Review: Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches
Never anger a witch
5:00 PM on 08.16.2013

Arkane hints at what's next for Dishonored
The studio is 'keeping an eye out for ways to do multiplayer the right way'
4:30 PM on 08.15.2013

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches sets it all to rest
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
4:30 PM on 08.05.2013

19-year-old spent a year making this amazing Skyrim mod
Featuring 25 hours of new content
11:00 PM on 07.17.2013

Mad Max gameplay, GTA's dogs & Dishonored's witch hunt
The Destructoid Show puts its pants on one leg at a time
9:30 PM on 07.16.2013

New mod brings the powers of Dishonored to Skyrim
You can now wield Corvo's arsenal, including the handy Blink power
8:00 PM on 07.16.2013

'The Brigmore Witches' DLC for Dishonored dated
You can wait another month, right?
11:30 AM on 07.16.2013

More Dishonored DLC teased by Bethesda
Two images hint at the conclusion of Daud's story
12:15 PM on 07.15.2013

Dishonored is $20 on Xbox Live this week
DLC also discounted
4:30 PM on 07.10.2013

Upcoming Dishonored DLC bundles pre-order rewards
Void Walker's Arsenal dated
8:30 PM on 05.03.2013

Review: Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall
A honed blade
7:00 PM on 04.22.2013

Jimquisition: Perfect Pasta Sauce
Jimquisition happens every Monday!
3:00 PM on 04.20.2013

Dishonored's lore summed up in a minute
They make it sound so simple
7:30 PM on 04.19.2013

New releases: The Knife of Dunwall blinks into existence
Plus Injustice, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, and Soul Hackers
5:15 PM on 04.15.2013

Bethesda versus freemium multiplayer sequels
How Dishonored, Skyrim and Fallout find success where none should be
2:00 PM on 04.15.2013

Dishonored's Corvo goes on a live action killing spree
With great powers come total carnage
2:00 AM on 04.05.2013


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