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Game SERIES Debate to the Death! T. Metal VS G. Turismo

Oct 06
// Tom Fronczak
Last week's debate will hopefully be a wake up call to those responsible for the Mortal Kombat series' future. The numbers from our microcosm debate poll may show that a small group of people are happy with the series overall...

Game Debate to the Death!
2007 Game of the Year?

Jan 02
// Tom Fronczak
In our last debate, we traveled back to a dark time in our lives when we actually, if ever, watched televised wrestling shows. When asked what your favorite wrestling game of all time was, over a hundred votes were cast for d...

David Jaffe confirms three new PlayStation 3 exclusives

Aug 08
// David Houghton
David Jaffe doesn't waste time. It's just over two weeks since he left Sony to set up his Eat, Sleep, Play studio with Incognito founder Scott Campbell, and already he has four games lined up for his previous employer's machi...

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