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Destructoid Community Choice Award

E3 2015 community choice photo
What a year
It's the moment you've all been waiting for: the time to vote for your favorite game of E3! Click below and make your selection, then tell us about it in the comments! There's certainly no shortage of AMAZING games to choose from this year!

Here are the winners of Destructoid's PAX East 2015 community choice award!

Mar 21 // mrandydixon
Before we unveil the winners, I would like to thank all the community members who helped Caitlin hand out awards to the developers. I hear it was a great time, and many of the developers were honored to receive their awards. Thanks again! And now, without further adieu, your top 10 games of PAX East 2015, in order of votes received! Splatoon The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Necropolis Enter the Gungeon Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows Overwatch Final Fantasy Type-0 HD The Behemoth's "Game 4"Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Talk about an awesome group of games. Between this list and our staff's picks, 2015 is going to be a great year for gamers. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote in our poll!
PAX East 2015 winners photo
We snuck around the convention and surprised these 10 games
Recently, amidst the hubbub of PAX East news and previews, we had the audacity to ask you to vote for your favorite game on the show floor. The nerve of us! Forcing you to choose from such a vast array of amazing videogames! Well, vote you did, and the results point to yet another amazing year for gaming. Read on to see which awards took home the prize!

PAX East poll photo
PAX East poll

Vote now for Dtoid's PAX East 2015 community choice award!

Democracy in action
Mar 07
// mrandydixon
Ah, PAX East. What a wonderful, sexy convention you are. Are you in Boston this weekend, hanging out with fellow Dtoiders and having a blast? If so, I am totally jealous! Luckily for me and the millions of others in my shoes ...
Community Choice Award photo
Community Choice Award

Destructoid's Game of the Year 2014 Community Choice Award!

And the winner is...
Dec 29
// mrandydixon
What a wild year it's been for us gamers. In spite of all the insanity this industry inevitably attracts, when we look back on everything that has happened over the last 12 months, I think there's one thing we can all agree o...

Vote now for your 2014 Game of the Year!

Dec 09 // mrandydixon
Community Choice Award photo
The Destructoid Community Choice Award
Another year has come and gone and holy sh*t were a lot of videogames released in 2014. Did you folks play any this year? I played a few, but mostly I just watched Netflix because it has achievements now. Anyway, some of you ...

Behold, the winner of our E3 2014 Community Choice Award!

Jun 18 // mrandydixon
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Not only did CD Projekt Red's third entry into the fantastic Witcher series impress the pants off our own Max Scoville (not to mention numerous other editors), but it won your hearts and minds as well, blowing the rest of the competition out of the water! And what's not to like? The world is enormous, the graphics are gorgeous, and the gameplay promises to expand on the already successful Witcher formula; sounds like a winning combination to me! So please join me in congratulating CD Projekt Red and The Witcher 3, winner of the Destructoid E3 2014 Community Choice Award! ---------- Here are the nine runners-up, in order of votes received: Zelda USuper Smash BrosNo Man's SkySplatoonBloodborneXenoblade XMetal Gear Solid: The Phantom PainBatman: Arkham KnightHalo: Master Chief Collection Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote! Until next year!
E3 Community Choice photo
Witch game won your hearts?
Last week, we asked you to weigh in on your favorite games of E3 2014. And weigh in you did! There were approximately eleventy bajillion votes cast and hand-counted by yours truly, making this one of the most popular E3 award...

Vote now for Destructoid's E3 2014 Community Choice Award!

Jun 14 // mrandydixon
E3 2014 Poll photo
Then defend your decision in the comments!
E3 has been all about the games this year, which means it's been a very good year to be a gamer indeed! Now that all the major press conferences have come and gone and the majority of the big reveals have made their marks, it...

The winner of Destructoid's best of 2013 community choice

Dec 24 // mrandydixon
The Last of Us I've made no attempt to mask my absolute adoration for Naughty Dog's dismal tale of survival and redemption. It was my favorite game to grace the PlayStation 3, as well as my favorite gaming moment of the year. Jim Sterling was equally impressed, awarding it a 10 out of 10 in our official review. In my mind, it is as close to perfection as a videogame can get, and many, many of you agreed with that sentiment; in fact, The Last of Us received more votes than BioShock Infinite, Super Mario 3D World, and Grand Theft Auto V combined! So congratulations to Sony Computer Entertainment and Naughty Dog, winners of the 2013 Destructoid Game of the Year Community Choice Award! And thank you, from all of us who had the chance to enjoy your beautiful creation. Here were your runners-up, in order of votes received: BioShock Infinite Super Mario 3D World Grand Theft Auto V Fire Emblem: Awakening Dota 2 Ni No Kuni The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Tomb Raider Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Congratulations to all the nominees! And thanks to everyone who voted!
Community Choice 2013 photo
Best of 2013
Oh my god this was an amazing year for gaming. There were so many extraordinary releases from studios big and small that I may never have a chance to play them all -- talk about a wonderful, lucky "problem" to have! But of co...

Destructoid's game of the year 2013 community choice poll

Dec 19 // mrandydixon
[embed]267522:51841:0[/embed] Nominees for Destructoid's 2013 Game of the Year Destructoid's game of the year 2013 community choice poll Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 portable game Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 PC exclusive Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 console exclusive Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 multiplatform Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 visuals Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 story Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 platformers Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 shooters Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 role-playing game Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 action game Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 fighting game  Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 strategy game  Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 adventure game Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 racing game Nominees for Dtoid's best of 2013 competitive multiplayer Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 co-op multiplayer Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 character Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 soundtrack Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 add-on DLC Nominees for Destructoid's best of 2013 original concept
GOTY 2013 poll photo
Vote now!
All week long we'll be bringing you the Dtoid staff's nominees for various game of the year genres and categories, and tacked on to each will be a community choice poll where you can weigh in with your choices for which games...

Here are your favorite gaming moments of 2013!

Dec 09 // mrandydixon
SeymourDuncan17: Getting all morally grey with The Last Of Us. The snowy sections are among gaming's best moments. Ellie has been the best female character this year and of many other years, even far outdoing Elizabeth of Infinite in every aspect (personally). And those little back and forth's between Joel and Ellie, with some even happening out of the blue. I would be just checking out an optional house, looking for loot, crafting items, when Ellie just casually walks up to me and starts talking. Then Joel tells her to go back downstairs, and I continue doing my thing. Stuff like that made the game and it's characters so real and memorable. DeadnBuried: The Last of Us. All of it. Every moment was just fantastic. The story and character interactions were wonderful, and the gameplay was so desperate and intense that every single minute of that game felt important and memorable. Can't even remember the last time I felt that way about a game. It was perfect, genuinely. Dustylope: When Henry shot himself in The Last of Us. I knew what had happened to Sam the second that Clicker jumped on him. I knew he got bit, and that he would turn. The cut scene that follows however, is one of the most powerful ones I've ever seen in gaming. Although voice acting and motion capture have been around for a while now, for the first time I felt like what I was watching was believable and real. These were real people reminiscing about a cross country bike tour they once took, or admitting fear of ending up alone. By the time it's morning in the cut scene, my emotions are already a mess and just to fuck with me the worst thing that can happen, does. Even though it wasn't much of a surprise that Henry killed himself I gasped and heard "jesus christ, no!" coming out of my mouth. Cut to black. Druckman and Straley pretty much ruined my week and I loved it. [embed]266986:51761:0[/embed] Grethiwha: The ending of The Wonderful 101. That game had so much pure unrestrained ludicrous spectacle that I didn't think it was possible that they could end it in a way that still felt climactic in the wake of everything that came before, while still utilizing the same mechanics and everything you'd learned to that point – being climactic on that level as well – but... holy crap. That whole final mission is jaw-dropping; they knocked it out of the park. AlexTHVK: The final battle of The Wonderful 101 is one of the must incredible and hilarious endings I've seen in a game this year, and in quite a long time. The game was already over the top, and then the ending comes and its one part Bayonetta, two parts Power Rangers season finale with a dash of Michael Bay bombastic. desert dragon: The ending of The Wonderful 101. Just... the whole thing. As well as the first boss, which, well, just LOOK AT IT: [embed]266986:51760:0[/embed] Benny Disco: Dismembering someone in The Wolf Among Us. Dreamweaver: It would have the be the Battle Royale game mode in Anarchy Reigns' multiplayer. The thrill of trying to survive in a 16-player free-for-all in an open environment where random stuff like airstrikes, earthquakes, or getting attacked by a frickin' Kraken happens, is just so much fun. I recall spending HOURS on end playing Battle Royale just because it was fresh and new. flintmech: Playing Hawken with an Oculus Rift at PAX Prime 2013. [embed]266986:51763:0[/embed] Paradox me: First setting foot in Columbia in BioShock Infinite. The familiar setup gave way to something that I wasn't expecting: some of the most powerful 15 minutes I've spent in a game, culminating in the scene where the barbershop quartet sings "God Only Knows." greyXstar: The scene in BioShock Infinite at the Grand Floridian-looking place, when Elizabeth is dancing around on the pier. Straight-up Disney princess stuff. siddartha85: BioShock Infinite. The Cathedral at the beginning, the barbershop quartet, playing guitar, the cult headquarters, recognizing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" playing at a bar, Comstock House, Elizabeth. I'm a fan of the series and this was my favorite BioShock. Nothing else came close for me. It was a series of special moments. Occams Electric Toothbrush: The first two hours of Bioshock: Infinite. It felt like experiencing a different take on Rapture. I drank in every building, every person and every moment as I wandered through Columbia. Also, every damn moment I encountered a remade version of a modern song was magical and made me so very happy. Also, every boss fight in Killer is Dead. They felt so much like a spiritual successor to the Killer 7 characters that I couldn't wait to get to the next fight. [embed]266986:51766:0[/embed] Batthink: Ni No Kuni's best moment appeared when Oliver and company took the trip to the Fairyground. When I was informed that I had to enter the Fairy Godmother to help her 'littlens', little did I know what was about to hit me. When Oliver arrived inside, it was a damn playschool. With a teacher's rest room. It helped that Joe Hisaishi's score changed from broad orchestral to a lead recorder with gentle orchestral backing once there. I laughed out loud with this discovery, and I had to just go 'DAWWWW' when I saw the little baby fairies (in the shape of eggs). RenaudB90: Completing Shin Megami Tensei IV on the Neutral path on my first (and only) playthrough. The satisfaction was immense. Nothing quite like reclaiming the post-apocalyptic world from the hands of both the Angels and LUCIFER HIMSELF and giving mankind their freedom back! SolidSamus926: There's a moment in Shin Megami Tensei IV where you reach the second major location in the game, and you and your companions just stand there looking over it, stunned, and the overworld theme starts playing. I felt anxious to explore the world, scared of what I might find, and the music just made it that much better. I thought that was marvelous. Voodoome: Playing through Persona 4 Golden. The game became one of my favorite games of all time. As far as a moment from the game that was my favorite ... I would have to say watching the intro scene. Upon watching that, I just knew that it would be a special game that's unlike anything else currently available. That art style... Wow. crackedbat: Playing through The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Because it's full of heart... stars and horse-shoes. sonc429: I would have to say these are my top 3: Realizing I could get console-quality experiences on the 3DS. Kid Icarus Uprising, Animal Crossing, Lugi's Mansion, Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil, and Mario 3D Land all blew me away as some of the best experiences I've ever had on a handheld. Seeing gaming return from the brink of the brown military shooter and move into more original territory. Street Fighter x Tekken, Wonderful 101, Sonic All Stars Racing, and the return of Jet Set Radio. Plus those wonderful indie games! The Wii U tablet in general. IMHO the best thing to happen to gaming in the last year. I know a lot of you aren't sold on it yet. But I have a raging hard on for it. Next gen has been great thus far. Jesse Johnson: One of my more favorite moments this year was not playing a game. It was playing console games on the Wii U gamepad. It's great to be able to continue my game when my wife kicks me off the TV. It's extremely under stated HOW GREAT the second screen on the Wii U is. HanTheMan: Playing wrecking ball in Grand Theft Auto V. Nothing better than picking up cars with a cargobob and swinging them into pixelpeople. falsoman: Plants vs. Zombies 2. A pure joy to play for me, and for free. No play limit, looks great, plays awesome and introduces a lot of new things. Jamvaan: Little brought such a stupid smile to my face as battling it out on the open seas and boarding ships, crashing through their crew, and taking it for my own in Assassin's Creed IV. It's a special kind of game that has you doing something over and over again and it being fun every goddamn time. Honorable mention goes out to the one on ones with Senator Armstrong and Jetstream Sam in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Even those fights have great moments in them, like Bladewolf throwing Raiden "The Sword" (you know the one) or the "Let's Dance" before the two best tracks in the game hit. My god, it was all so good. Sephzilla: The beginning of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. An opening moment of an awesome game, and when it happened it shot my hype levels through the roof. Gh0stbusttyler: Honestly, it might sound a bit absurd, but just the entirety of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I had completely written off the game when it came out because I thought it was stupid and unnecessary. I had also heard that it was incredibly short at $60 made me even more sour towards it. A couple months after it came out, I found a copy on Amazon for half off so I decided to take a risk and bought it. It was honestly the most refreshing thing I've played in a long time. The story is so dumb and over the top that I actually looked forward to cutscenes. It felt like a parody of all the "serious" typical Modern Warfare games. The combat just felt incredibly fluid and was really fun, with a difficulty curve that doesn't break your arm off. I had played a few Platinum titles before, but the combat in this one felt the best, not to mention that slicing a boss up into a million pieces in slow-motion after you've killed them never felt old. The crazy action in-between the over the top story and insane combat made me say holy shit more times then I ever have when playing a game. Even when replying the game multiple times, I never not get excited when running across missiles to attack a Metal Gear, or when fighting any of the other members of Desperado. But most of all, this was my first Metal Gear game, and it got me to go into the series. I only had Nintendo consoles growing up so I never had the chance to get into it before. I'm thankful that I took the risk on buying Revengeance, and I owe it as well as the rest of the Metal Gear Solid series for giving me one of the best summers in gaming that I've ever had. thwiplash: Best moment? The entire fucking ending of Tearaway. Goddammit, I held myself together through the end of The Walking Dead Season 1, but the reveal at the end of Tearaway caused me to shed a solitary tear. ShadeOfLight: My favorite moment was most definitely beating the final "boss" of Super Mario 3D World with a friend. We had been playing that game for about eight hours straight, and after beating Bowser the second time, we were shocked to find that there was still yet another world to do. I could tell he was getting tired of the game (he's not nearly as big on platformers as I am), but I convinced him that we'd just rush through the final few levels to get to the final boss and beat the game. When we finally got to the boss... it was the most glorious thing ever. We were shouting all the way through about Bowser doing... that! And then the red flash followed by the other thing! (It's so hard for me not to spoil anything here; trust me though, you'll want to see it in-game first, and you'll know it when you see it.) In the end, I ended up getting us through the chase sequence as Toad, and my friend managed to score the final hit as Luigi. It was the most awesome thing in the world; best boss ever. Come to think of it, this is going down as one of my favorite gaming moments of my life. GoofierBrute: Getting married in Fire Emblem: Awakening. When the game came out, I went into it mostly blind to the new features; I knew about the reclassing system and the pairing system, but that was about it. So as I'm playing the game for the first time, my character, who I have creatively called Steve (I thought it would be funny) decides to start being buddies with Lissa, the first healer that you get in the game. She's pretty cool, she makes sure I don't die, but most importantly, when we pair up, my character is like Kentaro from Fist of the North Star. We have some support conversations, my character pranks Lissa, she pranks him, things seem pretty cool. Until one day, I find that I've unlocked an "S" rank conversation. I select it, and the next thing I know, my character proposes to Lissa, she says yes, and it ends with a close up of her talking about how awesome it is that we're getting married. When I first saw that, I was honestly stunned. My character was the first one to get married (even before Chrom, who by default has to get married as part of the plot), and before long I was putting characters together to get married, to see what would come from it. Of course, this was before I discovered that A) your characters have kids, B) they have different stats based on who their parents are and C) your Avatar can be married to anybody so long as they are the opposite gender. Though in my case, I always end up marrying Lucina in every subsequent playthrough. I know that for a lot of people, there are more powerful moments, but for me, that first time my character got married really came out of nowhere, and it showed me that sometimes it's best to go into a game blind. RampagingSoul: Fire Emblem: Awakening and its support conversations: This was probably my favorite thing in this game besides the music. The localization of this game was top notch! The conversations just urged me to play more and more of the game and I'm continuing to play the game to this day. All of the marriage scenes and the goofy interactions with the characters like Lissa pulling pranks on my character to the naked Chrom poster that Frederick puts up to have people join the army. Ah, some much charm from that game. Plus, when Emmeryn falls of a cliff and the music in the next chapter picks up, just the feels! OperationDickDrop: The first death scene in Tomb Raider. It affected me not only because of how violent it was, but also how much I didn't expect it considering how tame the other games in the series are. VincentX: Chapter 1 of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows really stands out for me. For me this game had the best story and characters of the year and this chapter is one of the reasons. The way it goes from showing the happy times Seiko and Naomi had and then diving into the horrifying and depressing events in Heavenly Host was just incredible. This chapter made me laugh, made me scream and most importantly, made me cry. Also, the "true end" of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. I honestly can't remember the last time before this game that I immediately played through a game a second time just to get the best ending. But I did this time and it was worth it! I loved this game as it constantly made me smile and this ending was the perfect way to cap it off and when the credits rolled for that second time, I got a little misty eyes because I knew it was over. Thank you Compile Heart and NISA, thank you for this game and every wonderful moment it brought. Handy: Being Trevor. GTA always let you run wild but often at the expense of the cohesiveness of the story. But with Trevor you finally had free reign to lose it, it no longer broke the atmosphere, you we’re finally free to ride quad-bikes in your underpants and set giant penis shaped gasoline trails on fire without undermining the narrative. solidturtleman: Oh man! The mission "Girls' Night Out" in Saints Row IV really touched me. After taking space drug to gain infinite super powers, I was pumped. But then the music started and the Shaundis started playing tag. In a game full of impurity that felt like such a pure moment. It was about power, fun, and being more than you could on your own. Games have a magic that cannot be replicated. JackSlack: Papers, Please. Day 11. Jorji Costava shows up again. And try as I might, try as I desperately need to, try as I hopelessly, cannot manage... I find nothing wrong with his paperwork. Seriously, stamping him "approved" was the most horrifying thing I've ever done. I waited for the pink slip, knowing I'd be punished for this. And it never came. Holy cow, Jorji got the right paperwork. Psycho Punch: I haven't played a game released in 2013 in 2013 so does this count? [embed]266986:51764:0[/embed] [embed]266986:51765:0[/embed] Firion Hope: That one time where I actually played a game and didn't just watch others play or read about them. ---------- Story of my life. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate! You people are wonderful <3 Miss any of our other recap posts? Check 'em out! Most hated new characters Favorite new characters Favorite songs and soundtracks Worst new games
Fav memories of 2013 photo
So many good memories
Last week, we asked you to share your favorite gaming memories of the year with the community, and the response was FANTASTIC! Seriously, the love you people expressed for some of your favorite games of 2013 was downright moving, and I enjoyed reading each and every comment. Here's a brief recap of some of your responses. WARNING: Spoilers abound for many new games, so read with caution!

Here are the worst games you played this year

Dec 08 // mrandydixon
Sephzilla: The correct answer has to be Aliens: Colonial Marines. I got a couple levels in and couldn't even bother to finish the game, it was that fucking bad. I only paid like 5 bucks for the fucking thing on a Steam sale and I still feel like I was ripped off. Whomever let this game see the light of day should really be ashamed Occams Electric Toothbrush: Aliens: Colonial Marines was pretty damn disappointing. The whole alien universe is so rich and terrifying and amazing and for such a shoddy product to be released, it made me sad as it no doubt set the franchise back in terms of productivity and sales. I hope one day we get a new aliens game that captures the horror of the universe. The Defenestrator: Aliens: Colonial Marines. I stuck through the whole thing just to experience the awfulness in it's fullness. Years of MST3K have given me great tolerance for terrible, terrible shit. Shane Saiyan: Aliens: Colonial Marines. Though in my defense I did only play it for about twenty minutes. Rokee: Ride to Hell: Retribution. This game made me re-think my perception of games. It's unbelievable, how absolutely broken and flat-out bad this game is. It might very well be the absolute worst Action Adventure game of the last generation. Whenever you think you've reached the lowest possible point, this game kicks you in the balls with another broken segment, terrible music, glitched graphics, missing sound effects, horrible voice acting... you get the idea. Aliens: Colonial Marines may be terrible, but Ride to Hell may very well go right to Hell. chero666: Ride to Hell: Retribution. This game was so shit, I couldn't make it past the one hour mark. I tried so hard to find something redeemable in the game too. Visuals look awful. Music is bland and boring. Voice acting falls between laughable and offensive. Controls are a trainwreck, especially when playing with a mouse (mouse sensitivity was constantly changed when aiming with a gun). Bike riding was a joke. There were no redeeming qualities to Ride to Hell. It's a game that makes movie tie-ins look amazing. Tylericous: I would say Army of Two: Devil's Cartel. I rented it, and it had so many fucking problems. I did somewhat enjoy myself every once and a while in the five hours I played, but that was just because it actually worked during those times Runner up is Aliens: Colonial Marines. Only played the first two missions, which were some of the worst I have experienced. Multiplayer was mediocre, which is better than bad I guess. Sir Shenanigans: Due to the expensive nature of videogames I rarely play truly awful games, but the worst new game I played this year was Dead Space 3. A complete departure from what made the series great, with new features that frankly sucked. I can't think of a single new addition I liked. A big disappointment. Stealths long lost brother: Beyond: Two Souls. Has to be one of the most patronizing and insulting games I ave ever experienced, I would go on about how flawed the story is and how much of a cynical bitch Jodie is but I am too tired to care. Also "The Mission" chapter has to be the most dense thing ever. How anyone in Quantic Dream did not see the huge inconsistency in that scene must be blind. Dreamweaver: I might have to cast my vote for Deadpool: The Game. The action was so bland it almost put me to sleep, the levels felt really uninspired, save for a couple, and it was a really barebones package. I will say that Nolan North as the Merc with the Mouth is just top-notch, and some of the jokes/gags is really humorous (I rarely laugh out loud in general, but this game managed to get a few chuckles out of me), but overall the game was just a waste of 30 bucks (which I got it for), much less 60 bucks. Wedge: It's possible the only game that came out this year I've played is Tomb Raider. Which coincidentally is also rubbish. It's a shame because there were clearly some very awesome gameplay mechanics lying largely unused and forgotten under the mountain of boring man-shooting and "interactive" cutscenes. I think I gave up after killing a hundred or so armed and organized castaways. Seriously, for a mysterious hidden island you're off on a treasure hunt for, an awful fucking lot of people seem to have found it first. long john: I think probably Saints Row IV. I expected it to be really good but it's actually boring. I keep trying to play it and they start talking and I do one mission and exit it. I created a shitload of characters, but playing it was just... boring. ooktar: Gone Home. In my opinion, the most overrated game of the year. Now before I get a shitstorm hailed at me, Let me start off by saying I had no problem with the gameplay (Or rather Lack of) or the execution. I actually really liked the idea of exploring a house and searching for clues to piece together a story. I loved The Stanley Parable and Proteus and I don't have any problem with games that set aside gameplay in order to focus on the narrative or exploration. Of course that said, the story has to be pretty fantastic in order to make up for the lack of interactivity, and Gone Home is severely lacking in a gripping narrative. I felt the story was dull and predictable and many of the "controversial themes" that the game tries to convey are undermined by some of the cliche elements that fill the story. By the time I was about 1/4 of the way through, It became pretty apparent of the direction the narrative was going and from there on I just felt like I was continuing the game just for the sake of beating it rather than to actually see the ending. I'll admit though that my thoughts before going into the game may have affected my opinion. Everything leading up to the games release pretty much labeled this game as a mystery where you were actually exploring a strangers abandoned house in order to find out what happened. In that sense, I was expecting like a Murder Mystery or something like that. Instead it turned out to be you exploring your own house which just felt silly. grysl: Hard to say what the "worst game" was since I try not to play those games. That said, and I know I'll probably get a zillion people telling me I suck, Wonderful 101 was easily the biggest disappointment. Definitely Platinum's first high-profile misfire. The control system, especially when it came to switching weapons, was just absolutely awful. Wanted to like it. Hell, I still keep trying to see if something will click. But it's just not a good game. SeymourDuncan17: I'll be the only one throughout all the Internet to say this but... Electronic Super Joy. Absolutely atrocious. The perfect example of how not to do a challenging game. It starts challenging. And any sensible developer knows that you just don't do that, even remotely so. Even Demon's/Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy... Super Hexagon even gave you a little bit of a jump start (although, it wasn't much because the game was meant to not last very long). You need to gradually ease the player into the game or risk frustrating them early on, and I don't exactly welcome frustration. Scrustle: Can't really think of any game I outright hated. I tend to have a pretty good gut feeling about whether I'll like a game or not. A few have been disappointing though, with the biggest probably being Grid 2. I've never been in to off-road racing games, so I was so happy to finally see a sequel to Grid after all the Dirt games Codemasters pumped out. Really enjoyed the first a whole lot. One of the best racing games of this generation. Then I played the sequel and found it to be pretty dull. There isn't really anything "bad" about it, it just feels very uninspired, and it just couldn't hold my attention for long. A real let down after waiting so long for a sequel to a game I loved so much. I guess BioShock Infinite was somewhat of a disappointment too. I enjoyed it my first time through, but I'm struggling to find the motivation to continue my second playthrough. I've already had the mystery in the plot revealed, and now I can't help but see flaws everywhere. The game kind of feels like it's designed to be several things at once, and those things all clash against each other. All those things feel like they're taken from other games too, instead of the game having its own identity, gameplay wise. But still, I don't hate the game, and I liked it the first time just as much as everyone else. Gamemaniac3434: BioShock Infinite. Not because it's purely a bad game, but because it was my biggest disappointment of 2013. [Note: There were so many arguments in the comments in relation to Infinite that I could barely find something quotable that didn't take up the entire space allotted for this article. So instead, I went with these short and sweet ones. For the full story, click here and read the discussion that follows. --Andy] D-Volt: My personal worst game of 2013 had to be Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. I really could write a blog on how atrocious the writing was, let alone the lazy uninspired artwork, but I'd have to finish the game to do it. How I slogged through four chapters of that mess I'll never know. Roth Sothy: Remember when The War Z released unfinished on Steam? (Now renamed to Infestation: Survivor Stories.) [Never forget --Andy] Script: I'll just say Fuse even though I have only played the demo. chero666: I had a one hour "preview" of Fuse that lasted 25 minutes before I gave up on it. jackleapp: Does Cookie Clicker count? ---------- Oh yes. Yes it does. *goes back to Cookie Clicker* Thanks to everyone who participated! I obviously couldn't include every quote for every game you hated, so click here for the full recap (including tons and tons of arguing about BioShock Infinite). Until next year: PLAY BETTER GAMES!
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My god, it's full of sh*t...
Last week, I asked you to share your stories about the worst new games you played all year. I am so sorry I asked.

Here are your favorite songs and soundtracks of 2013!

Dec 07 // mrandydixon
[embed]266984:51704:0[/embed] Baby Choo Choo: The Anarchy Reigns soundtrack gets my vote. It was so damn good. It's easily the hypest soundtrack I've heard in a while. [embed]266984:51705:0[/embed] AlexTHVK: I was a big fan of Madworld and I bought the soundtrack as soon as it was out.When the soundtrack for Max Anarchy got released, I didn't even care if I had to pay more for it than the game itself to import it. [embed]266984:51706:0[/embed] crackedbat: The music in Super Mario 3D World is yet another work of art in what is already a masterpiece of a game. "Switchboard Falls" is the perfect jazzy song [embed]266984:51707:0[/embed] SeymourDuncan17: End credits music from Super Mario 3D World. No contest. New classic for me. Jazz has always interested me, but never hooked me in enough to become someone that sought out jazz albums or anything like that. But, mixing in jazz with Mario melodies really brings out the fun and soul of your better modern Mario titles. Jazz is about raw expression and high spirits, which is very Mario. It's so damn happy. It's something I can't help but snap along too. And that wind down towards the end into the climax gets me everytime. So fucking good! [embed]266984:51708:0[/embed] psycoticdev1l: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's OST. Never has a soundtrack make me feel hyped fighting radical bosses than these songs. [embed]266984:51709:0[/embed] Jamvaan: Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack is so fucking awesome. You could have a whole separate category for "Best Song in Metal Gear Rising" and still have a debate. [embed]266984:51710:0[/embed] WraithA1: The music made Revengeance so fucking good. You can't fight those bosses and tell me your heart rate didn't take off when the soundtrack started blaring, namely when you were nearing the end of the fight when the music really picked up. [embed]266984:51711:0[/embed] Samsneeze: Mighty Switch Force! 2. Jake is really good at what he does. The credits song from that game is one of the best things ever. [embed]266984:51712:0[/embed] kingsharkboi: Fire Emblem Awakening's OST. Fire Emblem = F.E.Should be F.E. = Fucking EPIC [embed]266984:51713:0[/embed] El Dango: GLOO GLOO GLOO GLOO GLOOOOOOOO (Rayman Legends) [embed]266984:51714:0[/embed] AngerWagon: The soundtrack to Guacamelee. The whole thing. I'm not even a guy who's into that kind of music, but they did such a good job on it, and it fit the game so incredibly well, that it has earned a near-permanent spot on my tiny mp3 player. Of note: Forest del Chivo. Them haunting brass instruments coming in, man. I love them so. [embed]266984:51715:0[/embed] Jamvaan: Killer Instinct. That main theme was just too good. Agent Venom: Killer Instinct's title theme is pretty great. Soul Hackers is great all around. I love the shit out of Blood Dragon's OST. I can't decide! [embed]266984:51720:0[/embed] ZeroAE: Blood Dragon would be the OST of the year for me. Most soundtracks are ambient-like. This one is pure adrenaline! [embed]266984:51717:0[/embed] DarkAX: For me it has got to be Arkham Origins intro track. It was so fitting to the point I could see it being in a Batman film. [embed]266984:51718:0[/embed] Keiichi Morisato: Ni No Kuni. Joe Hisaishi is a god. [embed]266984:51719:0[/embed] Oridan: TEARA-FUCKING-WAY No other game has given me such lovely folky wub wub nonsense. [embed]266984:51722:0[/embed] Marche100: Shin Megami Tensei IV nailed it with its soundtrack. Xzianna: Right now, I'd have to say the Shin Megami Tensei IV soundtrack is my favorite soundtrack this year, and the first overworld theme in particular. So haunting, so amazing. [embed]266984:51723:0[/embed] humpback: Probably not the definitive choice, but I enjoyed the smooth jazz reworks in Tiny Death Star. [embed]266984:51724:0[/embed] xseedatlus: I just love the OST of A Link Between Worlds. [embed]266984:51716:0[/embed] ooktar: I know its not original, but when the choir sings "Will the Circle be Unbroken" at the beginning of BioShock Infinite it actually brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it. I don't know why, but just the first 20 minutes of that game resonated with me very deeply. I can play that part over and over and it never gets old to me. theflink: BioShock Infinite, without a doubt in my mind. Hearing "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys and CCR's "Fortunate Son" out of nowhere was really amazing, and a welcome surprise. And of course, "Will the Circle be Unbroken" which is, by far, the most beautiful song I've heard in a videogame. Hearing the full version actually brings tears to my eyes. Kaminari683: If you listen to the OST of BioShock Infinite, there's a full version of Elizabeth Singing "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and it is, simply put, beautiful. If you really listen to the words, it really pulls at the ol' heartstrings. First time I heard it, it brought back a tidal wave of memories. There's a verse that says "one by one there, seats were empty. One by one, they went away. Now the family is parted, will it be complete one day?" then she sounds like she's holding back tears as she's singing. I lost it. Reminded me of family and loved ones who have passed away... haven't cried that hard in a long time. [embed]266984:51721:0[/embed] TechnicolorDewDrop: For all of it's flaws, BioShock Infinite had one of the best soundtracks of the year. "The Songbird" is, in my opinion, the best original piece on the soundtrack. *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* The feeling I got when this track started playing as I was escaping the monument with Elizabeth and the Songbird proceeded to destroy everything around us was... something else. Once I wound up on the beach, I immediately quit the game, reloaded the save, and played that part over to witness that part again. I still do that. That is what they call a memory card moment. [embed]266984:51726:0[/embed] crackedbat: I really enjoyed the "7pm" music from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. [embed]266984:51725:0[/embed] gajknight: The Last of Us soundtrack. It's amazing how so little can make you feel so much. Absolutely faultless. [embed]266984:51727:0[/embed] STVR: Risk of Rain's music is so immense I just can't tire of it. It captures the mood of a foreboding alien world so effectively. Most of the tracks are influenced by the flow of the gameplay in that they possess a "calm before the storm" buildup to set things up. Then once it gets to said storm, it ramps up to 11 just as you start being overrun by monsters as you desperately fight for survival and a way out. I'm not sure personally how well it stands on its own; but as a soundtrack it's top-notch. ---------- And that's just about all the awesome music we can fit into one post! Thanks to everyone who participated!
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All week, we've been asking you to sound off on some gaming-related topics for our end of the year recap. Many of you took the time to chime in on our favorite and least favorite character posts, and the same rang true for ou...

Here are your favorite new characters from 2013!

Dec 06 // mrandydixon
AlexMorgaen: Mr Drippy makes me proud to be Welsh. At least, as proud as you can be of being Welsh. KyleGamgee: For me that is definitely Mr Torgue. Meeting him in his own DLC and then really seeing the character fleshed out personality-wise in Tiny Tina's DLC has made him easily my favorite character this year. I bought his Thanksgiving-themed mini-DLC (no achievements!) because of him and him alone. Rammstein: Link from A Link Between Worlds. Since Zelda fans are split between Toon Link and adult/realistic Link (I'm for the adult Link myself, but don't mind the toon one as much), A Link Between Worlds is just that: the best of both worlds. He's got the cuteness of Toon Link, but the style of adult Link. Even his grunts and sounds are a mix. Marche100: My favorite character is most definitely Simon Blackquill in the new Ace Attorney game. Didn't think I would end up liking him so much before I got the game. He's like a samurai criminal/prosecutor that speaks in old English. Yeah. He's not your average character from the get-go. He's also a psychological genius, using the power of suggestion to manipulate the judge and witnesses. Oh, and this guy's got some interesting mannerisms, to boot. He's strong enough to rip apart his prison chains and he can slice through stuff by flicking his fingers, as if he were swinging a sword. No lie. I could go on, but I won't bother giving away his whole character. He's a brilliant prosecutor. Never dull or annoying, great design, fun mannerisms, manipulative yet never too much of a douche to hate, this guy's pretty awesome. Not that we haven't had awesome prosecutor characters in the past, but this guy really surprised me. I honestly didn't think I'd like him. But here we are. Best character. Pascuz46: Joel from The Last of Us for me. His development as a character was really great in that game. You understand the choices he makes and what drove him to the person he becomes in the end. EtosiGiR: Joel. There has never been a better representation of the savagery and kindness that can exist within a single human being in our most beloved industry. Troy Baker's performance and Naughty Dog's writing were spot on. CornflakeJustice: Honestly? Joel from The Last of Us. Never has a game made me feel so much for such an inherently flawed character. TLoU was quite frankly the best story told this generation. I was pretty taken aback by Naughty Dog's choice to tell the story they wanted instead of giving the players a choice in the end. Also one of a very select few games that has me wanting to play through it again and again and really get everything out of it. Gamercents: Ellie, from The Last of Us, was my absolute favorite character this year. Why? Well, when the game started, I found her insanely annoying. She wouldn't shut up and I just could not stand her. Then, as the game progressed, I found that she was endearing and I grew to really enjoy her character. Of all the female characters this year, she was definitely the best written one, but also was one of the best written characters this year. That arch of "annoying to endearing to celebrated", for me, was what made me appreciate her as a character. SephirothX: Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The guy shows up to be the final boss of the game, and pretty much steals the show with all of the ham and cheese he injects into every scene. He's pretty much the perfect late 80s WWF villain. He's like Sgt Slaughter meets Big Boss Man meets Mike Haggar meets Dick Cheney. And he has the best (and shortest) explanation for his superpowers, which still fits in pretty well with Metal Gear lore. Somewhat spoiler-ish. When you fight him he first pilots a massive Metal Gear, and then he discards the Metal Gear because it's simply not as good as doing it the old fashioned way with fists. Anyone who tosses aside a Metal Gear because it's simply not a good enough murder machine has to mean business. Jamvaan: Senator Armstong may be the most Metal Gear part about MGR, but my favorite character was Jetstream Sam. He was Raiden, but so much better. His boss fight was a highlight of my year, his DLC was a fucking blast, and in a game with an amazing soundtrack Sam had the best music. I played through that game probably three times this year and Sams was always the best part. KingSigy: If I had to pick one, I'd just say the children from Rogue Legacy. The way the game draws a lineage between your deaths makes it feel very personal. Occam's Electric Toothbrush: Every moment with the Luteces. It's like they are the set up and the punchline of some joke that's forever being told at that bar where Sam from Quantum Leap ends up in the last episode and God is the bartender. Raycon: Wonder Red from Wonderful 101. Not the deepest, most complex guy around. But sometimes I just wanna play as some crazy hero guy. That's all it takes to be my "favorite." AlexTHVK: Wonder Red was one of those rare cases of main protagonist being my favorite. He really brings the team together and he's the one who brought the most hilarious moments. GoofierBrute: I know I'm probably cheating by saying this, but my favorite characters were the cast of Fire Emblem Awakening. On their own, they aren't all that deep, but as whole they each add something new to my multiple playthroughs. From the Knight Kellam who no one can see, to the no-nonsense Sully, each of the characters in Awakening were entertaining to interact with and use, and made each new battle all the more engaging. STVR: I've kind of become a JRPG cynic in recent years like most folks, but the team in Tales of Xillia are the first cast in a JRPG I've genuinely liked in years. Leia and Elize/Teepo could be rather irritating, but they definitely were useful in battle, and they felt right at home in the skits. It's surprisingly rare to see an old character among heroes in games these days, but Rowen is greatly capable in the adventure and is absolutely full with personality. Alvin should be almost unlikable, but he embodies the lovable rogue archetype so well that I just loved his wisecracking and flirtatious moments. Jude is a pretty nice guy and very determined. He had a cool design and I liked seeing a protagonist who was a medic/martial artist as opposed to the cliche knight with a sword. If I had to pick one who was the stand-out, I'd definitely say Milla. She's a fish-out-of-water that still manages to pull through losing her powers, injury and a horrible fact about her life, to be a truly strong female protagonist who makes some intense decisions. Lightning who? Dreamweaver: Jack Cayman from Anarchy Reigns. I know he isn't "new", but technically, this isn't the "same" Jack Cayman from Madworld (they both take place in different universes). Anyway, why him? First of all, he is voiced by badass, legendary voice actor Steve Blum, and that gruff voice suits him so well (Troy Baker's Joel is a very close second). Second, I liked his character design: he comes across as a biker, which I didn't like, but he's a VERY muscular guy with a frickin' chainsaw attached to his arm! With the DLC in Japan, it can even be gold! Plus, we don't see too many older characters in Japanese games, the genre saturated with teenage boys (Nier Gestalt  > Nier Replicant). Third, I really loved his character development. While he was a badass in Madworld (winner of multiple tournaments, plus slayer of equally badass bosses), he was essentially a generic, single dimensional character that didn't have an ounce of character development. At least in Anarchy Reigns, we see him as initially someone just trying to survive without his daughter, and when he is asked by the killer's daughter to retrieve her father, I like how it eventually became less about the job proper and more about wanting personal vengeance. His two fights against Maximillion were the stood out moments in the game. CH Gorog: Sorry, even with well-written psychopaths, avengers, soldiers, and survivors, there's ONE true stand-out for me: chrometits: That guy who keeps trying to pass off the dodgy passports in Papers, Please. ---------- Thanks to everyone who participated! Did your character not get included? Tell us about him or her (or it) in the comments!
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Surprise: not all scruffy white men
Earlier in the week we asked you to sound off on your favorite new videogame characters in 2013. Here are the results! From cartoon characters to muscular senators to a young woman who just will not stop dancing, a wide range...

Here are your most hated new characters of the year

Dec 06 // mrandydixon
SephirothX: Mine would be Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry. When the DmC reboot was first revealed, and after trailers/previews/demos showed off the character most people were expecting/worried that he'd end up being a character, who would try too hard to look "edgy" and "cool" (due to the smoking and excessive swearing, two things that weren't associated to the character previously), but in all actuality in the final game he ended up being pretty close to the opposite. He's an extremely wooden and boring play-it-safe character that seems designed around appealing to the western masses as much as humanly possible. His personality lacks any sort of charisma, his jokes come off flat, and his motivations during the story never change and flow organically and tend to abruptly change depending on what is necessary for the plot. And all of this is before you really start to compare him to the original version of the character. There is no real defining look to Reboot Dante beyond originally looking like a self-insert for Tameem Antoniades (which they backed off from later on) and the only way most people tend to describe his look is by talking about what he doesn't look like. Ninja Theory managed to take a character who was pretty much a glorified Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle known for eating pizza, surfing on rockets, and generally mocking things that are meant to be hellish and evil, and ended up making him boring and uninteresting. Reboot Dante was a completely different/new character who simply had a familiar name slapped onto him in order to sell more copies, a move that ended up backfiring pretty substantially. SiliconNooB: It takes an especially awful character to hurt a brand the way that Donte did. Jamvaan: Kat from DmC was the worst character of the year. Just a walking plot device with a name tag that says "Door Mat". She exists to get kidnapped and has really no character of her own, just kind of latching on to Dante at the end of the game because the script said so. CaptainProtonX: The Aliens in Aliens: Colonial Marines. Dreamweaver: Sam Fisher 2.0. He lost a lot of his personality, and he feels like your typical military gruff asshole. I get that he's in charge now, but for someone who usually has that snide, light side of him, it feels like a turnabout. Darth Marsden: To say [Sam Fisher's new voice actor] couldn't fill Michael Ironside's shoes is what understatements point and laugh at. Benny Disco: Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls, because he looked like this (left) when he could have looked like this (right). Script: From my limited experience with GTA V, Jimmy DeSanta. Rokee: Pretty much the whole supporting cast in GTA V. Which especially counts for Jimmy DeSanta. It's on thing to make a character terrible by design. But that the game prevents you from even punching him...that is unacceptable. Earlier entries would have had at least the decency to fail the mission when a NPC got harmed by the player. The Defenestrator: Carver from Dead Space 3. He was a walking, talking embodiment of EA and Visceral's douchebaggiest "mainstream" money-grubbing ambitions. Jamvaan: Joel from The Last Of Us. He is a terrible human being who does terrible, terrible things. Not sure if that makes him a bad or a great character, but what an asshole. Trev: Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2. Poorly written, unintelligent, obnoxious, self-defeating, plot devicey to the extreme, and ultimately the same old boring boss battle as the first game. He was supposed to be a character that you "love to hate", but was just an annoying piece of shit trying to have your ear for the whole game but without having anything worth saying. crackedbat: All the Sims in SimCity. Too stupid for their own good. [embed]266983:51698:0[/embed] Handy: I thought I knew hatred, I thought I knew what it was to wish ill on my fellow man, I thought I knew the gut searing heat one feels when one is a step away from physical violence. But I knew nothing. I did not yet know Teepo. Silver Waseskuk: The Deadly Six from Sonic Lost Worlds were disappointing. Not all that deadly or really even threatening in comparison to the glorious Robotnik. Granted, kids game, but I can't imagine too many kids thinking of those clowns as true Monstars. Rick Korpershoek: My pick for the worst character(s) would be those dumb rivals from the new Pokemon. Forget Lysandre, that big kid with this stupid obsession with dancing instantly earned my ire. The other two guys (as I played a female MC) are lame as well, because they are lacking in personality and are just plain boring. Freaking May/Brendan were better, and they just gave up halfway through the game! Only Shauna gets a free pass, because it seemed like she was hitting on my female MC sometimes. Which, y'know, makes everything better. Coil_Whine: The tractor from Farming Simulator 2014. It's really slow and it doesn't go where I want it to. Stealths long lost brother: Mika from Killer is Dead. Pushing my feelings of that game aside, Mika has to be the worst character I have encountered this year and her character really puzzles me because I always had the impression Suda51 avoids creating characters that follow that typical "moe cliché" that is featured a lot in Japanese media. Suda always had an approach in his games to break common paradigms in Japanese (and Western) games as he has used the moe culture in a sense of dark satire or parody. Frankly I just think she's annoying and I honestly can't stand characters like that. JamsTheKuma: Ravio from A Link Between Worlds. I hate that little shit. You can't tell that little bum to fuck off so he moves into your house and reconfigures it into a shop. And his idea of paying rent is letting you rent things from his shop like every other person in Hyrule probably can. Fuck that guy. GoofierBrute: As much as I enjoyed the game, I really didn't like Walter, Jonathan, or Isabeau from Shin Megami Tensei IV. At the beginning of the game, they were inoffensive and were excellent meat shields, if a bit cliche, but as the game goes on, they just got really annoying, and I eventually stopped caring about what they said and did. Game was still fun, but man were they really shallow. PanaMusica: Fanboys. ---------- And that one is true for every year. Thanks to everyone who participated! Didn't have a chance to share your angst? Hit up the comments now!
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Earlier this week, we asked you to share your thoughts on the WORST new videogame characters of 2013. Here are the results! Many of you took this opportunity to vent your frustrations (or at least upvote or downvote comments) regarding DmC's Dante, which is neat. Other than that obvious choice, there were quite a few other nominees for the wall of shame, and some that I certainly didn't expect!

What were your favorite gaming moments of 2013?

Dec 06 // mrandydixon
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[All week long we'll be asking for your thoughts on certain topics related to the year in gaming! Miss a previous post? Click here to sound off on your favorite and least favorite new characters!] Gaming is graced with some a...

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[All week long we'll be asking for your thoughts on certain topics related to the year in gaming!] 2013 added some amazing new characters to our medium, but it also brought with it some serious stinkers. Annoying (and unwante...

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[All week long we're going to be asking for your thoughts on certain topics related to the year in gaming. Here's the first!] 2013 was absolutely ripe with juicy new characters in the realm of gaming. Badass '80s action heroe...

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Your favorite game of PAX
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Last week, we asked you to pick your favorite game of PAX Prime 2013. Today, the results are in! I wish I could say it was a close call, but the rest of the games on the show floor apparently decided to phone it in compared to...

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PAX Prime 2013 is now in full swing, which can only mean one thing: it's time to pick your favorite game of the show! There are a ton of titles for both current and upcoming hardware playable on the show floor, and Destructoi...

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Our editors have each had their say. Destructoid proper has announced its picks. Now it's YOUR turn! Last week we asked you to vote for your favorite game of E3 2013. After several thousand ballots cast and nary a hanging chad, we're ready to announce the winner! So hit the jump to see your top 10 most-loved games of E3 2013. The results just may surprise you...
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You've watched all the press conferences. You've read all the news. Now it's time to sound off with your favorite game of E3! We've reported on dozens of awesome games over the last few days, but only one is destine...

The Dtoid community's most wanted games of 2013

Jan 14 // mrandydixon
Here are your top ten most wanted games, in order of votes received (and with some quotes by Destructoid commenters): BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: March 26, 2013 Bioshock Infinite is the missing piece of my soul.-- Occams electric toothbrush Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PlayStation 3, Vita)Release: February 5, 2013 Sly 4 looks unbelievable!-- Joel Holmes Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)Release: TBA 2013 I am a pretty jaded asshole when it comes to videogames these days, and the only series that can still fill me with child-like delight other than child-flavoured Angel Delight is Grand Theft Auto. I don't even give a fuck, that game is going into my body.-- Tarvu The Last of Us (PlayStation 3)Release: May 7, 2013 I love games where you get some choice in how you approach a situation. Either sneak around some bros, or confront them and shoot a dude in the face with a shotgun!-- alexvola Dark Souls II (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: TBA 2013 Welp, that was easy.-- knutaf Watch_Dogs (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: TBA 2013  One thing is for certain: on the PC, at least, this game is going to do very, very sexy things to your eyeballs!--Scrub Ni no Kuni (PlayStation 3)Release: January 22, 2013   It's a Studio Ghibli movie turned into a cel-shaded Pokemon-ish JRPG!--flintmech  South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC)Release: March 5, 2013  South Park: The Stick of Truth is the dark horse that Far Cry 3 was for me last year.--MisanthropicFuck Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)Release: February 19, 2013 I'm loving this shit; most exited I have ever been for a Metal Gear game.--El Conrado Pikmin 3 (Wii U)Release: Spring 2013  Been waiting for this game for over 4-5 years!--Joseph S And here are your ten runners-up: Aliens: Colonial MarinesStar Wars 1313The Elder Scrolls OnlineTomb RaiderDead Space 3Total War: Rome IIAnimal Crossing: New LeafThe Last GuardianRayman LegendsFire Emblem: Awakening What an awesome bunch of games! No matter where your preference lies, 2013 seems to have something in store to satisfy. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, and have fun in 2013!
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Last week, we asked you in the Destructoid community to pick your most anticipated games of 2013. After a week of intense vote-counting, we're ready to share the results! The voting was extremely close; so much so that the top three games were separated by only a few votes each. Keep reading to see how it all played out!

What's YOUR most anticipated game of 2013?

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[Update: Poll closed! Winner announced tomorrow!] Earlier today, the Destructoid staff made our choices for most wanted games of 2013. Now it's time for you to share YOUR favorites! Hit the jump to cast your votes, and be sure to let us know in the comments what you're looking forward to! And if you want to see a game added to the list, feel free to sound off! Have fun!

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For the past week we've tasked you, the Destructoid community, with choosing your favorite videogame of 2012. After nearly 5,000 votes cast, we're ready to declare the winner! The five games you see in the header were the top...
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On Friday we asked you in the community to vote for your favorite games of PAX Prime 2012. After four fun-filled days of ballot-casting and only a few thousand hanging chads, the results are in! And the winner is...

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