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Maintenance photo

Aaaand we're back

Server upgrade
Jan 09
// Niero Desu
[Update] Migration complete! Our web servers were physically moved to another location this weekend. I'm very sorry -- we were supposed to be back at 5am but THINGS. What did you do while we were offline?
Splattack! photo

Damn, look at Seymour shred Splatoon tunes on his guitar

Dtoid community highlight
Dec 17
// Jordan Devore
Splatoon's music was love at first listen. Last year, Nintendo initially drew me to its then-unknown game about squidkids thanks in large part to the kickass theme song. It's now nearly 2016, and I'm not even close to tired o...

Get Destructoid ad-free for just a buck

Support your favorite editors
Nov 27
// Niero Desu
Get an ad-free Carter, ad-free Holmes, ad-free Devore, ad-free ... well you get the idea. That's zero ads on the Destructoid home page and no ads inside the articles, which means your mobile Destructoid loads FAST! (Note: Dis...
From our tips line photo
From our tips line

Sometimes, we get very good tips

Oct 12
// Jordan Devore
You have a good day, too!

Forums photo

What's up with the forums? A quick update

Feel free to post, it's back online
Aug 11
// Niero Desu
This was already posted in the forums, but if you didn't catch it just wanted to bump it to the home page: We've relaunched Outer Heaven this weekend.  It's our old forums software: founded in 2006, previously known as t...
Ron Gilbert photo
Ron Gilbert

Thimbleweed Park has an Anthony Burch doppelganger

New game from Monkey Island creator
Aug 04
// Steven Hansen
Seriously, is it just me?
Destructoid at gamescom photo
Destructoid at gamescom

Things I watched on the plane to gamescom

Love the smell of my boyfriend's Cologne
Aug 03
// Steven Hansen
My standards go out the window while I ate the "pasteurized process cheese food" provided by United as an in-flight snack. If you have to designate your product as "food," there is a problem. It tasted like a cheesy Ritz with...
Staff's shifting sands photo
Running the rag, running ragged
As we've just told you repeatedly now, Jonathan Holmes is stepping back from the overarching role of Editor-in-Chief, and various familiar faces are stepping up to absorb his duties as co-Editors-in-Chief. It's a pretty good ...

Destructoid Voltron EIC photo
Destructoid Voltron EIC

My name is Chris Carter and I'm one of your new co-EICs

In the morning hours
Jul 06
// Chris Carter
Hey Destructoid! As you may have heard, Jonathan Holmes is stepping down as editor-in-chief. Because of this, our overlord Niero has decided to split the position into multiple shifts. I'll be handling the US mornings and ear...

New Destructoid explained

Any questions?
Jul 06
// Niero Desu
Here's to new Destructoid - a looser, weirder, multi-headed video game club that never sleeps. Please congratulate Chris, Jordan, Kyle, and Laura on their new managing positions! I'll be in the back handling the poop and pushing us forward as publisher and technical support if you need me. P.S. for Public Relations: Your main contact continues to be Jordan, who is our E3 judge. 
GameFan/Destructoid photo
Congratulations you're on the way out
It's been a good year for Destructoid. We got more unique views in June 2015 than any other month in the history of the website. There are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which being that our staff has worked the...

Dtoid/GameFan digital magazine is now free for everybody!

Jul 03 // Jonathan Holmes
Perhaps most importantly, this issue features exclusive artwork by the guy who made this space duck. As much as I love words, the art here is really the star of the show. There's so much beautiful stuff, paying tribute to franchises like MOTHER/EarthBound, Street Fighter, Smash Bros., Splatoon, and a lot more. Our exclusive Bloodstained cover art isn't too shabby, either. I've had to look at it just about every day for the past month and a half, and I'm still not sick of it.  To download the magazine for you computer, tablet or phone, go here, start an account, and enter code DTOID0215. You can pre-order the print version of the magazine over here, though orders are filling up fast.  
Dtoid/GameFan mag photo
Tell your friends!
Full disclosure: I was initially against the idea of allowing people to download the debut issue of Destructoid/GameFan magazine for free. That's not because I want money. My paycheck won't change regardless of how many issue...

Destructoid Magazine is here, and it can be free!

Jul 01 // Jonathan Holmes
Destructoid Magazine: Issue 1 Exclusive Bloodstained cover by Inti Creates artist Yuji Natsume Exclusive interview with Bloodstained creator and Castlevania legend Koji Igarashi A detailed examination of the MOTHER/EarthBound series and the reasons why Nintendo so afraid to love it, featuring artwork by Camille Young, Robert 'Robaato' Porter  and Jorge Velez Exclusive sprite art of adorable Cammy and blubbery Birdie from Street Fighter V from Martin Wörister, with a preview of the game to match A mini-guide for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS by ZeRo, the game's world champion, with art by Corey 'Reyyy' Lewis and David North A career retrospective with Mariel Cartwright (Skullgirls) and Adam Tierney (WayForward), including exclusive artwork and hints about upcoming projects A Splatoon for Beginners' guide by Chris Carter and Jonathan Holmes, with artwork by Sarah Thomas, Robert 'Robaato' Porter and Jorge Velez An exclusive full color Arem comic by Corey 'Reyyy' Lewis And look what GameFan made! GameFan: Issue 11 Our E3 picks come to life over 14 pages of scrumptious highlights HD Remasters: 10 we’d most like to see (and you’ll never guess) Blade & Soul LIVES. Hyung Tae Kim’s sweeping online epic (finally) heads west. Q&A with Omega Force on all things Kaiju for Toukiden Kiwami 20 plus pages of reviews!  Here's a low-resolution preview of Destructoid Magazine, Issue 1 Get your copy today!  You can pre-order the print copy here
GameFan/Destructoid photo
Debut flip issue with GameFan
Destructoid Magazine Issue 1 is finally here! To clear up any confusion: yes, it is a real, actual paper magazine you can lick. It's 36 pages long (minus ads), which isn't too shabby. Better yet, if you flip the magazine over...

Porn server photo
Porn server

You drank our milkshake: E3 stats

Our biggest month ever
Jun 23
// Niero Desu
Kinda looks like a shark, doesn't it? It's like the Hamza version of how the Andy Kaufman movie ends. We miss that guy and all the editors that came before this month, and now's a good a time to thank them for the legacy work...

GameFan and Destructoid will crush Cat Fancy Magazine

May 04 // Niero Desu
GameFan Magazine & Destructoid Join Forces for Content & Strategic Partnership Two of the video game world's leading indie publications team up  for editorial projects & more. SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 4, 2015 - GameFan magazine today announced an extensive content and strategic partnership with leading video game site Destructoid (   It is a move that focuses on growing and delivering more digital and print editorial to both publications' reader-communities, co-promotion activities, reader/subscriber benefits, and more.   Initial plans include the addition of Destructoid-produced content into future digital and print issues of GameFan. The new dual-cover, flip-formatted piece will essentially contain two magazines in one. In addition to GameFan's distinctive visual and editorial mix, readers will receive 30 pages of original Destructoid content, created exclusively for the print and digital magazine format.   Free digital subscriptions for the new publication will be available via prominent placement on theDestructoid website. GameFan subscribers will also receive it as part of their subscriptions.   Niero Gonzalez, the CEO and co-founder of Destructoid, said, "I grew up reading GameFan, dreaming that one day I'd work in the video game business. This is a surreal personal victory for me, an incredible milestone for Destructoid, and a Voltron moment for lovers of the video gamepress."   GameFan Publisher and Editor Dave Halverson added, "This is a partnership born of a mutual love for video games, video game culture, and a deep respect for our readers and fans. What GameFan is to print, Destructoid is to the web. It's a perfect match." About PaperPlanet & GameFan PaperPlanet is the independently owned and operated publisher of GameFan magazine, as well as related print and digital projects. Led by Dave Halverson (founding editor, original GameFan andPlay), the PaperPlanet team has more than 23 years of experience in the video game and electronic entertainment industry. They are dedicated to helping both veteran gamers and new fans discover the best the gaming world has to offer. For more information about GameFan, to subscribe, or to order print issues, visit  About Destructoid Founded in 2006, Destructoid has quickly risen to the top as one of the world's premiere videogame blogs. 100 percent independent, the San Francisco, Calif. based website reaches over 3 million unique visitors every month and is the cornerstone of the Modern Method network, which consists of the anime-orientated Japanator, toy-centric Tomopop, and film-focused Flixist. For more information, visit   ### CONTACT: Marketing:Julie Halverson, Director of Marketingp: 480-678-5270 | e: [email protected]: Dave Halverson, Publishere: [email protected]  
Destructoid Magazine photo
Indie superpowers combine
Huge news today! Starting this summer Destructoid will be publishing a digital magazine with GameFan. It's a 60-page whopper that's half Destructoid on one side, half GameFan on the other but all indie, all enthusiast, all pa...


To all the ladies in the place with style and grace

Google hates us
Apr 19
// Niero Desu
A big change is coming!
Bill Zoeker photo
Bill Zoeker

This isn't 'goodbye,' it's 'smell ya later'

I am returning to the ghost realm oooOOOOooOOOoo
Mar 31
// Bill Zoeker
Hey folks, I'll keep this brief. I'm sorry to say, effective immediately, my role as video handeyman here at Destructoid is coming to an end. It may not come as a huge surprise, as I've kind of faded into the background this...
Summa photo

I'm back, bitches!

Are you not entertained?
Jan 23
// Robert Summa
You may be asking yourself: Who the fuck is Robert Summa? And why is he saying he's back? And why is he calling me a bitch? For those of you too young to remember a baby Dtoid, I'm the former editor-in-chief of this unholy place. Back when the Robot was merely a glimmer in Niero's eye, I hopped aboard his back of circuits and steered Destructoid into a somewhat respectable game blog.
Dale North photo
Dale North

Former OneUps member and Dtoid chief covers Persona 4 tune

The true voice of gaming sings clear
Jan 17
// Jonathan Holmes
Dale North is one of the best singers in the world. The fact that Dtoid was lucky enough to have him as a writer, and later, as an Editor-in-Chief for so long is delightfully puzzling. It's like if you came home one day to f...

So what's next for Dtoid video, bath, and beyond?

Jan 08 // Jonathan Holmes
If we're lucky, we'll also get a few new features from alumni like Tony Ponce. You may have also seen that Dtoid legend Conrad Zimmerman is on the front page doing news. He and Tony may not be the only former staff members set to make return appearances this year. On top of that, Niero has taken back the helm as CEO, and I think the effects of his return have already started to show. It was his idea to let the badger out of the cage a few weeks ago. Don't be surprised to see more of those kinds of brash, love-it-or-hate-it decisions in the months to come. All in all, we're currently working on about eight new YouTube/Twitch shows (thanks in large part to the continuing hard work of warlock's apprentice Bill Zoeker), at least one new podcast, and several new essay/feature series, one of which will (mostly likely) launch this Saturday. The badger should be back by month's end as well.  In summary, we are lucky bastards. We get to play videogames, talk about them, and then call that process "a job." Moving forward, we're going to do our best to make you a larger part of that process. Destructoid was built on a family structure, and the happiest families are the ones where openness is the norm and everyone feels included. While we won't be telling you all of our plans, or showing you every aspect of how the sausage is made, the overall push is to "level the playing field" at Dtoid in 2015. Don't be shy about giving us feedback on how we're doing at that, and how you think we can best achieve that goal. Not that I'd ever actually worry about you being shy, but that's just part of why I love you. 
Dtoid photo
So much stuff
Destructoid was hit with a one-two punch in the past week. One of our oldest and most beloved staff members, Hamza "Cybernetic Tiger Z" Aziz, has retired his mantle of sidekick to Dtoid founder Niero Gonzalez and is off on hi...

Season's Greetings! photo
Season's Greetings!

Happy Holidays from the Destructoid crew!

Dec 24
// Kyle MacGregor
Season's greetings, Dtoid readers! As the year draws a close, the staff here would like to wish you well with any and all holiday celebrations you may have in store. As always, thanks for reading! Having the opportunity to interact with such an awesome community warms our hearts.  Remember to have fun and be safe out there!
Ask Me Anything photo
Ask Me Anything

Dtoid Full Disclosure reddit AMA happening today at 11:30am

AC/DC's new opening act
Nov 14
// Jonathan Holmes
It's Friday and I'm wrapping up my first week as Destructoid's editor-in-chief, a title which is apparently now known as "America's Sweetheart." I don't know who decided that, but who ever you are, thank you. So far, I love t...
Where are they now? photo
Where are they now?

Where are they now? Ex-Destructoid editors in the biz

Papa Niero is proud
Oct 23
// Niero Desu
As some of you may have heard by now, Dale North (our editor in chief from 2010-2014) will be moving on to sunnier, though less 'toidy skies. You can read that announcement here. It's no secret that Dale and I have definitel...
Upcoming reviews photo
Upcoming reviews

We have three reviews going up tomorrow morning

Disney Fantasia, Samurai Warriors 4, and The Legend of Korra
Oct 20
// Jordan Devore
When you -- yes, you, person who sleeps in until at least 7:00am Pacific -- check Destructoid tomorrow morning, there will be three new reviews. I figured you might appreciate a quick heads up as these things can slip through...
Weekend gaming photo
Weekend gaming

Hey, Destructoid! What games are you playing this weekend?

I'lll show you mine if you show me yours
Oct 19
// Rob Morrow
Covering the PC gaming news beat requires that I spend a lot of my time researching the newest titles and the latest industry happenings for the site. Admittedly, I love to learn about new things and I especially enjoy sharin...
Steam Curators photo
Steam Curators

Follow Mr. Destructoid's Steam curation for great games you might have missed

An eclectic mix
Sep 25
// Darren Nakamura
One of the new features in the recent Steam redesign is the introduction of Steam Curators. Users can follow groups or people whose tastes align with their own in order to discover new games. Destructoid has taken some time t...

A word on ethics

In light of recent events <3
Sep 04
// Dale North
[Update from Chris Carter: in light of the Fig platform investor scheme that is more involved than a Kickstarter campaign, we've implemented a new policy. If a writer invests in a game, they are barred from writing about...

World exclusive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare preview

Aug 11 // Kyle MacGregor
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the next game in Activision's acclaimed Call of Duty franchise, a popular first-person shooter series that allows folks to live out fantasies of murdering people in third-world countries. Advanced Warfare eschews the series' traditional settings for a grim future where terrorists strike nuclear reactors on five continents, instantly throwing the world into chaos. Enter Kevin Spacey and his private army of bad men who do bad man things. The story probably isn't too important, though, centering around a Hollywood action movie plot that you'll likely forget within a week. Do you remember anything about the last Transformers movie you saw? I sure don't. I'll venture a guess and say there were some big explosions and cool set-pieces -- which is exactly what you can expect from Advanced Warfare. As the moniker implies, the futuristic first-person shooter is all about pioneering gadgetry like jetpacks, cloaking devices, and hover tanks. You also get to wear power armor called an "exoskeleton," which makes ripping off car doors at their hinges as easy as kicking your co-worker Brett in the shin for no good reason only to then skip away while he languishes in pain. While pretending to play the game I was overcome with feelings of intense jingoism, at one point rising from my chair to shout "U-S-A" repeatedly until an imaginary PR representative restrained and doused me with a fire extinguisher full of Mountain Dew. On other occasions, I found myself remarking on the title's filmic quality and the realistic rendering of Kevin Spacey's jowls.  Once I had my fill of envisioning what the campaign would be like, I moved on to the real meat and potatoes of Call of Duty -- the multiplayer -- where you get to shoot dudes online. I love shooting dudes online. It's the perfect place to exert virtual dominance over others, providing an arena to combat low self-esteem with flagrant displays of teabagging and high-pitched shrieks. My spiritual journey also conjured images of a perk system, which puts newer players at a disadvantage with a more limited set of weapons and upgrades to choose from, while also tricking veterans to keep playing the game with devilish psychological ploys. I assume the multiplayer experience at the preview event was just stellar, hosted on the finest servers Skylanders NFC toy money can buy. What you encounter out in the wild might not be as amazing as what I played at Castle von Activision, though. Or in this case didn't play, as I am making all this up. In summation, I am generally optimistic about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare because this is a preview and previews are generally optimistic. I do have some concerns, though. Would it have been too much to ask Kevin Spacey to reprise his gentlemanly Southern accent from the Netflix original series House of Cards? Why isn't the game coming to PlayStation Vita? And which retailer will have the best pre-order bonuses? (What the hell Watch Dogs?) At least we know this will be a truly next-gen epic visceral experience like none other -- until the next one. /dubstep outro PRE-ORDER NOW & SUPERCHARGE YOUR LOADOUT WITH THE ADVANCED ARSENAL!
Call of Duty fake preview photo
The power of imagination
Activision is upset with us, you know. As it turns out, publishers love revealing things. So when someone leaks something before a publisher intends on tipping its hand, well, it gets angry. And you aren't going to ...

What're you playing? Videogames, maybe?

Aug 09 // Steven Hansen
I am still trying to wrap up Bravely Default. After about 80 hours, I have seen the "bad" ending, but I am still a couple chapters away from the true ending. Otherwise, I have been playing Halfway for review. It is a little rough around the edges, but it has some good tactical gameplay with great pixel art. Smash Bros. 4 is the first thing I think about every morning and the last thing I think about every night. It's an obsession. When I can't take thinking about it anymore, I'll play Melee, Brawl, or the N64 original for a few minutes. Like a great corpse once said "it makes the pain go away". Also been playing Rogue Legacy on PS3, Animal Crossing: New Leaf (I can't get enough of watering flowers, dawg), Shovel Knight, 1001 Spikes, and a few matches of Wii Sports Club Boxing online to get in some cardio.  I've been playing Steel Empire for review, and found myself completing multiple playthroughs of it. I'm also enjoying a few Mega Man games like Battle Network and X3 before the Wii U versions hit. My static raid group is currently on Turn 8 in Final Fantasy XIV -- we almost "beat the game" (until the next patch). I switch off between Dragoon and Paladin for raiding, and use my Bard and White Mage as often as I can in Ramuh. I found myself with some time in July to finally sit down at play the Burial At Sea, the BioShock Infinite DLC. It's a bit uneven but like Minerva's Den from BioShock 2, I'm like small 4-5 self contained DLC packs like this. I also finished off The Wolf Among Us, a game which I kinda feel the opposite about; I was struggling to remember earlier plot details and in a whodunnit mystery that's vital. Still a solid series overall and I'd be keen to play another. I was playing Sacred 3 for review but the less said about that the better.... a game worth talking about is The Fall, a wonderful, sci-fi adventure game. At least an adventure game with shooting and stealth sequences in it. There's a darkly humourous tone to the game and whilst it might only be a few hours long, I'm really excited to play future episodes.  Without much time on regular systems, I've been on a Persona kick the last month or so, replaying Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita. Even after seeing Persona 4's story for the third time now, I'm amazed just how much more there is to Golden. Pretty much everywhere you thought the original could've used something extra, Atlus has filled in. And for those who have played it already, there's yet more hilarious fan service in this season's Persona 4 Golden the Animation, which is possibly one of the least necessary but most appreciated shows I've ever seen. I have a weakness for Lego games. They help me unwind as I mindlessly smash stuff into oblivion while solving mildly challenging puzzles to bring myself ever closer to one-hundred percent completion. I just attained that goal on Lego Marvel Superheroes, a game that was entertaining enough that it never let its glaring flaws turn it into a slog. Since then, I've moved onto a hard-mode run of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. It scratches the persistent Metroidvania itch that I have. Of course, that's all in between my many runs of Binding of Isaac. I should really stop playing so many videogames and focus on preparing for gamescom. Let's see, what have I been playing? Not much actually. My family just made the move from Florida (Orlando) to Illinois (West Dundee), so that pretty much sucked up all the free time I had to play, because you know, loading the truck, driving 21 hours away, unloading, unpacking, etc. That's not to say that I've had no time to play games; however, I've managed to squeeze in a few minutes here and there, and when I have, this is what I've been playing: Braveland and Halfway on the PC. I've had this turn-based itch lately and both of these games have really scratched it, especially Halfway. Once the console side it's been Battlefield 4 multiplayer (when I can) and three new games I picked up on the Wii U. Bombing Bastards, Shut the Box and Wooden Sen'Sey, with Wooden Sen'Sey taking the cake as the best of this bunch, it's a very pretty and very fun little platformer. The only other game I've managed to play is Mario Golf World Tour, which has quickly become my most played game this year. I've gotten back into playing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, but this time on PC. The decreased load times alone made double dipping worthwhile. Many hours later, I'm still finding it to be super fun and it's also nice to be good at a multiplayer shooter, just this once. Also tried out Astebreed, which I haven't fully wrapped my head around yet, but being able to wield a sword in a shoot-'em-up is rad all the same. Lastly, Mega Man Battle Network has been good in short bursts and/or while watching TV. Too many damn random battles, though! I have sort of been in a post Destiny Beta video game depression lately and have been spending most of my days working on music. My consoles have been collecting dust and I have only really been playing David O'Reilly's "relax 'em-up" Mountain on my Iphone. If you haven't checked this game out, do it. It heirs heavy on the side of 'experimental art game' but I love it so much. One of my favorite features is an on screen musical keyboard which adds spacey reverb as you zoom farther from your mountain -- neat! I finally got back to my replay of Catherine, watching myself laughably make the same awful decisions that led me to an earned disappointing end the first time around. I am bad. But I am good at Catherine. The puzzles, at least. Trying to unlock all the Babel tower challenges.   I'm ashamed to say that I haven't actually played very much at all lately, but I've gotten a whole lot of Timberman in on my iPhone. I also finished "Looking for An Apartment That Isn't In The Gross Part of Town," as you may recall that I was playing last time, and am now playing through the bonus stage, "Buying Things For Said Apartment Is Expensive." It's solid, but there are way too many IAPs. I also spent a little time playing through The Journeyman Project earlier this week, a favorite from adolescence. Should really give it a look.  In between races with the wife and kid in Mario Kart 8 (my daughter is in love with Rosalina), I finally managed to go back and finish my first playthrough of The Darkness, which was wonderful! The story was dark and surprising, and the awesome Darkness powers more than made up for the "floaty" gunplay; I haven't had that much fun shooting out lights since the first time I played Splinter Cell. I also recently acquired a used 3DS (thanks, Qalamari!), so I've been trying to figure out that whole thing. Did you know you can pass people on the street and then do things with them? Amazing.
What're you playing?  photo
You the best, Mitsuru-senpai
You guys might not know this, but some of us here at Destructoid are big fans of videogames. For a change of pace, we'd like to share that interest with you all and fill you in on some of the games we're playing right now.&nb...

What're you playing? A lot of Mario Kart 8 around here

Jul 04 // Steven Hansen
I'm very busy rearranging my life so I don't have time to play much. I just started EA Sports' UFC and can't get it to glitch out like I keep seeing in the GIFs. Disappointing! I'm also regularly checking in with Tomodachi Life, which I haven't put down since launch. That game is ridiculous. Finally, my bedtime game is now Atelier Rorona Plus, which should provide some sweet dreams. I've been playing a ton of Hero Siege thanks to the Steam sale, I also just played through Spec Ops: The Line again because of it's amazing story. Also been playing through Pushmo World and How to Survive on the Wii U with my daughter. It's funny, she asks me every day if I'm going to play the zombie game (How to Survive). She's totally invested in the story, I'm not sure why... Oh, and Mario Golf: World Tour. Lot's and lot's of Mario Golf: World Tour. If you didn't already know, I'm obsessed with Pokemon. One of my favorite things to do with my IRL friends is challenge them to random pokebattles through this awesome web app called Pokemon Showdown. ( I've been playing a ton lately so lets battle sometime! Super-embarrassing confession: I never finished The Witcher 2. I played it a bunch when it came out on 360 and didn't really "get it." After seeing The Wild Hunt at E3 last year, I ran home with a raging hard-on and started a new game, actually getting into it. After a few weeks, I was promptly sidetracked by work, other games, moving house, and real life. So, after seeing The Wild Hunt at E3 again, I've resumed by adventures as Geralt yet again. Other than that, I've had some fun drunkenly crashing cars and dying a lot in the Battlefield: Hardline beta. I'm honestly not sure who's having a harder time playing: me, my internet connection, or the game itself. I just beat the first BioShock again yesterday, and man do I love that game. The characters, the storytelling, the plasmids, it's so great! I've had an influx of new Animal Crossing villagers recently and I'm pretty keen to all of them. I just wish Queenie would freaking MOVE OUT. Other than that I've been working my way through 1001 Spikes, Mario Kart, and Mario Gold: World Tour. And Dota 2. Always Dota 2. I cannot stop playing Boom Beach. No, seriously, I'm going to upgrade my sniper tower as soon as I send this email. I've been working my way through Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix a little bit at a time. I've finished 50cc and 100cc, and am just getting started on 150cc. Otherwise, I've been spending a lot of my free minutes here and there playing Bravely Default, which I'm liking a lot more than I expected to. It's nice to be able to just flip open my 3DS, grind a little bit, then close it. When I have more time (usually before going to sleep), I try to actually advance in it. Lastly, I'm still playing Borderlands 2 with friends who only recently got it. With the Steam Sale, I have a new set of friends who are just starting out, so I'll probably be at it until the Pre-Sequel comes out. I'm currently playing Valiant Hearts, and that's a good thing because I've not yet found a title this year that I can more highly recommend. It's a game that highlights the atrocities of war without forcing the player to reciprocate them. It's an emotional journey where subtlety weighs far heavier than the most overwrought dramatics. Simple cues like the curve of lips or the slumping of shoulders expertly convey the immediate and long-term toll of violent engagement. I'm only half-way through with no idea where the protagonists will end up. While their stories are central, the war-torn landscapes and people you meet (and usually help) only briefly teach the more important lesson -- there are no winners when it comes to war. I finally uninstalled Spelunky after 314 hours... As much as I loved it, I know it distracted me from really getting into other games. So now, I'm in Steam sale mode but I'm really being picky with what I'm buying. So far I've played a bit of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II which is scratching that Diablo/Torchlight itch. I've also picked up Noir Syndrome which looks like a really interesting adventure game. I also bit the bullet and got Rocksmith 2014 which I'll start to play once my required cable turns up from Amazon and I retrieve my brother's electric guitar from my parent's house. Early onset of a mid-life crisis? Nah. Every morning and every night before bed, I check in with my Miis in Tomodachi Life. I've been playing it consistently ever since its release, and I'm happy to report that Geordi LaForge is best friends with Vladimir Putin. Daria and Naked Snake are getting along swimmingly, though Dr. Steve Brule was jilted by Daria and fell into a deep depression. Jon Snow is dating Arya Stark against my better judgment, and we're celebrating the birth of our very first, oddly-misshapen Mii baby. Seriously, its head looks like a potato. I don't claim it. I'm also playing this super difficult game called "Looking for An Apartment That Isn't In The Gross Part of Town," and while the graphics are decent, the replayability factor is horrid. In my increasingly rare bouts of down time, however, I'm playing through Commander Blood again and backtracking some in Harvester to relive some of my favorite moments. What's next? I'll probably pull out Loom and go through it again. Far Cry 3 was cheap enough in the Steam sale that I couldn't hold off any longer, especially considering I've already played and enjoyed the hell out of Far Cry 2 and Blood Dragon. It's about damn time I got this. For as much fun as I had sneaking through all of the outposts and getting jump-scared by random crocodiles, more than anything, it just left me wanting Far Cry 4 given its far more interesting locale. Questionable story aside, great game, though. I've now moved on to Shovel Knight and I wish I could put life on hold to marathon it. I'm working through all three Rhythm Heaven games at the same time! It's great because I travel a whole ton, so I can take the DS or GBA version with me and never be without it. When I'm home I play it quite often and you can catch me cursing or praising it on twitter. After E3 winded down there wasn't a whole lot to review, so when Shovel Knight came across my desk I was pretty thrilled to get my hands on it. I'm on my third playthrough and I'm loving it -- one of the best modern day retro games ever. I'm also playing the Mountain game from the guy who directed the videogame scenes in Her, WildStar, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, and I just completed my fourth level 50 character in FFXIV (Bard). Blizzard stuff; WoW mostly, but also a lot of Heroes of the Storm and a sprinkling of Hearthstone.  Also forcing myself through Deadspace 3 and holy FUCK that game is boring so far. Will probably replay Spec Ops: The Line soon since Bill Platt bought it for me on Steam. Picked up MLB 14: The Show on PS4 this week because it's the summertime and I can't think of anything more summer than baseball. It's super good. Also finally picked up Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4 so I've been playing that when I'm not baseballin'. I like getting the tank and just running all the guards over. Other than that it's the occasional Mario Kart 8, Final Fantasy X HD, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn as usual here and there to get some things done in those when I can. A real busy month at the day job has kept me unable to play anything for more than half an hour, which means I've been pretty much limited to playing in Star Trek Online's annual summer event has been the limit of my gaming. That, and playing Dragon's Crown on the can with my Vita. When I do find the time, though, I really want to sink my teeth into some of the indie games I bought into this Steam sale, like Blade Symphony, Overgrowth, and some obscure unknown thing called Call of Duty: Ghosts. Thanks to Nintendo having the audacity to feature games I want at e3, I went ahead and picked up a Wii U. Currently I'm working to unlock all the characters in Mario Kart 8, have started Super Mario 3D World, and been enjoying Nintendo Land with friends. I've been getting my nostalgia on with Wario Ware and Super Punch Out on Virtual Console and NES Remix 1 & 2 as well. I also started playing through Shadow of the Colossus HD finally. The Last of Us still has its hooks in me. Between Shovel Knight sessions and working on various reviews, I've been consumed by the oft overlooked multiplayer element of Naughty Dog's latest. I play a stealthy build and really enjoy creeping around in the shadows with my bow and silently moving around the flanks to catch enemies off guard with a quick shiv in the neck. It's less disturbing than it sounds. Probably. I'm currently knee deep in the Dead. I'm about 3/4 of the way through a co-op playthrough of Dead Space 3 with my brother-in-law, which has been... interesting. I'm an enormous fan of all things Dead Space, but playing with another person -- while fun -- just doesn't feel very Dead Space-y. Still, it's given the game some extra miles and given my brother and I something to bond over, so I'm not complaining. I also just finished Dead Island after pouring over 30 hours into it, and I'm SO happy I went in with low expectations... because I had a blast! Seriously, I haven't had that much mindless fun in a long time. And as soon as I put that one aside, I booted up Dead Rising 2, donned Chuck's heart boxer shorts, and started hacking and slashing my way through Fortune City, which is always a good time. Also, Mario Kart 8. I have been drowning in work the last few weeks so I have played virtually nothing other than the occasional game of League of Legends and the first stage of Shovel Knight. I'm flying to Boston for the entirety of next week though. Even though I got Shovel Knight on PC, I might pick up the 3DS version so that I can play it on the plane and in my hotel. I'm also going to try to get back to Kirby, Mario Golf, and Soul Sacrifice Delta, since those have been my go-to travel games recently. I'm reading a nice book called Typical American. I recommend it. A move cut into my Dark Souls II progress. E3 killed my replay of Catherine. I want to get back to the latter & write about it. Last weekend I started a new XCOM (Enemy Within) campaign and then by 4AM realized I shouldn't get myself hooked on XCOM again and deleted the save file. I still need to finish Transistor (I don't know why I refuse to turn limiters off). 
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