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Dantes Inferno

Our horrifying Dante's Inferno ornament arrives

Dec 22
Just because the holidays draw near that doesn't mean the weird Dante's Inferno-related crap I've been getting in the mail is slowing down! Nope, today a horrifying ornament -- as seen on the Internet! -- arrived. Wrapped in... read

Dante's Inferno has Xmas gifts for you and they're sick

Dec 20
Dante's Inferno is still squeezing out as much crazy PR as it can, and with Christmas just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with Visceral Games completely grossing everybody out? Just hit this link right h... read

Guest Blogger: Visceral's Vincent Napoli talks Dante's Inferno's Cross combat

Dec 16
[Editor's note: Visceral Games' Vincent Napoli is the Lead Combat designer for the developer's upcoming title, Dante's Inferno.] Dante wields two main weapons against the enemies of the Inferno. One of them, a magical cross i... read

EA puts a little Dead Space in Dante’s Inferno

Dec 15
Europeans, rejoice! Looks like your version of Dante’s Inferno will be better than the American version. How so? Dante’s Inferno Death Edition will feature lenticular artwork, a few documentaries, the full soundtr... read

Dante's Inferno demo impressions, full video playthrough

Dec 10
Detractors have said many negative things about Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno. But let's keep one key point in mind -- many of them (in fact, most of them) haven't played it yet. For PlayStation 3 owners, that changes toda... read

Dante's Inferno gets PS3-exclusive 'Divine Edition'

Dec 10
Visceral Games and Electronic Arts are showing the PlayStation 3 a lot of love with Dante's Inferno.  First, a demo for the game goes live on PlayStation Network first later today. Now, the developer and publisher have a... read

Dante's Inferno getting a live stream event ... from Hell

Dec 08
The hot new thing in this industry appears to be live video streams in which members of a development studio goof off, answer questions from fans, and give a demonstration of the game in question. Yes sir, Dante's Inferno is ... read

Dante's Inferno demo to hit PlayStation Network first

Dec 01
As promised, Electronic Arts will be delivering a Dante's Inferno demo this month. Small caveat -- PlayStation 3 owners will be getting a two-week head start.  The publisher has confirmed that the demo will hit PlayStati... read

Mass: We Pray is really a Dante's Inferno viral

Nov 20
Earlier this week, we got an e-mail about Mass: We Pray, a Wii-like game where you Church at home. The Web site and video for the "game" was pretty outrageous, and pretty much bordered on heresy. Well it turns out the whole ... read

Story: Dante's Inferno has one

Nov 18
If I was a bad dude, the last damsel I would choose to distress is one who pals around with a large guy named Dante, who just happens to carry around a scythe composed of bone and sinew all hours of the afternoon. But bad gu... read

The Dante's Inferno figure looks pretty hot (Update)

Nov 14
Last month, we brought you a very early look at the Dante's Inferno action figure. Now, NECA Online shows us exactly what the figure will look like. Dante has 30 points of articulation and a interchangeable right hand that le... read

Pre-order Dante's Inferno, get figure from fires of hell

Nov 11
When Visceral and Electronic Arts announced the Dante's Inferno demo for December, I breathed a sigh of relief. It was not, as many demos seem to be these days, tied in to a pre-order bonus. Instead, Dante's Inferno is gettin... read

Demo for Dante's Inferno coming this December

Nov 10
Those on the fence about Visceral Games' videogame adaptation of Dante Alighieri's poem The Divine Comedy will get their shot to try it out this December. Electronic Arts has announced that a demo for Dante's Inferno will be ... read

The latest look at Dante's Inferno brings us to Heresy

Nov 10
Dante's quest will take him through all of the Circles of Hell and the latest developer diary for Dante's Inferno brings us to Heresy. As Dante gets lower in Hell, the more Hellish things become. Fire is everywhere, souls ar... read

These Dante's Inferno PSP screens are needlessly huge

Oct 27
I don't really care how contrived Dante's Inferno may or may not be. As a die-hard action fanatic, I'll be playing it either way -- on a console, that is. As for the PlayStation Portable version, not so much. If I couldn't pl... read

What's in the Dante's Inferno box?

Oct 27
Electronic Arts is at it again, continuing its Dante's Inferno marketing/PR-related mailbox assault. Yesterday, a gigantic box cardboard box showed up. Inside that box was big and dirty wooden box. What was inside? Well, that's what the video is for. And well... yeah. I've got nothing. Talk amongst yourselves.  read

Nanny group thinks Dante award may promote violence

Oct 23
Dante’s Inferno and Fairytale Fights share a few things in common. One of those things is an Achievement that nets players points for killing children -- an action most developers tend to avoid in their games. In Dante&... read

Dante's Inferno comes to the world of action figures

Oct 18
If you were unsure that EA was making a franchise out of Dante's Inferno here is another hint. Dante is getting his own action figure. I think the movie adaptation in the works was probably a bigger hint, but they both get th... read

Dante enters anger, hits things with his scythe

Oct 10
Another month and another layer of hell in the videogame version of Dante's Inferno. This month brings us to Anger, in which things get really angry... or something. According to the devs anger means that you'll be kicking a ... read

As you heard this morning, EA’s Visceral Games is working on a game based on the famous 19th century serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Our sources dropped hints about the title to us back in May, and now is a good as time... read feature

Dante's Inferno team doesn't mind God of War comparisons

Oct 01
Not many would liken Dante’s Inferno to Duck Hunt. The brutal action title set in the underbelly of Hell has neither ducks, laughing dogs or even the color blue. But we do compare it to the God of War. It’s only n... read

You may have heard some rumblings: Yes, as a promotion for Visceral Games' forthcoming multi-platform Dante's Inferno, Electronic Arts sent out $200.00 checks to select members of the media. Why? The idea, we're told, is to e... read feature

Dante's Inferno will have music, BioShock dude making it

Sep 09
Dante’s Inferno has music. Who knew? I, for one, was entirely too busy ripping the heads off of organic boats, riding monsters, and killing evil babies to pay attention to the original score. But the game does have a fa... read

Save a wicked sum on a Dante's Inferno pre-order tomorrow

Sep 08
The Internet wing of the juggernaut videogame retail thing GameStop will have a time-sensitive exclusive “program” for Dante’s Inferno tomorrow. On September 9th (09/09/09), EA Visceral plans to reveal a new... read

View all the circles of Hell in new Dante's Inferno trailer

Aug 18
EA released a brand new Dante’s Inferno trailer today which shows off all the circles of Hell you’ll be visiting throughout the game. It’s an interesting trailer, only for the fact that you don’t real... read

Dante's Inferno demo walkthrough and impressions

Aug 14
Offering crisp visuals and twisted slaying scenes to boot, Dante’s Inferno can sicken the most iron-bellied players with its gore. The narrative content may also sicken most classical lit majors, but the game is what it... read

A look at the Dante's Inferno Booth at Gen Con

Aug 14
We spied this statue of Dante and scythe back in June at E3 2009. Now this darling monument to EA Visceral’s God of War-style brawler is sitting proudly in the middle of the game’s gothic booth at Gen Con 2009. Be... read

Wait, what? GayGamer a runner up in EA's #Lust contest

Jul 29
Remember EA's #Lust contest for Dante's Inferno that they ran at San Diego Comic Con? Well, in a strange twist of fate, PixelPoet of GayGamer came in as a runner up in the contest, after submitting some pictures of himself wi... read

SDCC: EA to prostitute its booth babes for you, the customer

Jul 24
Oooh Lord. Where to even start with this one? Let's get right to it: Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have cooked up another awful PR campaign for Dante's Inferno called "Sin to Win." If alienating Catholic gamers... read

Dante's Inferno on PC? No thanks, says EA

Jul 21
Wait a minute -- Visceral's action-adventure game Dante's Inferno isn't going to be released on PC? Huh? I had always just assumed such a version was in the works, seeing as how the game is miraculously coming to the PSP, but... read

Dante's Inferno comic and movie being shown off at Comic-Con

Jul 20
EA and DC Comics/WildStorm have partnered up to bring us a comic book mini-series based on Dante's Inferno, the videogame. The comic will be premiered this week at San Diego Comic-Con and Con-goers can get their hands on a sp... read

EA's San Diego Comic-Con lineup is full of violence

Jul 17
Electronic Arts has over a dozen games they want the San Diego Comic-Con masses to get their hands on. Here’s everything that EA will be showing off on the Comic-Con showfloor: Brutal Legend Dante’s Inferno Dead ... read

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