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Destructoid discusses Codename: NGP, the PSP successor photo
Destructoid discusses Codename: NGP, the PSP successor
by Jim Sterling

In the dead of night, Sony lifted the lid on the long-awaited PSP successor, a system codenamed Next Generation Portable. In addition to this, it also revealed a cross-platform mobile gaming service, the PlayStation Suite. 

Naturally, the Destructoid editors had a lot to say about it. We discuss the potential price, the worth of a touchpad on the back of the system, and whether this handheld behemoth can tackle Nintendo's 3DS. It's a spirited discussion, so leave your flames at the door and come on in!

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PAX 10: Day 3 fatigue and favorite games of the show photo
PAX 10: Day 3 fatigue and favorite games of the show
by Papa Niero

We came. We played. We drank. We hurt.

After a weekend of proper PAX debauchery there's no better way to wind down the last day than on bean bags, comfortably nerd-piled with people that frequently shower.  In the spirit of Destructoid Discusses, we gathered the surviving members of our galley to reflect on PAX and discuss some of our favorite games and moments of the show just moments before the itis of bacon brownies sent us into a coma.

All jokes aside, our collective was impressed with the breadth of games available on the show floor.  It seemed to us that the indie games scene at the show did very well, as it was constantly as well-trafficked as the AAA titles. It's truly great to see small developers get so much attention at a show. One extreme example: a scantily clad booth professional confessed to me that they had to delete Super Meat Boy from some of the game systems because people kept getting out of other game demos to boot it up. Viral marketing or hardcore fans? I'll leave that one to the Matlocks.

Look for continued PAX 10 coverage throughout the week as more videos are coming your way. Also, swollen feet.  What was your game of the show?

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Destructoid Discusses: 3D at E3 2010 photo
Destructoid Discusses: 3D at E3 2010
by Dale North

Maybe two-thirds of what we saw at E3 involved 3D technology. Hell, Sony even had us wearing 3D glasses at their press conference! There was 3D racing, 3D platforming, 3D shooting and even 3D portables with "3D" in the name. Following this year's also 3D-heavy Consumer Electronics Show, it seems that the gaming world is getting the goofy glasses, like it or not.

But do we like it? Based on what we saw, do we think we need it? Are we going to drop the cash for a new 3D HDTV now? Are we sold? TLDR?

The Destructoid staff discusses all of the 3D we saw at E3 last week. I think you'll be surprised by how just one E3 has polarized the staff on this matter.

Read on for our latest Destructoid Discusses.

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3:40 PM on 06.10.2009

Destructoid Discusses: PSP's download dilemma

We heard this morning that all PSP games will be downloadable by October 1st, save for some third-party games from uncooperative companies. This refers to games that will be released from that date on. But what does this mean...

Dale North

11:51 AM on 06.01.2009

Destructoid Discusses: Team Nintendo Go!

There's been many a year where I've hoofed it out of a Nintendo press conference feeling let down, wishing I had heard more that was relevant to my interests. After all, if they were going to f*ck me and leave me hanging, the...

Colette Bennett

12:00 PM on 05.31.2009

Pre-E3 09: Destructoid Discusses: PSP NO!

When we first saw the supposed PSP Go leaked images, we were quick to discount them as a fabrications, saying that there's no way that Sony would have released something that looks like that. And then we saw the alleged leake...

Dale North

GDC 09: Destructoid Discusses DSi, iPhone, and the new PSP photo
GDC 09: Destructoid Discusses DSi, iPhone, and the new PSP
by Dale North

When you're at GDC, you hear sh*t. We do. We have. So this evening we walked around San Francisco and talked about what we've heard this week and what we think is coming up. The topic: portable gaming, with a focus on downloadable games. Listen up, Retail: it's only a matter of time now.

Nick, Conrad and I chat about the GDC buzz around iPhone gaming, the upcoming Nintendo DSi, and a bit about Sony's next portable console, all while dodging crazed skateboarders and giant trashcans realated to Optimus Prime. We're calling it Optimus Grime.

We're trying different things with our format here, so tell us what you think. Also be sure to chime in on the topic at hand in the video. We'd love to hear what you think is going to go down.


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5:10 PM on 03.18.2009

Destructoid Discusses: Metal Gear Solid Touch

 The Metal Gear franchise has made that inevitable jump to the iPhone and iPod Touch with today's release of Metal Gear Solid Touch. Tap, tap, taperoo. You didn't think we were going to let that go without discussing it,...

Dale North

4:00 PM on 02.11.2009

Destructoid Discusses: The value of review scores

Everybody else on the internet seems to be talking about review scores, what with the furor over some outlets giving Killzone 2 a less-than-perfect score. I see no reason for us to be different.So, this week's Destructoid Dis...

Conrad Zimmerman

4:00 PM on 02.04.2009

Destructoid Discusses: Is death in gaming dead?

I kinda have death on the brain right now, which led me to pose this week's question to the Dtoid staff. And I learned a valuable lesson: Citing an example in the topic is a good way to derail a conversation to discussing sai...

Conrad Zimmerman

2:40 PM on 01.28.2009

Destructoid Discusses: Media tie-ins to gaming

Lately, there have been more attempts to branch videogames out to other forms of media. I'm not talking about the (all-too-frequently horrible) adaptations of established properties, rather attempts to tie-in comic books (Pro...

Conrad Zimmerman

4:20 PM on 01.21.2009

Destructoid Discusses! The definition of 'retro'

It's time again for another edition of Destructoid Discusses! In the spirit of more community participation, we're doing something a little different with our series of roundtable discussions of gaming topics. Each week, we w...

Conrad Zimmerman

7:30 PM on 01.13.2009

Destructoid Discusses: Controllers (featuring Dexter345)

Earlier this afternoon, Dexter345 tipped us on the strange fact that this horrid-looking Wiimote from Nyko took home the CES award for Best of Show. In true Dtoid fashion, this led to an email thread a mile long, throughout t...

Topher Cantler

2:23 AM on 10.06.2008

Destructoid Discusses! iPod touch vs DS, also DSi

In the "news" that the iPod touch will somehow trump the Nintendo DS Lite as the portable handheld of choice, we decided to discuss the merits of both of the systems and how they would effect each other's markets. M...


9:21 PM on 09.08.2008

Destructoid Discusses! PAX 2008

In case you missed CTZ's post collecting all the community members' PAX stories, we thought we'd throw out one more "I <3 PAX" piece to cap off the glory that was PAX '08. Although the discussion doesn't contain ...


4:59 AM on 08.25.2008

Destructoid Discusses! On the matter of videogame taste

Remember the Space Invaders vs The World Trade Center game that came out recently? We do, and it became the impetus for this week's installment of Destructoid Discusses! The gang takes the release of the controversial piece o...