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Japanese dude tries to look up an augmented reality skirt

Dec 30
New Love Plus is the 3DS sequel to that one DS game where you could form deep, intimate relationships with anime girls. It made some people do crazy things, like marrying their virtual girlfriends. This video isn't that craz... read

Screw Attack presents: Boba Fett Vs. Samus Aran

Dec 07
ScrewAttack has a new show over on Revision3, and so far, I'm into it. It's called Death Battle. In the latest episode, we're treated to some hypothetical combat between two of gaming's most popular bounty hunters; Boba Fett... read

Realistic Street Fighter 4 art is creepy and awesome

Nov 28
One of the reasons that I usually don't care either way about HD visuals is that today's developers seem to be so focused on using that extra fidelity for stuff like pock marks and realistic acne. If that kind of "realism" wa... read

Live action Pokemon trailer inspires mixed emotions

Sep 21
On one hand, this an trailer shows a lot of love for the source material. They work in lines from the show as much as possible, usually with good comic effect. The special effects, while clearly fan made, are very well done ... read

Minitroid gets new graphics, new music, new everything

Sep 09
[Update] Added video. The last time we talked about Minitroid, I told you that I found the game comforting. Metroid: Other M was just about to see release, and I was scared the game would be too different. While Other M look... read

The calm before the PAX Prime 10 storm

Sep 03
PAX Prime 10 is less than two hours away, and the show floor is filled to the brim with doodads and whatchits for your sick, sick pleasure. To get you further pumped, the Piki: Geek blog has posted two sets of photos of exhib... read

Fan-made Metroid manga looks freaking fantastic

Jul 03
I'm really impressed with this manga. Most of it's in color, and all of it looks awesome. The story is pretty weird; there's a whole lot of words, but nothing really happens. That's OK though. As far as free online comics go,... read

E3 10: Husky and Holmes on Tron: Evolution (PS3/360)

Jun 20
God, it feels like years ago now that I posted the first video where Husky and myself chat about Tron: Evolution on the Wii. Before that though, we got a crack at the PS3/360 build of the game. Due to technological difficult... read

Xenoblade ad encourages you to use a woman's body

Jun 05
Here's another example of Nintendo's new push to appeal to the "traditional" gamer, this time from Nintendo of Japan. This quick ad for Xenoblade features one of the forty eight members of the the overpopulated Japanese pop ... read

Jiggly: Dead or Alive Paradise out on March 30

Feb 27
Tecmo continues to wet our pants with their weekly babes for Dead or Alive Paradise and this week is all about Hitomi. Not only do we get some Hitomi lovin' this week, but Tecmo released a montage of Kasumi doing jiggly caus... read

Fan-created Mega Man FPS gets an even better trailer

Feb 16
Mega Man games seem to go over better when they stick to their 8-bit roots, but there's no reason why they can't be 8-bit-ish while operating on all three axes. Just take a look at Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch, a game that takes... read

CES 2010: Booth babe horror stories documentary

Jan 11
Here’s a news flash for guys who attend conventions: it isn’t okay for you to treat booth babes without respect. Gizmodo posted a short (under four minutes) documentary of sorts in which they asked a number of CES... read

Mega Man fan movie to premiere very soon

Jan 10
Back in November of 2008 we showed off a trailer for a fan-made Mega Man movie that looked ridiculously awesome. Things went quiet after that for us here at Dtoid except for an all too brief interview at last year's MAGFest. ... read

Love Plus Christmas event gives cake, augments reality

Dec 22
[As posted on Japanator] The life-ruining awesome dating simulator Love Plus does a fine job of adding to the bleak wasteland that is the 3D world on its own, but it seems Konami has yet more plans in store for otaku and thei... read

Nepotism FTW: Spirit Tracks has Mother 3's rope snake

Dec 04
So I guess the Mother/Earthbound community has been talking about this for a while, but I didn't see the connection until this morning as I was cruising around the Game Watch Impress looking for news. LoZ: Spirit Tracks has b... read

TGS 09: Scandal! Censorship! Underboob!

Sep 26
Underboob. It's like some rare form of cleavage that is scarcely seen in the real world, and often times when it is it's hardly as good as it looks in the magazines that men get for the "articles." However, could it... read

It's Dreamcast week on Destructoid!

Sep 07
In case you didn't know, this week marks the 10th birthday of the Sega Dreamcast. In celebration of this joyous event, we'll be bringing you some original features dedicated to this once still amazing console, with a big fat ... read

Presenting DJ Malloc's 'Paradigm Collection'

Aug 15
In seems that reworking old videogame covers in styles popularized by artsy fartsy books and movies is the new cool thing to do. For the cynical, it might seem like internet hivemind, but I can spot a good concept when I see ... read

Paper route: ddi714d's moveable papercraft machines

Aug 14
If I wanted to post all the great videogame-related papercraft out there, I would just post links to Cubeecraft everyday and close up shop. Every once in a while, however, truly amazing papercraft comes along and I just can't... read

New game for an old console: Zaku coming to the Atari Lynx

Aug 14
In case you've never heard of Super Fighter Team, it's a Califonia-based company that specializes in releasing "new" games on retro consoles. I have to put "new" in quotes because their two most recent rel... read

DoubleBear's ZRPG, a psychological zombie RPG

Aug 12
So, raise your hands if you're tired of zombies. No? No one? Good.With the exception of perhaps Dead Head Fred, the thing about most zombie games is that you spend most of your time slaughtering them. Even the best zombie gam... read

NeoGAF adds Scribblenauts hype with fan art avatars

Jun 30
I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading and writing about 5th Cell's adorable Scribblenauts, an upcoming puzzle/platformer that's been making a stir since this year's E3, and the epic NeoGAF thread it spawned. While NeoG... read

Team17's Worms 2: Armageddon gets an explodey new trailer

Jun 18
You know what's fun? Worms, that's what. You know what's not fun? The very first time you ever play Worms. My very first experience with Worms was an absolute disaster -- I happened to be visiting Jim when he still lived in L... read

Imagine Persona:The Movie with this fan trailer

Apr 27
Just about any hardcore fan of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series would probably sacrifice their first born child to see a well-made Persona movie. Leave it to the seemingly endless power of the Dtoid community to make th... read

Fan-made Link's Awakening remake may not be vaporware

Apr 11
No matter how cool they may seem, it's always hard to get excited about fan-made Zelda games. Their creators are always faking their deaths or pulling some other wacky stunt to back out of their projects.  This 3D remake... read

There's hope for you: Kanye West once tried to design a perverted videogame

Feb 19
Rapper/producer/singer Kanye West is probably not like us. He travels the world performing for millions of people; sometimes he make them wait for hours. He, I can only assume, sleeps with a different supermodel -- maybe thre... read

No inverted camera in Silent Hill: Homecoming? Dtoid discusses via fap metaphors

Oct 01
Destructoid reader "Cat Goat" sent us a very disappointed email earlier this evening, wanting to make us, and by extension, the entire world know that Silent Hill: Homecoming doesn't let you invert the camera. At le... read

Psychiatrist says that WoW is more embarrassing than porn

Jun 10
In an interview in the Boston Globe, Dr. Gerald Block talked about internet addiction. He is a psychiatrist that specializes in the treatment of gamers that can't pull themselves away from the computer, and he says that these... read
The ever-lovely .tiff sent me a link to this amazing Guardian article addressing the politicians and writers who have spent a great deal of time enjoying their sneering and condescending attacks on the games industry. Columni... read feature

Ten golden rules of videogame fanboyism

Ah, fanboys.
Apr 27
What industry can truly call itself an industry without fanboys? Those who prove themselves obsessively loyal to any product or corporation can be found among many communities, and nowhere do they flourish more freely than wi... read

Dynasty Warriors 6 English trailer: Less moonspeak, more pure, distilled awesome

Jan 05
 Thanks to my main men over at Koei Warriors, I am delighted to bring you an English trailer for the biggest cultural event since Dio's Holy Diver, Dynasty Warriors 6. It might be kind of like all the others, but this ti... read

The thinking man's Ikaruga: Stop and smell the duality

Dec 22
As modern gamers, we've evolved into a sort of ravenous, wasteful species of creature I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. We chomp through games like we're fighting to get to the other side of something; licking the frosting o... read

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