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Exercise games


Zumba Fitness 2: Get sweaty in front of your TV

Nov 02
Today I have been reminded that some people actually go out of their way to move around, even when playing videogames. If that's your cup of tea, then perhaps Zumba Fitness 2 will be right up your street. Apparently Zumba is... read

Exercise games tend to forget that they are supposed to be just that: Games. On the other hand, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 promises to strike the balance between burning calories and being entertaining at the same time. read feature


Get your dance on with these new Zumba Fitness 2 screens

Sep 16
Zumbu Fitness 2 has just had its official box cover revealed and released showing a woman facing the opposite direction from that of the first game. Also, more screenshots! Thankfully, these new Zumbu Fitness 2 scre... read

Zumba Fitness 2 screens contain bizarre looking hand

Aug 11
New screens for Zumba Fitness 2 were released today, and if the sales of the first game are any indication, there is a good chance that a few of you out there are clamoring to get your dance on again. Now, the screenshots the... read

THQ's newly announced game is not really a game

Jul 25
THQ has announced that they have something new in the works, though there will be no crazy, silly, mayhem in Deepak Chopra's Leela which will release November 8. In fact, Leela (not the purple haired, one eyed, martial arts m... read

E3: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 coming in 2011

Jun 06
I'm currently watching the Ubisoft E3 press conference, and ever since Mr Caffine showed up, it's turned into some sort of mind bending, nightmarish twilight zone. I'm not sure where I am or what I'm doing. That's why I can't... read

I’m not even going to pretend like I watch UFC. There’s just something about the act of punching a guy’s teeth in and then kneeing him in the face until he chokes on his own blood that leaves me feeling a ... read feature


After the Kinect came out, I never thought I'd go back to the Wii for my exercise needs until I tried out ExerBeat. The Wii exclusive is fun and the onscreen prompts showing you exactly how to do the moves you need to do are... read feature


Think Brain Age made for the Kinect when looking at Body and Brain Connection for the Xbox. It's a fair comparison seeing as how Dr. Kawashima is behind this title. The game involves you using both your mind and body in order... read feature


3DS rewards exercise with Game Coins

Jan 10
If you're a fatty-boom-boom like me, you'll always be looking for things that are almost exercise, but aren't really, so you can pretend you're doing something about your problem while eating another wedding cake ga... read

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gets new downloadable content

Jan 05
I'm all about exercising and staying healthy. I kind of slacked off in 2010 but was going to make up for it starting this year. The first three days of my training was going great. That is until I hurt my knee running the ot... read

Your Shape Fitness Evolved getting downloadable workouts

Nov 24
Kinect might be the hottest thing this holiday when it comes to new ways to get folks into shape, and Ubisoft got on the train early with its launch title, Your Shape Fitness Evolved. Now it has announced that it will be rele... read

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved has cool online features

Oct 07
Ubisoft sent over this video showing online features in the upcoming Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, one of the more interesting titles coming for Microsoft's Kinect motion control system. The game will have a website that trac... read

Ubisoft holding a Your Shape: Fitness Evolved contest

Oct 06
Ubisoft is holding a Your Shape: Fitness Evolved competition where a few lucky folks will get to win a trip to San Francisco and workout for two days straight! Wait, what?! Don't dismiss the idea of this contest right away a... read

Mel B will always be Scary to me, watch her PS Move game

Sep 28
Best known as the aggressive, in-your-face Scary Spice of The Spice Girls, Mel B has a new fitness game coming to the PlayStation Move. In the above trailer, you can see some of the title's features which include puttin... read

Billy's Boot Camp: Wii de Enjoy Diet! will work your ass

Sep 21
Billy Blanks is getting a fitness game in Japan. Believe it or not, this makes sense. Just like my old friend and fellow gigantic African American man Bob Sapp, Billy Blanks is hugely popular in Japan. For a country with a r... read

Ubisoft partners with health mags for Kinect Your Shape

Sep 13
As if there was any doubt that Ubisoft's Your Shape: Fitness Evolved was going to take your health to the next level, the publisher has announced a partnership with Men's Health and Women's Health for the title. Both of those... read

Spice Girl Mel B wants to get you fit with PS Move

Sep 10
Have you guys seen how fit Spice Girl Mel B is? She is like, really, really fit. Someone who isn't fit can't do a kick like that; trust me, I tried to make Jim do one and he fell right on his ass. But Mel B wants to share her... read

DanceDanceRevolution to make PlayStation 3 debut

Aug 12
Limber up, dancers -- Konami has announced today that DanceDanceRevolution is finally making its debut on the PlayStation 3 this fall. Surely you’ll want to be stomping around on the classic DDR mat, and you can do that... read

Jillian Michaels' next Fitness Ultimatum has a story

Aug 06
I thought that the whole point of an ultimatum was to make a final decision one way or another. It isn't the sort of thing you should have to do several times. And yet, Jillian Michaels is going to repeat this behavior for a ... read

EA Sports sure lucked out with Microsoft’s rebranding of Project Natal as “Kinect.” It’s a name that aptly describes what EA Sports Active 2, the sequel to EA’s best-selling Wii title, does: it g... read feature


You may have written off EA Sports Active as that Wii game that makes you move your body when you don't want to. It was that, and it still is, but now the series has branched off onto the PS3, and it's bringing along some new... read feature


E3 10: Majesco's Zumba Fitness is out of control exercise

Jun 15
You know, I'll admit it: some of the most (drunken) fun I have had playing games with friends was with Ubisoft's Just Dance. And after last night, I would have to say that Harmonix's Dance Central for Kinect, after my hands-o... read

E3 10: Lose big (weight) with The Biggest Loser on Kinect

Jun 14
Hey! You know Kinect for the Xbox 360? That body-waggle thing? It'll launch with something on the order of a bajillion exercise games, and THQ's The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout is one of them. According to the marketing co... read

E3 10: EA Sports Active 2 announced for Kinect, out 11/16

Jun 14
Ubisoft demoed a Kinect-exclusive exercise game at Microsoft's E3 press briefing, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, earlier today. Not to be outdone, EA Sports has revealed that a Kinect version of EA Sports Active 2, which was pr... read

ACSM rates EA Sports Active as an effective workout

Jun 02
The American College of Sports Medicine sets key guidelines on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, recommending that individuals perform 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five days per week, or 20 minutes of vigoro... read

Wii Rowing device is all sorts of magically dumb

May 19
// // Look, I think we all get it. There is a good chance that gamers, more than the general population, is made up of fatties. And you know what? C'est la vie! I say if anyone wants to lose some weight or become healt... read

Nintendo and AHA want you to be healthy!

May 17
The American Heart Association and Nintendo want you to be healthy! And the best way for a gamer to be healthy is avoid foods like the Turbaconucken and to play the Wii! Basically, this partnership will see the AHA logo on ce... read

Nintendo and the AHA to make an announcement May 17

May 15
This is it. The partnership you've all been waiting for. On May 17 Nintendo and the American Heart Association are going to make an announcement in the city of New York. What this announcement will be is shrouded in mystery. ... read

Full sequel to EA Sports Active coming this fall

Mar 10
EA Sports announced yesterday that a full sequel to the tremendously successful, critically acclaimed workout program EA Sports Active is currently in development, set for release this fall. The sequel, tentatively ... read

Microsoft wants Jim Sterling's Avatar to be as fat as him

Dec 19
If the state of Avatars in my Xbox Live Friends list is any indication, all my friends are apparently closet Master Chiefs, attendees of PAX 09, steam punk aficionados and Halo Waypoint award whores. Seriously, that floating ... read

Wii Exercise Bike is going nowhere, works with Mario Kart

Oct 12
Mario Kart Wii is a ton of fun. But, if you're strange and were hoping you could make the game less fun, you could control it with an exercise bike. Believe it or not, an exercise bike is coming to the Wii. Cyberbike, a title... read

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