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8-Bit demake Pixel Force Halo now available

Jan 19
A few weeks ago, we saw the trailer for this charming retro fan game based on Halo called Pixel Force Halo. This very same game has now been released on to the internet for play on your personal computing system. All the... read

Fallout turns JRPG in new official demake

Jan 03
I've always wondered what Fallout would be like in the hands of a Japanese studio, and I'm surely not alone in pondering such a concept. This official demake is a glimpse into what that could be like -- just on a much smaller... read

Demo of Super Smash Land demake releasing this Friday

Dec 14
From simple 8-bit still image interpretations to full-on games, demakes are delightful. I love to fantasize about the ways modern games and their mechanics might have been implemented on classic consoles. As is often the cas... read

More demakes than you can shake a pixelated stick at

Aug 02
Demakes are just plain fun. I'm sorry, but reimagining a game for the past can be some of the most clever stuff you'll ever see. For example, take junkboy's work over at Pixelation. He shares an impressive amount of dema... read

Master Chief joins the Atari age in Halo 2600

Aug 02
As I've probably said before, demakes are a pretty cool thing. The idea of playing Halo on an Atari 2600 won't cause anybody to cancel their pre-order of Reach but it might give you a few minutes of amusement. Halo ... read

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