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Fake Games

Metroid photo

Would you play Super Paper Metroid?

Just morph spit balling here
Oct 18
// Jonathan Holmes
[Art by Martin Summerfield] Nintendo recently revealed that Fatal Frame V will feature an alternate costume modeled after Zero Suit Samus. The reveal trailer for the outfit currently has a likes-to-dislikes ratio of about 9-t...
Xbox One photo
Xbox One

Introducing the Xbox One for women

This one's just for the ladies
Jun 24
// CJ Andriessen
One of the big takeaways from this year’s E3 is that women are a bigger presence in gaming than ever before. More than half of all games on display at this year’s show let players step in the shoes of a female c...
Hyrule Warriors photo
Hyrule Warriors

Campy old Zelda CD-i games imagined as Hyrule Warriors DLC

I, uh, kind of what this to be real
Jan 15
// Jordan Devore
Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon are two ill-fated Philips CD-i games that would be best left forgotten if they weren't such trainwrecks. Their legacy of unintentional hilarity endures through YouTube, g...

Anticipation Simulator 2015 pushed back to 2016

Jul 23
// Max Scoville
Most of us were looking forward to the release of Anticipation Simulator 2015 next fall, so it comes as quite a letdown to hear it's been delayed. This morning, Logjam Studios sent out a rather longwinded press...

Fakeout 4 photo
Fakeout 4

Fallout 4 teaser site was just a brilliant hoax

Too good to be true
Dec 07
// Joshua Derocher
The weird website seemed to be leading up to an announcement for Fallout 4, but now the site just has a video of a sad violin. Bethesda already said that they weren't going to be showing anything...
2D Deus Ex photo
2D Deus Ex

[April Fool's] Deus Ex goes 2D retro in Human Defiance

"Haha! We're making a Wii U port instead of this awesome game!"
Apr 01
// Allistair Pinsof
Not to be confused with the upcoming Wii U port -- which is, in fact, not an April Fools gag (angry comments coming in 3 ... 2... 1 ...) -- Deus Ex will be making the jump to 2D in Human Defiance -- well, at least in some al...

Infinity Blade II comes to Android ... but it's a fake

Jul 30
// Jim Sterling
The mobile game market is a treasure trove of interesting little bits of software, but such treasure is to be approached with all the care of a whip-wielding adventurer. Sometimes the best prizes aren't all they're cracked up...

Fake Mega Man 2 HD welcomes you to the World of Tomorrow

Jan 02
// Tony Ponce
YouTuber rickonami has conceptualized high-definition versions of several old-school videogames such as Castlevania: Bloodlines and Contra, then he posted some fake teasers. These are fun experiments meant to tantalize us an...

If only there were an 8-bit Nyan Cat game by Konami

Aug 11
// Joseph Leray
So. Nyan Cat. There is very little left to be said about Nyan Cat, except that it's my profound disappointment to inform you that Konami did not, in fact, release a licensed Nyan game in 1988. Not only would Nyan Cat vs. Tac ...

Adventure Time meets Super Mario Bros. 2... again

Jul 12
// Jonathan Holmes
Do you guys remember .Tiff? She used to write for the site. I miss her a lot. She was the first person to show me how perfectly Cartoon Network's Adventure Time! and Super Mario Bros. 2 fit together. Ever since I first saw th...

Who's that fake Pokemon?

May 16
// Jonathan Holmes
I like the fact that fake Pokemon exist. There is something inherently funny about multiple people in the world spending time, energy, and sometimes money to fulfill their dreams of temporarily tricking the citizens of the in...

Mega Man 8 fan-made demake free for the playing

Apr 20
// Jonathan Holmes
Every once and a while, people take a crack at Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 by saying they look like "fan-made projects". Thing is, that's not the most effective insult. Technically speaking, Cave Story is a "fan-made project",...

Fan-created Mega Man FPS gets an even better trailer

Feb 16
// Jonathan Holmes
Mega Man games seem to go over better when they stick to their 8-bit roots, but there's no reason why they can't be 8-bit-ish while operating on all three axes. Just take a look at Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch, a game that takes...

Here are some completely fake images of a new Zelda

Jan 29
// Conrad Zimmerman
Zelda Informer was sent these screens which are purportedly from an upcoming Zelda title making its way to the Wii. They're totally fake, as evidenced by the creator later popping up in the Zelda Universe forums and claiming...

Enter the Mushroom Kingdom of madness in No More Plumbers

Dec 07
// Jonathan Holmes
I just checked out the rest of the site where that semi-old Travis Touchdown skin for TF 2 is hosted, and I found some cool stuff. Turns out the creators of the skin, MechaWare, also makes their own fan games. I've only tried...

Capcom teases fake Mega Man Vs Capcom Vs Marvel game

Dec 04
// Jonathan Holmes
Damn you, Capcom. Why do you tease? This has to be the zillionth time you've advertised a fake game that I'd kill to actually play. Lego Strider, the NES Dark Void port, all just as awesome as (if not more awesome than) your ...

Talking to the Needlemouse: The Emerald Hills developers

Sep 14
// Ben Perlee
There's been a lot of talk about the brand new, 2D, high-definition Sonic game. It's been something people have wanted for a long time, and the idea that this could be a sort of “Sonic 4” is pretty damn amazing....

Grue renewed: Fallout 3's Reign of Grelock is playable

Sep 03
// Joseph Leray
Sadly, this article isn't about a Zork remake (not that a text-only game would benefit from bump mapping or bloom lighting) -- I just needed a catchy headline that would attract text adventure enthusiasts. If the phrase "...

A Star Radish gameplay video, growing in the wild

Jul 15
// Joseph Leray
Ok, if you aren't some sort of SNK enthusiast, bear with me here. Earlier this year, on April Fool's Day, SNK Playmore announced a game called Star Radish, an 8-bit Neo Geo shmup made by a "Mikadosoft." Everyone tho...

Could Close Range be the funniest faux FPS ever?

Apr 06
// Jordan Devore
It's highly possible that it is the funniest faux FPS ever, but I've been known to get worked up over incredibly stupid things before. Then again, haven't we all? The Onion has a first-hand report on Close Range, the anticipa...

Dead Rising 2 trailer? Probably not, but this is still pretty cool

Feb 06
// Dale North
I know we cried wolf before, but that was for humor's sake. That other stuff? Definitely not even close to looking real, and even Capcom gave us sh*t for posting that. This at least looks like something real, or the intro to...

If you're looking Grand Theft Auto Wii confirmation, this isn't it

Jan 22
// Nick Chester
German gaming blog, called ... uh ... Games Blog, has posted alleged image confirmation of Grand Theft Auto for the Wii. So let's look at what we have here, shall we?The blog claims to have grabbed the images from a non-exist...

Introducing the wave of the future: The Pii

Sep 09
// Colette Bennett
The worst part about this video is that it's more or less indistinguishable from a real Wii rip-off product advertisment. Vii, Wii, Pii, they all sound kind of like something you might see peddled at that shady random electro...

Destructoid exclusive: Alan Wake TGS 08 teaser

Jul 20
// Brad Nicholson
A few days ago, a promotion that Microsoft ran for Windows Vista resurfaced on the Internet. It was a drawing for the opportunity to be digitally inserted into Remedy’s Alan Wake and a trip to the Tokyo Game Show to vie...

Darwin, the Wii Remote one-off: Evolution?

Feb 05
// Dale North
Motus Corporation is showing off their new Wii-mote look-alike, named Darwin. This sword hilt-looking device is supposed to bring better motion sensing gaming to non-Nintendo systems, including the PC. Technology Review says ...

I think I'm losing my mind: Extra Mario Bros

Dec 25
// Jonathan Holmes
 There are times in my life where I think I'm going insane. When I'm up late watching Comedy Central and they actually start dropping the f-bomb despite it being basic cable. When I go to a McDonald's and see that they s...

Fake game Friday: Hatred and Pride

Dec 21
// Anthony Burch
More often than not, modern videogames aren't really about choices. Yeah, we've got branching storylines and local agency, but in pretty much every game there is always a "good" or "best" ending which play...

Fake game Friday: Player versus Character

Dec 14
// Anthony Burch
I just finished reading The People of Paper by Salvador Plascencia, and it gave me a pretty unusual (but hopefully interesting) idea for a short, independent game.Initially charting the picaresque adventures of a bed-wetting ...

Fan made video of Mario Galaxy DS: My jaw's status? Currently at rest on floor

Dec 10
// Jonathan Holmes
Hi everybody, I'm new here at Destructoid. My name's Jonathan. Nice to be working with you.Now that we've gotten that out of the way, take a look at this fan-made video depicting what could be a more exciting (and potentially...

Fake game Friday: Ender's Game: Go Bugger Yourself

Dec 07
// Anthony Burch
Orson Scott Card has been talking about making an Ender's Game videogame pretty much since the novels were first written -- yet, after all this time, we've still got nothing to show for it.Today's fake game, brought to you b...

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