'll arrive sometime in March, and it seems like there may be more DLC in store in the future.
Pokken photo

The official Pokken Tournament controller is coming west

Dec 25
// Chris Carter
[Update: Amazon has more pictures of the controller up, including the western packaging, which you can view in the gallery below.] Well, this is a nice thing to wake up to. For its Japanese release, Bandai Namco is providing ...
Bayonetta photo

Bayonetta in Smash almost raised the game's rating in Japan

'Sexual exposure'
Dec 24
// Chris Carter
In her debut character trailer for Super Smash Bros. Bayonetta is said to "get wicked," but apparently she was almost too wicked for Japan. Sakurai recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Smash characters with Famit...
Street Fighter IV photo
Street Fighter IV

This is what Street Fighter IV looks like with motion controls

Steam Controller
Dec 21
// Chris Carter
Like most people it seems, I think that the Steam Controller has potential, but it just hasn't been realized yet. It's a great time to test it out though, as one individual just tried it out on Street Fighter IV, includi...
Joey JoJo photo
Joey JoJo

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is coming west

From CyberConnect 2
Dec 21
// Chris Carter
If I hear the phrase "CyberConnect 2," I'm usually in. Although they've been consigned to creating licensed anime games for years, they've also crafted a few original joints, most notably Asura's Wrath -- one of my perso...
Sorry, Wii U photo
Sorry, Wii U

One Piece: Burning Blood slated for just about every console in the west

Sorry, Wii U
Dec 21
// Steven Hansen
One Piece: Burning Blood, announced for PS4 and Vita at Tokyo Game Show, has just been confirmed for 2016 release in North/South America and Europe, where it will be available on: PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The 5...
Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V's beta is live, full game will have Steam support at launch

Historically a Windows series
Dec 18
// Chris Carter
It's going to be a good year for PC Street Fighter fans in 2016. Capcom has announced that in addition to Windows support, they are going to have full Steam capabilities when Street Fighter V launches next year. This inc...
Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

The third Street Fighter V beta kicks off tomorrow, here are all the details

At least eight playable characters
Dec 17
// Brett Makedonski
Capcom is gearing up to hold the third beta for Street Fighter V. If that seems like a lot, well, it kind of is by today's standards. Capcom's using these events less as a marketing stunt and more as actual tests to improve t...
Smash photo

If this is really it for the new Super Smash Bros., what did you think of it?

Best iteration yet?
Dec 17
// Chris Carter
Nintendo just had its "final" Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, and it was a big one. In addition to the confirmation of Corrin, the launch of Cloud (and his Midgar stage), and the announcement of some Mii costumes, Bay...
amiibo photo

Famicom R.O.B., Ryu, and Roy amiibo coming in March

That's a lot of 'R's
Dec 16
// Chris Carter
While a lot of fun news came out of the Smash-centric Nintendo Direct yesterday, the amiibo bits kind of slipped under the radar a bit. The publisher has confirmed that the Famicom R.O.B. (previously not available in the west...

Cloud in Smash Bros. is all about the limit break

Dec 16 // Patrick Hancock
Let's start with his special moves. Neutral B: Blade Beam This is a pretty awful projectile. The best thing about it is that it lasts a decent amount of time and goes straight. It's an okay spacing tool but has incredibly small knockback and pitiful damage. The limit break version, on the other hand, is great. It travels quickly and has multiple hits, doing around 17% damage. It can be a decent edge-guarding tool (it hits hanging opponents) and can be used to catch opponents rolling. Side B: Cross Slash This is an interesting move. The standard version requires multiple presses of the B button to execute, which leaves Cloud with some options. Since people tend to mash button to get out of things, cutting this off early can catch players and force them into an exposed situation. The limit break version is very high damage, but won't kill too early. It comes out pretty much instantly so it's a nice punish if you catch an opponent in a poor position. Up B: Climhazzard First of all, "climb-hazzard?" What?! I've been calling it "Clim-hazzard" forever! Anyway, Cloud has some awful recovery. His normal up special doesn't get much height and definitely doesn't go very horizontal. Be careful not to tap B again, or else he'll head straight downwards, ignoring any and all ledges on his way [he can still grab ledges! Thanks LinkSlayer]. It's also not a very good attack; it's sort of like Kirby's up special, except you don't need to commit to the downward swing. The limit break version has some absolutely wonderful recovery, both vertical and horizontal, however it's still a lackluster attack on the ground. Down B: Limit Charge / Finishing Touch This charges Cloud's Limit Break meter and, more importantly, displays it to the players. The gauge is invisible normally, so knowing exactly where it is can be key. From zero, it takes about seven seconds to get to full charge. Once charged, this special becomes an instant, insanely powerful kill move. But it's all knockback; the hit itself does 1% damage. This is a huge risk/reward. It kills off the top hella early, as low as around 55% on standard character weight like Mario (without Directional Influence). If it doesn't kill, however, all you've accomplished is 1% damage, a huge waste of the Limit Break. While playing online, most Clouds I encountered would charge Limit Break at any given chance, even if it meant giving up stage control. I don't think this is the best strategy. Having a Limit Break can be a hindrance; the next special attack needs to count, which means you can't throw out a random special attack. When Samus has her Charge Shot, she can still shoot missiles and lay bombs without worrying. Cloud is forced into an awkward position where suddenly, everything should be a standard attack until an opening presents itself. Personally, I like to charge sparingly. Since the Limit Gauge charges automatically by getting hit, charging the meter close to 100% forces the opponent into a corner. By hitting you, they give you a Limit Break, but by not fighting, well, that won't get far. This gives the player an opportunity to play around with their specials for a bit before the Limit Break pops. Now, his stats are slightly better when the Limit Gauge is full, but I still feel awkwardly restricted at the same time. It's an interesting trade-off, and one that will definitely need more experimentation. And don't be scared to throw out a Limit Break attack like a Blade Beam, since there's little recovery associated with it. The others, however, are a bit riskier because of the lag time when missed. [embed]327136:61537:0[/embed] As far as notable normals, Cloud has some decent options. His forward smash is absolutely incredible. It can kill around 75% uncharged! It has a decent windup and ending lag, so it's not something that players should just throw out whenever. His forward and up tilts are basic sword swipes and come out pretty fast, so I've leaned on them for some quick reaction attacks. His down tilt is a slide, and damn do I love this move. It's quick and moves Cloud a decent distance, meaning it has use as an attack and a movement option. It pops up the opponent a short distance, leading to easy followups with an up aerial (which also comes out very quick) or a neutral jump/mind games. Cloud's forward tilt takes some time to come out, but has a large arc and spikes towards the end. His down aerial also spikes at the tip, and looks just like Link's. His neutral aerial, however, is easily his best option. It's arc is huge and comes out way quicker than his other options. In general, if I'm jumping, I'm throwing out a neutral air. Cloud has no kill throws at any reasonable percents. I've found that his down throw is a decent setup for followups. It pops them up just enough to perform a short hop and a quick aerial, which is nice. It's not a true combo from what I can tell, though. His grab range is also sort of garbage. As for his stage, it's amazing. No, it won't be at any tournaments ever. However, for groups like my friends and me, which enjoy playing on the wonky-but-not-too-wonky maps, it's perfect. All of the stage alterations from the summons are pretty tame. I'd say it's somewhere in between Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2 in terms of obtrusive stage hazards. Plus, it's got some of the best music so far in the game and YES I LOVE FINAL FANTASY VII SO WHAT I'M NOT BIASED. Unfortunately, I don't see Cloud rising through the ranks to top tier like I did with Ryu. He has some great power and an interesting mechanic, but his lack of recovery leaves him way too open to gimping and his slower moves will leave him at the will of quick characters like Sheik or Zero Suit Samus.
Cloud impressions photo
And the forward smash
Guys, Cloud is in Super Smash Bros. Holy shit.

Smash art photo
Smash art

Here are those great pieces of art from the Super Smash Bros. Direct

Three new challengers
Dec 16
// Darren Nakamura
When Ryu released for Super Smash Bros. earlier this year, he brought with him a cool piece of art (though Wii Fit Trainer looks more like a bodybuilder than a yoga instructor in it). Thankfully, it was a tradition continued ...
Pokken photo

Japan is getting a special Pokken Tournament controller for Wii U

Dec 15
// Chris Carter
When I played Pokken Tournament over in Japan, the first thing I noticed was the controller. It has a distinctive look and feel to it, and although it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, it works. To celebrate...
Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V's next beta is free for all Japanese PlayStation Plus owners

Only announced for Japan
Dec 15
// Chris Carter
Here's yet another cool promotion coming out of Japan. The next Street Fighter V beta session, which runs from December 18-20, will be open for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. The catch? You'll need to be located in Ja...
Killer Instinct amiibo photo
Killer Instinct amiibo

Killer Instinct is getting its own amiibo-like toy line

Starting with Shadow Jago
Dec 12
// Chris Carter
Killer Instinct Season 3 is still in development, but that hasn't stopped the team from adding in a few more tweaks and extras along the way. One of the biggest upcoming changes is the addition of a Shadow Jago figure, that w...
Tekken 7 photo
Tekken 7

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution announced, the first new character is Street Fighter's Akuma

New characters, items, and stages
Dec 12
// Joe Parlock
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution has just been announced at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2015’s grand finals. Fated Retribution will be released first in arcades, and will include new characters, outfits, items and stag...
Lizard ppl are the NWO photo
Lizard ppl are the NWO

Sceptile confirmed for Pokken Tournament

Dec 09
// Jed Whitaker
The grassy lizard Pokémon Sceptile has been confirmed for the upcoming Pokken Tournament via the Japanese trailer above. As someone who played Pokémon competitively for a while, this game makes no sen...
Street Fighter photo
Street Fighter

Street Fighter V has a 'Hot Package' in Japan

I'll bet it does!
Dec 09
// Jordan Devore
I'm not sure what's up with Ryu's eyes in this art for the "Hot Package" edition of Street Fighter V, but I am fond of the way his hair flows together. It's majestic. This Japan-only bundle comes with alternate costumes that are available here in the West as pre-order bonuses. It'll be out on February 18, 2016 for 8,990 yen.
Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

R. Mika's butt slap was removed in Street Fighter V because it would make people 'uncomfortable'

Internal decision
Dec 09
// Chris Carter
For a month now, fans have been speculating in regards to why Capcom would remove R. Mika's Critical Art butt slap animation from Street Fighter V, after already debuting footage for it. Now, by way of UOL Jogos, we know Capc...
Garou photo

Garou: Mark of the Wolves seems to be coming to Steam

Like a Rock
Dec 08
// Chris Carter
Among fighting game fans, Garou: Mark of the Wolves remains a classic. I first played it on the Dreamcast many years back, and along with Last Blade 2, it was a staple among my friends. Although Garou has been widel...
Guilty Gear photo
Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is coming to PC this week

BlazBlue, UNIEL and more coming later
Dec 08
// Joe Parlock
Update: In a series of tweets sent out by Arc System Works, it has been announced that all DLC for Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- will be free for the first month, including the three DLC characters: It was also confirmed that the g...
Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V's next beta period will begin next week

December 18
Dec 07
// Chris Carter
Capcom has confirmed the dates for the next Street Fighter V beta period. Although the PSN states that the beta will take place from December 17-20, Yoshinori Ono has announced that it will actually start on December 18 (next...
Street Fighter V photo
Street Fighter V

Check out all 16 launch characters in this massive Street Fighter V trailer

Oh, and DLC costumes, too
Dec 07
// Chris Carter
This huge Street Fighter V trailer is coming off PSX, and the reveal of F.A.N.G., one of the oddest characters yet. It showcases all 16 fighters in one convenient place, though I'm still leaning towards Rashid as my init...
F.A.N.G photo

Last Street Fighter V launch character plus first year of DLC fighters announced

Dec 05
// Steven Hansen
Capcom and Sony just announced a new character for the console-exclusive Street Fighter V (PS4, PC) and he is the final launch character for the fighter, cementing the opening day roster. F.A.N.G. has long sleeves, looks lik...

Review: Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends

Dec 04 // Chris Carter
Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One [reviewed], Wii U)Developer: Vicious Cycle SoftwarePublisher: Little OrbitMSRP: $39.99 ($29.99 on 3DS)Released: December 1, 2015  When I say Showdown is a Smash Bros. clone, I mean it. The game prominently features tilts, double jumps (triple jumps with an up+special), edge guarding, orb-based blocking and rolling, and so on. There's even an option to jump with the up direction. Grabs operate in the same manner, with the ability to queue up standard attacks or a directional throw -- the similarities are more than uncanny. While many will be quick to judge it, developers have been cloning Smash for over a decade, so it's absolutely nothing new. There isn't the amount of polish here that you'd expect from a first-party Nintendo title, but Vicious Cycle does a good enough job of grasping the basics. In short, it plays well. Movement is precise, the controls actually work when you try to initiate charged attacks and the like, and each character feels different in terms of their animations, and unique abilities (bird characters can flap, a la Kirby's float jump). The visuals are also very clean, and bright to boot. There's a vibrant feel to everything, and tons of detail in character models like Po, where you can see his individual strands of fur. I was fairly surprised, all told, with how well this whole shebang was put together. Characters can get pretty obscure beyond Po and the Furious Five, including Po's "father" Mr. Ping, and the Soothsayer from the second film. There's 20 in all, and though Mantis and Viper are strangely absent, they are available as assist summons. That's a decently padded roster, and the 12 arenas all offer up something of their own, whether it's small hazards here and there, or a full-on scrolling platforming gimmick. Items aren't nearly as varied as other arena brawlers, but they're completely optional, and yes, there's even a Final Destination-like stage for all you purists out there. [embed]323785:61350:0[/embed] Having said all that, it is a bit sloppy on occasion, despite the keen visual style. The hit detection and framerate are off at times, especially when there's four players on-screen causing all kinds of havoc. This is particularly an issue with special abilities from certain characters. While the actual animations are great, the moveset pool sort of shrinks over time once you've played the entire roster. Things start to blend together. If you aren't expecting an advanced fighter, it's not so bad, but knowing that it could have been so much more makes it disappointing. There's also no real story or campaign, as the single-player element is billed as a "Tournament" setup, which basically translates to "random matches against CPUs." Beyond that there's a free-play mode with bots (with five difficultly settings), and offline or online four-player multiplayer. I unfortunately wasn't able to test out the online functionality outside of a few matches even after launch (there isn't much of a community, all told), and it wasn't really a smooth experience. Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends is a lot better than I expected it to be, but it still suffers from a lack of polish in the gameplay department. If you're a casual fighting game fan, really dig the franchise, and have some friends to play with though, you'll probably have an awesome time. [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]
Kung Fu Panda photo
Don't tell Monkey
I'm not ashamed to admit that I love the Kung Fu Panda films. My wife and I went into the first expecting absolutely nothing, and came away very impressed by the antics of Jack Black, Ian McShane, and crew. Also, tapping...

Shaq Fu photo
Shaq Fu

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is still happening, here's the latest footage

Yes that says 'Sizzurp'
Dec 04
// Chris Carter
Shaq made good on his word and debuted the Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn trailer last night at The Game Awards, and it's...something. While the developers have maintained that it will feature one-on-one fighting, it seems to ...

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