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Dating sim

Datin Sim photo
Datin Sim

Cat dating sim is trying to get on Steam

Purrfect Date
Jan 25
// Laura Kate Dale
I love cats. I love every kind of cat. I just want to hug all of them but I can't. I can't hug every cat. So, there are a bunch of weird dating sims out there, and I consider myself a bit of an aficionado of the stranger ones. I've dated John Cena, pigeons, a goldfish, and even an angler fish. Today however, I'm excited about the prospect of dating cats.

Review: Sakura Santa

Dec 24 // Josh Tolentino
Sakura Santa (PC)Developer: Winged CloudPublisher: MangaGamerMSRP: $9.95Released: December 21, 2015 The aforementioned solitary souls seem to be situated smack in the target-audience sweet spot for Sakura Santa's story, as it revolves around Koji, an otherwise unremarkable college student whose main claim to fame is that he'll be lonely on Christmas eve. Yeah, that's really about it. Sakura Santa takes advantage of the fact that Christmas in Japan is more of a romantic holiday than a familial one, and kicks off with Koji visiting a nearby shrine to wish for someone to spend Christmas with. His wish is granted in short order, by fateful run-ins with Itsumi, an old childhood friend, Akina, a local fox spirit, and none other than one of Santa Claus' daughters. Then the only question is: Who shall he spend the time with? Now, before anyone gets any ideas, it's worth pointing out that Sakura Santa is not an adult game. The game's Steam store page takes care to stress that it contains "no sexual content." And they're technically right. There is no nudity, nor are there sex scenes in the whole of the game's two- to four-hour runtime. There is, however, plenty to ogle in the form of the three girls' character designs and the event scenes from the four available storylines. The art does stand out as the main draw, given that Sakura Santa has little else going for it. It's shorter and possessed of a much more bland premise than Sakura Spirits, and features a smaller cast to boot. Akina and Santa's stories quickly fall into too-similar "magical/alien girlfriend" templates familiar to anime, and though Itsumi's plotline also veers on the generic side, the story of trying to connect with an old flame after years growing apart is, at least, more inherently engaging. Then again, the other girl has fox ears and a short kimono. A dilemma, to be sure. Ultimately, Sakura Santa fails to stand out from the growing crowd of visual novels on Steam and elsewhere, except in the single respect of being a Christmas-themed story, coming out just in time for the holiday. Unfortunately, one would probably have to be as lonely as the game's protagonist to find a compelling reason to play. [This review is based on a digital copy of the game provided by the publisher.] Batman: Arkham Knight: Season of Infamy (PC, PS4, Xbox One [reviewed])Developer: WB Games MontrealPublisher: Warner Bros.MSRP: $9.99Released: December 22, 2015
Sakura Santa Review photo
A Christmas Miracle for the Solo Set
When it comes to holiday traditions, Christmas-themed video games aren't as common as Christmas movies or television specials. For whatever reason, be it development times, commercial titles' higher average price tag, or the ...

Hot phone Date photo
Hot phone Date

No Friday plans? How about a Hot Date (with a dog)

MERCILESS pug speed dating sim returns
Dec 18
// Steven Hansen
I covered and played the heck out of the MERCILESS pug speed dating sim Hot Date when it was released this summer, but maybe you didn't. So already we're doing good: reminding you of a cool game you could be playing right now...
Hatoful Boyfriend photo
Hatoful Boyfriend

The Hatoful Boyfriend plushie Kickstarter passed $95,000

All birds unlocked, but in limited stock
Nov 18
// Joe Parlock
Everyone has a favourite Hatoful Boyfriend pigeon, and anyone who says they don’t is a god damn liar. It is impossible to have gotten to 2015 without falling for the charm and class of Sakuya, or the zany life-loving Ok...

Visual Novels photo
Visual Novels

Clannad is coming to Steam on November 23

Get ready to cry
Nov 14
// Kyle MacGregor
An English release of Clannad is coming to Steam on November 23, Sekai Project has announced. The ultra-sad visual novel tells the story of a high school delinquent whose life turns around after meeting a strange ol...
Gamers love danger photo
Gamers love danger

Marathon gamers are 25% more likely to consider sleeping with a serial killer

Says online dating site OKCupid
Oct 29
// Jed Whitaker
Do you ever find yourself playing video games for more than eight hours straight? If you answered yes, would you consider sleeping with -- or fucking -- a serial killer? According to OKCupid, 25 percent of you are likely to a...
HunkyMan Studio pls photo
HunkyMan Studio pls

From the makers of HuniePop comes HunieCam Studio

Aug 16
// Jed Whitaker
Editor's note: This video may be considered NSFW by some. Surely you've heard of HuniePop by now, the not safe for work dating sim meets puzzle game with over the top voiceovers, writing, stereotypes and nudity? Well de...
Tusks photo

Grrrrrrr, time to date some hot and manly orcs

Got to love some burly man chest
Jul 22
// Laura Kate Dale
As many of you who regularly read the Destructoid front page will know, I do love myself a good dating sim. Strong writing, unique dating options I don't normally have and the chance to understand what true love between a hom...
Play this game photo
Play this game

Hot Date is a MERCILESS pug speed dating sim

Amazing and free
Jun 03
// Steven Hansen
Dates are sweet. The fruit. Dating? Hit or miss. So many games with dating elements boil down to easy win conditions, wooing success. It's very easy to pick out what you're supposed to say to these fake, digital people to mak...
Kitty Powers photo
Kitty Powers

Kitty Powers' Matchmaker is making Steam wonderfully camp

God I love her so much
Apr 23
// Joe Parlock
Take a hike Conchita Wurst, step off Dame Edna and move the fuck over Ru Paul, because Kitty Powers is on the scene and she’s going to get me the boyfriend I’ve always wanted with Kitty Powers’ Match Maker....

Poppin' with hunies: My virtual dates in HuniePop

Jan 27 // Brittany Vincent
Why is this important? I've been in a tumultuous relationship with this title ever since I was passed a link to its Kickstarter page via IM from a good friend of mine. It seemed much more like a parody of dating sims rather than one to actually be consumed and enjoyed. We laughed about its unfortunate character designs (Kyanna has one arm tucked beneath her breasts permanently like some sort of disfigurement), dialogue, and the creator as well, because it all seemed like a legitimate joke. And yet, given my interest in visual novels, eroge, and adult games, I still wanted to see what it was all about. The many times I ventured to the game's Kickstarter (where it earned over $53,000 in funding) only served to effectively flatline my interest, however. I watched the bizarre exploits of developer Ryan Koons, whose HuniePop "Field Research" video called forth visions of a person I could only see as a character: King Douche of Fedoraville, someone who walked up to strangers and asked for hugs, kisses, dates, numbers, and what-have-you in the name of "research" for his game.  While the strategy worked for him much of the time in the video, and some of the women involved definitely had a good time with it, I'm sure I would have decked him had he come up to me asking for a hug or a kiss, never politely acquiescing for physical affection I don't owe anyone. But I don't speak for every woman, and it could be super cool to do those things in the dating world right now. It's just not something I ended up finding entertaining. And given the fact that you never know what kind of randoms you're dealing with on the street these days, it's probably not the safest way to chat up women.  That, and with every new trailer HuniePop seemed a lot less interested in being a light, fun adult game and more of a shocker for the sake of getting attention, i.e. the prickly character Audrey calling another girl a "whore ass bitch" (written by Koons himself.) It was like Baby's First Swearing Contest, and went against HuniePop's supposedly more "realistic" dialogue.  But the more I thought about it, the more I had to see the game for myself. With a background in explicit hentai games and a penchant for dirty storytelling, I figured I'd find something to like. So I took the plunge.  I chose to play as a woman, though you can play as male or female characters. Unfortunately, no matter which you choose, the default personality trope for your character is a hapless, dateless loser who comes off as an overeager and socially awkward idiot. I was surprised to see that the second set of dialogue options after a few introductory exclamations were so terribly, stereotypical "I don't know how to talk to women" quips. Even though my character was, presumably, a lesbian (I don't know how she identifies), it's a little bizarre to think that she wouldn't know how to talk to another human being who's only said hello.  As a side note, the order of the day was to just go with it, though, because HuniePop appeared to be self-aware to the point where it relied on memes, snarky statements, and overtly awful dialogue choices to get its message across. It did this (I hoped, anyway) so that the women I was courting could respond to my advances in a realistic manner, which they did several times over, but not as often as I would have hoped.  I noted the sentiment in HuniePop developer blogs and statements that these snippets of dialogue were never meant to tell a story but to add "fun" segments to the game and signify its very stark difference in tone from other, similar titles, and also to distance it from the visual novel genre, which Koons has been very adamant about ensuring people get right. It's not a visual novel. Back to the game, though. It turned out the very first woman I saw was actually Kyu, a fairy who came to my bedroom in the middle of the night because my character was garbage at finding a girlfriend. Kyu insisted that I go on a date right that minute, so we ended up at the mall at night. It was then I met up with Audrey, the same girl from the infamous HuniePop trailer I had seen so many times over, where Kyanna cuts her "nasty ass hair" the same way she always does and Audrey inexplicably hates it. Audrey was just as frustrating in-game as I thought she'd be, and after the exchange with Kyanna I was expected to want to flirt with her. I had to, with Kyu's prodding, though I really wanted to go talk to Kyanna instead.  Even in the most benign dating sims you don't act like an idiot who's not even interested in making small introductory talk, but HuniePop only gave me three dialogue choices, each more awful than the next. I decided on full-throttle flirt, which meant I told her I wasn't done checking her out yet, and she called me lame. I said I needed to pick out some lube for our date tonight and she called me cute and asked if I wanted to get high. That's Audrey in a nutshell.  After this bizarre exchange, I went to talk to Kyanna, because Audrey was the worst kind of tsundere. Luckily I had a way to follow the women I met with -- the HunieBee device tracked girls like a Scouter for Dragon Balls -- but when I left Audrey seemed pretty miffed that I just dipped on her. That's how I knew she'd end up being someone I'd pursue anyway just because I could tell she was channeling Asuka Langley Sohryu something fierce.  I talked to Kyanna and basically told her I didn't need to get on an exercise machine because she looked like she needed it more than me, which she responded to positively. That surprised me because it sounded like a dig at her, like I was calling her fat or out of shape or something. I don't think if I were actively trying to date any of these women that I'd use any of these options, especially if I wanted to maintain a conversation that wouldn't get me a ton of weird stares. I liked Kyanna though, and I told her that I'd "never lifted a weight in my fat life." She seemed pretty creeped out by that. By then she was getting hungry, so I bought her some tomatoes and handed them to her. She hungrily devoured them. I should probably explain that food items add stamina to the girls, so you can keep talking to them. The more you talk to and learn about them, the more points you receive to spend on upgrading your traits. It quickly becomes a cycle that you want to effectively and methodically implement by ensuring you purchase the right food for each girl. If you do it right, you can maximize "Hunie" production to get the most out of every conversation. It was one aspect of the game I found exceedingly entertaining. It was the first thing I really vibed with in the game. So I followed the tomatoes up with cabbage and sought out the other girl at the university. Kyanna wasn't right for me because I don't really dig the athletic type, so I left to seek out the girl she had been speaking to previously.  Tiffany was chatting with her professor Ms. Yumi, an extremely unprofessional teacher who blew off everything Tiffany was saying. Tiffany herself seemed boring, and when I was given the dialogue options I was surprised that one of them was a straight "ask on a date" question. I chose the "student union" option because it made me seem like less of a weirdo, having followed her all the way to her school just to ask her out. Our conversation went alright, but when she asked me if I was new at the school, I could have told her I work there and went under the name "Professor Sexy." Instead I played it straight because I felt as though I was basically assaulting her privacy otherwise. The conversation was kept casual, and I was surprised to see low-key options permeated the menu when I went that route instead of being forced to act like a total girl-crazy beast. I decided to find Ms. Yumi instead, because she was way too scatterbrained and totally not into grading her students' assignments for me to not see what her deal was. It turns out Aiko Yumi, aside from being voiced by a woman who sounds as though it's a chore to speak deeply enough for the character, liked to wear crop tops and nearly-transparent Daisy Dukes to work. She really rocked 'em, but I wasn't sure it was exactly professional attire. I also found out that the fairy Kyu had "a case of yellow fever." Kyu also told me to say basically the dumbest thing I possibly could to her to start off with, and the dialogue options didn't disappoint. I really wish there had been an option to continually play things straight rather than being given a racist choice, the "edgy" option, or something completely off the wall. I went with the "Fuck these birds, am I right?" option because it wasn't totally offensive and just odd enough to garner a humorous response. After seeing Aiko blow off her job duties, I wasn't particularly interested in her, so I decided to see what her friend Beli was up to. I realized it immediately, but just in case you haven't, every single time you go off using the HunieBee tool to "track" a girl, the one you're chasing after is always talking to someone else, at least in the beginning. Not that the rest of the game is realistic in any way, but it's like a neverending chain of new women to choose from, like a smorgasbord of ladies parading around to show off your options. I wasn't impressed with anyone so far, so it was off to speak to someone new nearly every time. Beli was hanging out with a blonde who was trying to make her wear a bikini. It had some sort of hideous pot leaf on it, which I guess gave it some #edgedgeneddy, but it really got me wondering who was in charge of the costume design here; there were some real stinkers thus far. Beli was nice and inoffensive enough, but I wanted to see what was going on with Blondie, so I left to go track her down.  When I arrived at the next location, Blondie was already flirting with Lola, so I actually felt a little like I was imposing. Turns out Blondie (Jessie, I learned) was a bit of a "cougar," according to Kyu. She was a little on the extroverted side, which made sense according to her character profile, which listed that she's an adult film star and the mother of none other than Tiffany. And yet the dialogue options were all presumptuous, horrific openers that I'd never think to say to anyone, male or female: "How much?" "Ten outta ten" for her "supremely nice tits?" I couldn't avoid sounding like an asshole. Each follow-up dialogue option beyond the openers was poised to get me in bed with Jessie, which felt bizarre given the pace with the other girls. I assume the context stemmed from her being a sex worker who's always ready to go, and even if that's the case, I wanted to actually chat with Jessie before getting into all that. In the end, she still wasn't my type either, so I went ahead and moved on to Lola, the flight attendant. I got to the Nutmeg Cafe, and after a brief exchange with a rude barista who was leaving, refusing to make Lola a cappuccino, Kyu gave me some solid advice, in that she "loves her some chocolate." I figured Lola needed some time to think about the horrible display of customer service (and I was pretty embarrassed by Kyu's statement) so before we continued talking about how gorgeous Lola was, I took my Telling Women They're Beautiful and I Want to Bang Them parade on to Lusties Nightclub, where that girl with the glasses who didn't want to do her job had gone to. It turned out that this was Nikki, the blue-haired shut-in who never leaves her room and probably asks people if the coast is clear while living with someone else and not paying least, that's the vibe I got from her when she was telling Lola to go on somewhere. She was arguing with Audrey about how boring it is at the nightclub (because presumably she dislikes people), but what was interesting about this scene was the fact that Audrey had friends. I recalled Nikki as the same character I read from promotional materials who was into games, so I decided to pursue her, despite not really enjoying her personality very much. I was treated to a really intelligent dialogue option, given her blue hair: "Is that your natural color?" Only someone with half a functioning brain would actually ask that. I was happy to see when I chose that option, Nikki spoke to me like I was a complete and utter idiot, because I had just asked a totally asinine question about "natural" blue hair. We continued to chat and it looked like Nikki was starting to open up to me. I guessed how tall she was correctly and I even answered the several questions she had for me in a manner that she found acceptable. Everything seemed to be going great...until she started complaining about how hungry she was. I bought her some cake, which she chowed down on, but she was soon starving again. All I could afford was some soda, which she refused. Disheartened, I headed off to chat up some other girls to make some cash. Disingenuous of me? Maybe. But I needed to get enough money to pay for my darling Nikki. I decided to say hi to Tiffany and see what she was up to over at Nutmeg Cafe. Thankfully, I already had the soda to give her. She declined as well. I tried to chat her up, but in the end she just ended up getting hungry as well. I wasn't aware I had entered into a "buy women food simulator," but there I was. I headed out to talk to Audrey at the mall. We chatted about her occupation (student, of course) and what my biggest turnoffs are. I wanted to tell her how much I dislike smoking, but I had a chuckle at the option that called women "broads" and the typo within that proclaimed I dislike women who don't know how to have fun. But I still wasn't making any money, so I decided to ask Audrey on a date against my better judgment. We went to an ice rink, and I hated every single second of it, but it was all for Nikki. The gem-matching elements are simple enough, yet frustrating when you realize that sometimes all you've got to work with are negative modifiers. For example, I painted myself into a corner so that I was left only with broken hearts to match with, which rob you of any affection points you've earned in the date thus far. Luckily, power-ups and items you can earn along the way remove these problems, as do strategic move planning and leveling up your traits. It's a very deep sort of puzzler that would have done exponentially well as a mobile title, and one that I didn't mind spending hours on. But I wasn't so great at it to start off. I eventually failed to earn enough points to pass my first date since you've only got a limited number of moves a la games like Candy Crush Saga, though I did come away with more "munie" to spend on the other girls. I ended up buying Nikki a bagel, which was all I could afford then. She hated it. Still, I was able to ask her out on a date. Time to not completely blow it. Our date at the casino ended with me having exhausted all of the available moves with only 10 points left to completely woo Nikki over. We retreated to the cafe, where I was able to speak with her with a fresh amount of munie in hand. I was smart enough this time to check out Nikki's profile, which I should have been smart enough to look at before. She liked desserts and candy, so I showered her in cupcakes and ice cream. I needed more munie to woo her though, so I decided to go on a few more dates. Next up was Kyanna. I failed this date as well, but that was all my fault for not looking into how to play the game more efficiently. I spent some time cycling through the girls and going on dates to earn money to buy gifts and other items to make each match easier, which took quite a bit of time. It was then I realized that, while it doesn't look or feel like it at first, there's a lot going on here strategy-wise that ends up making the game a time sink if you're not careful. I ended up winning my first date, with Lola no less, but only after upgrading some of my traits. They're absolutely imperative for progression, but not in a way that's obnoxious or frustrating. With that in mind, the game became a lot simpler to play, though never so easy that I felt insulted. Feeling insulted did happen though, several times, especially when the girls clearly choreographed their likes and dislikes according to their backgrounds or personalities. For example, Beli was religious and spiritual, and Tiffany is a teacher's pet. Of course, Jessie was overtly sexual and Nikki loved the paranormal. I could see those things coming a mile away, and while I applaud the attempt at making these women more than two-dimensional cardboard cutouts, they're still extremely predictable and samey. A particular pet peeve of mine after spending an extended amount of time with each girl was the lack of variety between questions when you're getting to know them. Asking favorite colors, seasons, hobbies, height, cup size, weight, and other extraneous and non-important information is boring. And the girls get mad if you ask the same questions again and again, so the lack of ability to change them up is frustrating. After a lot of messing about with other girls, it was finally time to go out on another date with Nikki. This time we headed out to the carnival to "go win some stupid shit." A girl after my own heart. After going on several dates with Nikki and further refining my puzzle technique, I was finally able to reach a level where I had gone out on additional dates with each girl, particularly Audrey and Nikki. Audrey continued to pop off with crass one-liners and Nikki grew on me with her love of retro gaming accessories. In the end, however, I was ready to go the mile with only one girl, and that was Nikki. I prepared myself, played my cards right, and took her on a date at "night" by the game's time. When she finally invited me back to her room, I played a quick puzzle minigame that was essentially to seduce her as she stood in my bedroom in her underwear. The move limit was removed and I simply had to make puzzle matches to fill a gauge at the bottom of the screen that continually emptied if I wasn't fast enough, all the while Nikki moaned as Affection points from my matches hit her body. I was rewarded with an image of Nikki in a sexually suggestive pose (though still clothed, as I didn't have the patch to unlock adult content). Her breasts and nipples were visible, but nothing else. With that, the screen faded to black. And just like that, she was back to being hungry. With that, I concluded a six-hour HuniePop extravaganza, though I'll be going back to finish up all of the girls' paths and unlock the additional characters. In the end, I realize this is a game that, while riddled with issues, I liked a lot. A whole lot. In fact, with better writing and some more care given to the characters to flesh them out, it could be so much more. As is, it's a completely serviceable and silly puzzler that peppers in content you might find objectionable, but a sequel that takes some of these things to heart could blend the best of the adult world and games, and that's no easy task. I look forward to poppin' with more hunies, but I'm going to need them to grow up a little in the meantime.
HuniePop photo
In which I cease judging a game by its hunies
I've been following HuniePop for a very long time. HuniePop is a dating sim/puzzle game created by HuniePot, an independent studio. It's available now for purchase via Steam and other distributors in both censored and uncenso...

Alien Make-Out Simulator photo
Alien Make-Out Simulator

Alien Make-Out Simulator demands your passion

Hardcore lip locking technique required
Sep 28
// Jonathan Holmes
What do AAA videogame developers do in their off time? If you're Dawn Rivers of Harmonix, you make more videogames. Specifically, you make a videogame for the Oculus Rift where you kiss a multi-mouthed alien until it either ...

Review: Hatoful Boyfriend

Sep 04 // Alasdair Duncan
Hatoful Boyfriend (PC)Developer: Mediatonic / Hato MoaPublisher: Devolver DigitalMRSP: $9.99 / £6.99Release: September 4, 2014 It's hard to explain the curious appeal of Hatoful Boyfriend without straight up spoiling some of its story beats. What is clear is that this is not a simple dating sim where all the characters have been replaced by avian love interests; that would have been maybe too easy and wouldn't come close to the weirdness that permeates everyday life at the St. PigeoNation's Institute. This translation of a 2011 Japanese interactive novel tries to lead you in gently. You are the only human student at this particular school. All of the other pupils and staff are birds, like your friend Ryouta Kawara, a rock dove who looks after his sick mother. Over the course of the school year, you'll meet different birds all with distinct personalities like the stuck-up, aristocratic Sakuya and the creepy school doctor, Shuu Iwamine.  Every few days, an elective day is held which gives you the choice of taking a unique class that can level up one of your three stats: wisdom, charisma, and vitality. These tie into later activities like socializing or taking exams but this isn't an RPG -- there's no checks against your stats before you can complete a task. One thing that does feel out of place is the lack of continuity between scenes. You can pick sides in a fight between two classmates on one day and the next day neither of them will mention it or seemingly think any different of you. Whenever you play, the main story is going to pan out roughly the same, excluding any individual choices you make.  Sometimes, Hatoful Boyfriend has smart dialogue -- even simple things like replacing the term "everybody" with "everybirdie" -- but there are also times when the text can be confusing, possibly due to a mistranslation. It's a weird game, so there's a tendency to just go with the flow and not look for the logical narrative. The achievements reveal that there are multiple endings but there's no clear way of striving for a particular conclusion; a lot of the time you just have to make your choices and see what happens. That's an awfully reductive way to talk about the game, as an interactive novel like this. You're not really expected to manage stats, you're just trying to get through the day to see the next crazy thing that happens. From pudding-obsessed athletes to a secret society that has big plans, Hatoful Boyfriend goes above and beyond the average dating simulator. Occasionally, it doesn't feel quite weird enough to carry the whole concept of a human schoolgirl at an all-bird high school, but there's still plenty of laughs to be had for a brief experience that you're going to have to play through multiple times to fully enjoy.
Hatoful Boyfriend photo
Pigeon Dating Simulator 2014
Moving to a new school always sucks. You need worry to about grades, pick classes, join a club, try to find new friends, and fit into an existing social hierarchy.  Imagine that but with the added confusion of all your schoolmates being birds.

Clannad photo

Sekai Project announces Clannad localization for PC

Key's popular visual novel officially coming west
Aug 24
// Kyle MacGregor
Clannad is coming to Steam, localization house Sekai Project announced this weekend at Japan Expo USA in San Mateo, California. The visual novel was initially released for Windows PC in 2004, but has since come to severa...
PacaPlus photo

Cuddle up with your own alpaca lover in PacaPlus, headed to Steam

Looks a lot more cuddly than a real girl, anyway
Jun 12
// Brittany Vincent
We brought you Hatoful Boyfriend, so you could experience love with pigeons. And now we bring you PacaPlus, so you can get it on with your alpaca girlfriend. Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? Spending time with he...
Really? Really! photo
Really? Really!

MangaGamer puts Shuffle! sequel Really? Really! up for preorder

Really? Yes, really
May 09
// Brittany Vincent
MangaGamer has just announced that Really? Really!, the third game in the heart-wrenching Shuffle! franchise, is now available for preorder for a June 6 release. It's nowhere near the caliber of Steins;Gate, if my review was ...
Alone With You photo
Alone With You

Home creator's new game is a psychological romance adventure

Alone With You
Mar 11
// Jordan Devore
Benjamin Rivers, the mind behind the horror game Home, has begun teasing his latest project, Alone With You. Players control the final crew member of an unsuccessful terraforming mission who would all alone on the deteriorat...
Doujin Games photo
Doujin Games

Doujin bundle: Seven Japanese indie games for cheap

Sexy pigeons!
Oct 16
// Kyle MacGregor
Groupees has returned with another cornucopia of strange and wonderful independently-developed games from Japan. The service's latest bundle features seven doujinsoft titles, which can be acquired in pairs of your choosing f...
Please Have My Babies photo
Please Have My Babies

Conception: Please Have My Baby sequel has waifus aplenty

So kawaii!
Apr 28
// Kyle MacGregor
Despite Spike Chunsoft showing some interest in bringing Conception 2 to western shores, it seems doubtful this Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita game will ever manage to escape from Japan. A bizarre dungeon crawler...
Jurassic Heart photo
Jurassic Heart

In which you date a ukulele-playing T-rex named Taira

I love videogames so much
Apr 11
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
I think we're all pretty familiar with dating sims. They're typically really cute, but mostly they're pretty erotic. Admit it, we've all played them before just to see what they were about and most of the time they're not tha...
PSone Imports photo
PSone Imports

GungHo importing six more PSone Classics from Japan

Grasshopper's new parent company delivers the eastern goods
Apr 09
// Kyle MacGregor
Half a dozen PSone imports are making their way across the Pacific this spring courtesy of GungHo Online. A trio of titles have already arrived on PlayStation Network, with the rest completing their voyage come May 7. First o...
Please Have My Babies photo
Proactive portables
Remember Conception? Yeah, that PSP dungeon crawler where the protagonist must save the world by having magical children with a dozen celestial maidens. Well, it's getting a sequel and publisher Spike Chunsoft seems keen on b...

Otome Games photo
Otome Games

Aksys: There's a western market for otome games

Localization expert discusses viability of niche genre
Mar 18
// Kyle MacGregor
Otome games are a niche within a niche. Visual novels and dating sims focusing on romantic relationships from a female perspective, they've never quite gained traction outside of Japan. Maybe that's starting to change though....
PSone Imports photo
PSone Imports

GungHo releasing a half dozen PSone Imports on PSN today

JRPGs and dating-sims and bears. Oh my!
Mar 12
// Kyle MacGregor
GungHo Online has returned with another set of PlayStation Classics that never made it out of Japan. The Grasshopper Manufacture parent company has announced six titles for release via PlayStation Network as a part of th...
LovePlus photo

Collect women and save Japan from giant pudding

Konami unveils latest project from the team at LovePlus Production
Feb 17
// Kyle MacGregor
Konami has unleashed the latest project from the team at Love Plus Production upon the world. Fu-Un! Nadeshiko Collection launched back on Thursday via Japanese social networking service GREE and it looks...
Keiji Inafune's Niece?! photo
Keiji Inafune's Niece?!

Aksys localizing game where you are Keiji Inafune's niece

Game of the year!
Feb 16
// Josh Tolentino
I have to hand it to Aksys. They've been taking a lot of risks on titles which, even in today's tolerant environment, would still be considered niche-within-niche. Games like this one, Sweet Fuse: At Your Side (Bakudan Handan...
Dating Sim photo
Dating Sim

Konami teasing new dating sim romp from LovePlus team

Flirty fun?
Feb 07
// Kyle MacGregor
It looks like there's a new project in the works from the folks that behind LovePlus. A Konami teaser site names series producer Akira Uchida and artist Mino Taro as the creators behind what appears to be a new dati...
Princess Arthur photo
Princess Arthur

Meet Princess Arthur's hunky Knights of the Round Table

Isn't Galahad just dreamy?
Jan 20
// Kyle MacGregor
In case you missed it before, Princess Arthur is an otome game based on Arthurian legend. The game follows a young woman named Alu who retrieves a sacred sword encased in stone before falling in with a group of sexy young kn...

Date the Knights of the Round Table in Princess Arthur

What is this I don't even
Jan 04
// Kyle MacGregor
The PSP isn't dead. Not if companies like Aksys, XSEED, and Atlus have anything to say about it anyway. Every month or two the system seems to add a new title to its library and lately they usually seem of the niche Japanese ...

New Gal Gun trailer is best enjoyed solo

Mar 02
// Hiroko Yamamura
Still feeling embarrassed and dirty from viewing the Gal Gun PS3 DLC gallery we posted the other day? Well, prepare to dive right into the mud pit of shame. Alchemist has posted a new trailer, showing us a...

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