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Eternal Sonata

Consistency, thy name is NOT Entertainment Weekly

Dec 18
So, yesterday we talked about how Entertainment Weekly voted Kirby's Epic Yarn the single worst game of 2010. While a bizarre choice in a year that saw games full of real technical, design and visual flaws, EW is entitled to ... read

Eternal Sonata PS3 comes out tomorrow, with enhanced story and more

Oct 20
Eternal Sonata, despite a few elements that I wished could have been a little better, was one of my favorite RPGs of last year, so hearing that the PS3 version would feature goodies such as new playable characters and new out... read

E3 08: PS3 version of Eternal Sonata finally gets a release date

Jul 16
[video]95508:62[/video]When Namco Bandai’s RPG Eternal Sonata came out last year I didn’t pick it up. The concept about the story taking place in dying composer Frederic Chopin’s fever induced dreams sounded... read

Eternal Sonata PS3 exclusive character screens

Jan 07
During my entire time spent playing Eternal Sonata on the Xbox 360, all I wanted to do was play as Prince Crescendo, not least because he's voiced by Cam Clarke who I kind of love. It makes me bubble with envy then, that the ... read

Eternal Sonata for PS3 will feature new playable characters

Nov 01
I used to hate the early Xbox years when a title like Silent Hill 2 for PS2 would hit, and then shortly afterwards a version for Xbox with more content would appear. Seems the process is being console reversed now: Eternal So... read

Video Game crushes: Wanting to rape your imaginary friends

Sep 20
After five hours of Eternal Sonata, I can finally admit it to myself: I have a crush on Frederic Chopin. Before you start laughing, think back over all the games you've played. Maybe you were so absorbed in the storyline you ... read

PS3 version of Eternal Sonata adds dress-up mode, two new playable characters

Sep 17
Eternal Sonata: First it was an Xbox 360-only title, then it was a PS3 one, too. And later, it wasn't again... and now we have new details on exclusive bonus features coming to the PS3 version.IGN reports on a few new additio... read

Official fan site for Eternal Sonata offers prizes for participation

Aug 19
Namco Bandai's has created an official "enthusiast community" for the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG  Eternal Sonata, where site members and contributors can earn game-themed prizes.After creating an account and logging... read

Eternal Sonata demo available on US/Canadian Xbox Live

Aug 07
After my old (but purchased brand new and sealed) Xbox 360 was banned from Xbox Live for no given reason, I've been terrified to do anything with it. This is why I've not created an American Live account to circumvent the Eur... read

Somebody loves you: New Eternal Sonata Screens

Aug 01
How do I love thee, Destructoid? If you count the number of images in this brand-new gallery of Eternal Sonata screens that I painstakingly converted to JPGs and uploaded just for you, you might have a fraction of an idea of ... read

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