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Fan-made Link's Awakening remake may not be vaporware

Apr 11
// Jonathan Holmes
No matter how cool they may seem, it's always hard to get excited about fan-made Zelda games. Their creators are always faking their deaths or pulling some other wacky stunt to back out of their projects.  This 3D remake...

There's hope for you: Kanye West once tried to design a perverted videogame

Feb 19
// Nick Chester
Rapper/producer/singer Kanye West is probably not like us. He travels the world performing for millions of people; sometimes he make them wait for hours. He, I can only assume, sleeps with a different supermodel -- maybe thre...

No inverted camera in Silent Hill: Homecoming? Dtoid discusses via fap metaphors

Oct 01
// Jim Sterling
Destructoid reader "Cat Goat" sent us a very disappointed email earlier this evening, wanting to make us, and by extension, the entire world know that Silent Hill: Homecoming doesn't let you invert the camera. At le...

Psychiatrist says that WoW is more embarrassing than porn

Jun 10
// Dale North
In an interview in the Boston Globe, Dr. Gerald Block talked about internet addiction. He is a psychiatrist that specializes in the treatment of gamers that can't pull themselves away from the computer, and he says that these...

The ever-lovely .tiff sent me a link to this amazing Guardian article addressing the politicians and writers who have spent a great deal of time enjoying their sneering and condescending attacks on the games industry. Columni...


Ten golden rules of videogame fanboyism

Ah, fanboys.
Apr 27
// Jim Sterling
What industry can truly call itself an industry without fanboys? Those who prove themselves obsessively loyal to any product or corporation can be found among many communities, and nowhere do they flourish more freely than wi...

Dynasty Warriors 6 English trailer: Less moonspeak, more pure, distilled awesome

Jan 05
// Jim Sterling
 Thanks to my main men over at Koei Warriors, I am delighted to bring you an English trailer for the biggest cultural event since Dio's Holy Diver, Dynasty Warriors 6. It might be kind of like all the others, but this ti...

The thinking man's Ikaruga: Stop and smell the duality

Dec 22
// Topher Cantler
As modern gamers, we've evolved into a sort of ravenous, wasteful species of creature I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. We chomp through games like we're fighting to get to the other side of something; licking the frosting o...

Shadow Hearts team is behind Lost Odyssey: They kept this quiet, why?

Dec 06
// Jim Sterling
An Internet Matlock at NeoGaf has uncovered some very interesting information regarding the newly released (in Japan) Xbox 360 RPG Lost Odyssey. The Feelplus development team that worked on the game seem to be mostly made up ...

Video Game crushes: Wanting to rape your imaginary friends

Sep 20
// Colette Bennett
After five hours of Eternal Sonata, I can finally admit it to myself: I have a crush on Frederic Chopin. Before you start laughing, think back over all the games you've played. Maybe you were so absorbed in the storyline you ...

Filthy upskirt action in PS3 golf game

Aug 02
// Jim Sterling
The utter depravity of man consistently abhors me to the point of vomiting, I hope you all understand. I am sickened daily by perverse imagery that finds itself downloaded onto my hard drive through sheer magic and no conscio...

Heavenly Sword presents: Pounding on limeys and the best cutscene ever!

Jul 29
// Jim Sterling
Big fat action games are my bread and butter and there's no denying that Heavenly Sword is looking like it'll be the biggest and fattest thus far in this fledgling generation. It contains the only three things I like in life ...

Strippable Dead or Alive figures for the dirty, shameful win

Jul 21
// Jim Sterling
Those chaps over at the Hair Palace bring news of sordid plastic debauchery in the form of a rather skimpy Ayane (Dead or Alive Xtreme 2) figurine that can show even more flesh than it bares by default. It's not like her...

Why we are what we are!

Jul 19
If you really need to be reminded of what makes us different, then here it is. It is you. When community members are making videos about Community members, then the right things are happening. Look at the Buck Fitches video e...

'Doing the Mario?' Is that what we're calling it these days?

Jul 05
// Dale North
First off, we'll throw out a global NSFW warning for this entire post. The Japanese side (half) of the internet is riddled with fan videos created with the help of popular eroge (erotic game) Schoolmate. Game company I...

The Non-Newsround #6: Your pear to pear news service

Jun 24
// Jim Sterling
Merry Sabbath to thee, my gentle children and welcome to the sixth installment of the Non-Newsround. I'm running on the small amount of sleep that killed Leonardo da Vinci so excuse me if this week's edition bears mor...

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