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7:00 PM on 11.23.2010

Spike teases something called 'Planet'

I didn't forget that the Spike VGAs are steadily approaching, but it had kind of slipped my mind how many big announcements tend to get made during the show. We were already expecting to see more on Batman: Arkham City, but ...

Jordan Devore

8:00 PM on 11.22.2010

Gaijin Games, Bit Tripp'n with Alex Neuse

Ganja Games I mean Gaijin Games and their epic game series Bit Torrent Bit Trip is both easy on the ears and eyes! That's why I decided to forcefully stumble my way in their studio to find out more about Bit Trip, Lilt Line ...

Jon Carnage

6:07 PM on 11.19.2010

PAD Live: Come Glee Wii me

Its Friday, and what what a week its been! Here at Public Access Destructoid, we feel the best way to relax from a long work week is with a relaxing game of Glee Karaoke Revolution on the Wii. Hold on to your brain cells, an...

Jon Carnage

4:40 PM on 11.19.2010

GameTalk with DJ Mochi Pet

I've been on the hunt for thousands of years looking for the all elusive, ultra rare one of a kinda Mochi Pet! I have searched high and low, from mountain tops to the deepest ravines in the amazon, only to find nothing! It n...

Jon Carnage

1:00 PM on 07.31.2010

Public Access Destructoid: A rainbow gathering

What happens when you've been exiled from the Internet, society, and Walmarts nationwide?  You end up here at The Rainbow Gathering. It is difficult to describe what actually goes on at these technology-adverse gatherin...

Jon Carnage

10:40 AM on 05.25.2010

Two hours of gaming = doing a line of coke

An absurd little article has been spewed up by the Lancashire Evening Post, where two hours of videogame playing has been directly compared to doing a line of cocaine. The story claims that a young boy was "tormented" by his ...

Jim Sterling

6:00 AM on 04.16.2010

Child discovers marijuana in used game case

The Sun has reported that four year-old Riley Brown of West Sussex found a little something extra in the used copy of Fight Night Round 4 his father bought from him from a local Blockbuster Video: A tiny bag of cannibis tucke...

Conrad Zimmerman

Review: God of War III photo
Review: God of War III
by Nick Chester

Kratos has successfully killed the God of War, Ares. He has challenged Zeus, the King of the Gods, and lived. What's next? Well, take down all of Olympus, of course. In the latest and final installment of the God of War trilogy, that's exactly what Kratos intends to do. 

Fans of the series expect great things, since the previous installments of the franchise held up as some of the best gaming experiences of all time. The God of War III team could have simply slapped a new coat of paint on the existing formula, dreamed up some big boss battles, and called it a day. We would have been happy; that's what we were expecting. 

But the final result is something more than fancy new HD clothing. Instead, it's a game that redefines scale in action games, one of the few titles that truly hammers home the meaning of "last-gen." God of War III is like nothing you've ever seen or experienced in gaming. The end has begun, and you are not ready.

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7:40 PM on 12.07.2009

Adventures in realistic Mario stuff: The Super Mushroom

Oh God. Is it ... is it halfheartedly smiling at us? From the maker of the realistic Blue Shell and other equally creeptastic items from the Mushroom Kingdom comes this Super Mushroom Christmas tree ornament. It's being offer...

Jordan Devore

7:00 AM on 12.03.2009

Man plays videogames, falls asleep on a baby

Emanuel Lawrence faces charges of aggravated manslaughter after a pot-fueled gaming binge caused him to fall asleep ... on his daughter. In a night of activity that police are calling "irresponsible," Lawrence smoked marijuan...

Jim Sterling

3:00 AM on 12.02.2009

'Terminator FPS,' a rad-looking mod for Gears of War

Two total conversion mods in one night? Why yes, I have been huffing glue again. Oddly enough, both of these mods are for games that have since received follow-ups, although this time, the sequel was never released for PC ......

Jordan Devore

4:00 AM on 12.01.2009

This video almost proves Blur is a sequel to Ghostbusters

Now I don't know how indicative these trailers are of what Bizarre Creations' Blur actually looks like with a controller in your hand, but they remind me of the now-we're-going-really-fast-bro moments in The Fast and the Fur...

Jordan Devore

10:45 PM on 07.20.2009

Monday Mind Teasers: Samorost 1 & Samorost 2

After last week's little game Little Wheel, I decided to make this week dedicated to the game that heavily influenced it and countless of other online flash games back in the day. Is Samorost older than the Internets? Yes. Is...

Tom Fronczak

Critique a notebook design, win The Beatles: Rock Band photo
Critique a notebook design, win The Beatles: Rock Band
by Papa Niero

Somebody smart once said that something to the effect of "the interface is your product". I think this is how Apple gets away with overpricing their low-powered computer line (and they deserve every penny for getting it right). This is why last-gen graphics on the Wii are outselling consoles with twice the juice. The interface is welcoming. It's fun. It makes you want to dress up in bright clothes and open your windows and invite over only friends that have their acne and hair under control. But I digress.

I brought up this conversation with the Dtoid team to help me with my Asus project where, once every two weeks, I try to make gaming notebooks suck less by inviting gamers to talk about stuff they might want.  This week I gathered up a series of photos from their recent computers (see gallery below) and asked everyone to give me a 1-3 word critique on what they saw.  Here's what they said:

Joseph: Expensive. Aesthetic.
Tron:  Woodgrain? Really?
Matthew: Shiny, high-end.
Brian: Cool, but busy.
Brad: Sleek.
Jonathan: Bumblebee! Nice.
Anthony: Facepalm.
Hamza:  I’m a computa.
Colette:  Modern, sleek.
Scott:  Masculine.
Rey: Tacky.

To each his own.  So, about that contest! Win a copy of The Beatles: Rock Band (game only, any platform) just by telling these PC designers what you think of their products.  Here's how to register to win: Create an account on with a username that reads Dtoid_YourName and place a brief design critique comment on this post (not on Dtoid).  Example: "Dtoid_Niero - This is tits." You can only post once, and all countries/regions are eligible to win. A random winner will be selected next Friday and prizes ship whenever the game goes gold.  Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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8:20 AM on 04.09.2009

Used Grand Theft Auto comes with free ecstasy tablets

A British man was stunned after buying two second hand Grand Theft Auto games and discovering some free ecstasy tablets wrapped in plastic and slotted into the one of the game's manuals. For some reason, 34-year-old Richard T...

Jim Sterling

11:00 AM on 03.10.2009

Smoke pot, suck at games, claims anti-marijuana campaign

Anti-marijuana campaign Above The Influence is targeting gamers by demonstrating how bad their playing skills can get while feeling the effects of funny cigarettes. Pointing out the effects of pot on your memory, perception a...

Jim Sterling