Dark Souls II's third DLC, 'Crown of the Ivory King' delayed
By one week
12:00 PM on 09.22.2014

Feel the icy chill of these Dark Souls II Crown of the Ivory King DLC screens
I'm interested to see what From can do with snow
10:00 AM on 09.18.2014

This guy's better than you at Dark Souls, because he plays with a Rock Band guitar
And that's the worst of the guitar controllers
4:30 PM on 09.08.2014

Review: Dark Souls II: The Crown of the Old Iron King
That white hot light
4:00 PM on 08.27.2014

Dark Souls II 'Crown of the Old Iron King' DLC out today
Journey past the Iron Keep
1:00 PM on 08.26.2014

Check out new direct-feed Bloodborne gameplay
It's a Victorian-era Dark Souls, basically
12:00 PM on 08.19.2014

Bloodborne's health regaining system detailed
Regain System revealed at gamescom
8:26 AM on 08.13.2014

Dark Souls II gets patch 1.08, fixes and balances in tow
Not quite as major as some fixes in the first Dark Souls
8:00 AM on 07.25.2014

Review: Dark Souls II: The Crown of the Sunken King
It's no Artorias, but it'll do
8:00 AM on 07.22.2014

One week to go: More Dark Souls II DLC screens while we wait
July 22 for PC and Xbox 360; July 23 for PS3
7:30 PM on 07.15.2014

Here's what Dark Souls II would be like as an eSport
A glorious peek into a potential future for professional gaming competitions
10:00 AM on 07.05.2014

Enjoy these new Dark Souls II DLC screens before you cryogenically freeze yourself until July
'Crown of the Sunken King' DLC
1:00 PM on 06.11.2014

Bandai Namco announces Dark Souls II DLC trilogy
Coming this summer for PS3, Xbox 360, and Steam
11:49 AM on 06.04.2014

It's possible to beat Dark Souls II in 20 minutes
Here's Distortion2's 20:14 run
11:00 PM on 06.02.2014

Rumor: Clips emerge showing Project Beast in action
Is this the next game from From Software?
9:30 PM on 05.29.2014

One way to win at Dark Souls II: Dress up like an enemy & stand still
Dark Trolls II
3:45 PM on 05.21.2014