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10:20 AM on 02.20.2009

Ex-Ensemble staff form another company, Bonfire Studios

By now, you have probably heard that a new development team, Robot Entertainment, was formed out of the remains of real-time strategy king Ensemble Studios.But wait, there's more: a second company has been created from former...

Jordan Devore

12:09 PM on 05.14.2008

Ryu goes into retirement: No more Ninja Gaiden, says Itagaki

Savor each sword slash while you can, because you'll be throwing your last shuriken with Ninja Gaiden II.Series maker Tomonobu Itagaki says that Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360 will be the last game in the Ninja Gaiden serie...

Dale North

11:52 AM on 01.30.2008

Michael Pachter: give us a price cut, and unbundle Wii Sports (wrong!)

Nintendo is very much on top of their game, but that hasn't stopped some analysts from giving their opinions on how they could do it better. The current tidbit of advice comes from none other than Michael Pachter, whose lates...


According to at least one guy at EA,  you can have too much variety photo
According to at least one guy at EA, you can have too much variety

According to EA's head of international publishing, Gerhard Florin, we would all be better off with one unified gaming platform -- as opposed to the multitude of consoles and handhelds that currently vie for our attention. Speaking with the BBC, he envisions just that in as little as 15 years. How so? Well taking into consideration that set-top boxes are continually improving and that steaming HDTV streams and Internet is already happening -- it's just a matter of time before the one barrier that's caused division among gamers is removed: multiple platforms. What about competition and all that jazz that we've been programmed to believe is necessary to foster innovation? He's got it covered:

"Competition was required to ensure the pace of technology was maintained. Going forward that is irrelevant. Gaming will just require potentially a £49.99 box from Tesco made in China with a hard drive, a wi-fi connection and a games engine inside. It's basically a boiled-down PC."

Personally, I'm still not completely sold on the idea of a single platform being the answer to all of our prayers, but I can certainly appreciate some of the positive aspects of such a move. It would prove to be the proverbial undoing of the fanboy wars (right now, pretty much the entire "big three" have pissed me off in one way or another), if nothing else. It probably will never happen, but just for the hell of it -- how do you feel about this? Would a single console make you happier, or would the consequences prove to be much worse than we anticipated?

Since I'm one of the few people on the Internet who will publicly admit to liking EA and what they bring to the table (minus the sports titles that I couldn't possibly care less about), I'll leave out the worn out jabs concerning monopolies.

[Via BBC News -- Thanks Justin/Joe]

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10:55 AM on 10.17.2007

This is the end, my only friend: Nintendo drops NES support

After 22 years (24 if you're pedantic and Japanese) the NES is finally being retired by Nintendo. As of October 31st, Nintendo plans to drop support for the ol' girl, wreaking havoc with the plans of twenty-something nostalgi...

Earnest Cavalli