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Preview: Dance Central 3 WILL teach you how to Dougie photo
Preview: Dance Central 3 WILL teach you how to Dougie
by Abel Girmay

With a mostly sorry launch lineup, Kinect's first-year appeal came almost entirely from Dance Central. Since then, it too often feels like this series is solely providing the legs for Microsoft's motion platform. Less than a year later, Harmonix gave us a follow-up with all the sequel bells and whistles (new modes, more songs, etc.).

Dance Central 3 seems to be taking a similar route. There are no big shakeups to the core gameplay, but it does bring a slew of new content to ensure the party does go on.

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7:30 PM on 08.20.2012

Get warmed up for Dance Central 3 with a new trailer

It's almost curtains up on the latest installment in the Dance Central series! With only two months to go, Harmonix has released this new trailer, featuring "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, "Da Butt" by E.U., and "OMG" b...

Holly Green

10:30 AM on 07.23.2012

Dance Central 3: Release date, new tracks unveiled

Do you like to dance in front of a robotic eye bar in your living room? The best way to do that is with the Dance Central series, and it looks like Dance Central 3 will top its predecessors with a story mode and several hot t...

Dale North

11:30 PM on 07.09.2012

Never say never to July's Dance Central 2 DLC

This month Dance Central 2 is going teen scene. On July 10, you can download the Selena Gomez & The Scene single "Round & Round", followed by "La La Land" by Demo Lovato on July 17, and "Never Say Never" by Justin Bie...

Holly Green

10:00 PM on 06.11.2012

Put these new Dance Central 2 tracks on Replay

It's gonna be a good four months or so before we see Dance Central 3 get its swerve onto retail shelves, so settle in and get yourself some DLC while you wait. Starting tomorrow, June 12, download Iyaz's “Repl...

Holly Green

E3: All I wanna do is Dance Central 3 photo
E3: All I wanna do is Dance Central 3
by Holly Green

This year's E3 has been home to a number of exciting announcements but none more exciting for me personally than Dance Central 3. I had my doubts they'd make a third, as I wondered where the series could truly "go" after the near-perfect Dance Central 2.

In a sea of yearly dance game releases, how will yet another stack up? Through some E3 magic (read: my hounding of Hamza and Steven to give me the assignment instead) I got my chance to check it out.

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1:48 PM on 06.04.2012

E3: Harmonix 'ushers' in Dance Central 3

With over four million units sold across the world, you knew this was coming. All the same, I am EXCITE (yes, as in I am now the literal walking embodiment of the word "excite"). Dance Central 3 was just officially announced...

Holly Green

1:00 PM on 05.07.2012

Spice up your life with May's Dance Central 2 DLC

Hello, good morning, your Dance Central 2 DLC for the merry month of May is on its way! On May 8, “Spice Up Your Life (Stent Radio Mix)” by the Spice Girls makes its DLC debut, followed by “He...

Holly Green

6:30 PM on 05.01.2012

New 'Ninja Crew' unlocked for Dance Central 2

Everybody was kung fu dancing! Or at least they will be with this new Dance Central 2 crew. The Facebook App Challenge has been completed and there are now over 10,000 users signed up. As our reward, Harmonix has release...

Holly Green

9:00 PM on 04.10.2012

This Dance Central 2 DLC wants to give you everything

This month, let Harmonix help you avoid those April showers by serving up a triple dose of new Dance Central 2 tracks. Today, April 10, get your dancin' feet on Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s "We No Speak Americano"....

Holly Green

2:30 PM on 03.12.2012

This month's Dance Central 2 DLC is getting Nasty

This month's Dance Central 2 DLC is taking us on an escapade, serving up a double dose of Janet Jackson and a track from Chris Brown. Starting March 13, "Yeah 3X" will be available for purchase for 240 MP, while March 27 brin...

Holly Green

9:00 PM on 03.02.2012

New Dance Central 2 unlockables detailed

The Dance Central 2 community may not have completed the Facebook application challenge yet, but that doesn't mean there isn't new content. Today Harmonix has announced all new details about upcoming unlockable content, as we...

Holly Green

Tara Long's Kinect Fitness CHALLENGE! photo
Tara Long's Kinect Fitness CHALLENGE!
by Tara Long

As co-host of The Destructoid Show, I consider it my prerogative - nay, my mission - to embarrass myself on a near daily basis. It's not something I typically take issue with, as long as I can say that at the end of the day, it was for journalism. Needless to say, when I pitched the idea of a Kinect-themed fitness segment to our producer, I was immediately met with an incredulous, "Are you sure you want to do that? People are going to see this, you know."

So, after some heavy reconsideration and one too many gin and tonics, I decided to go for it. Who needs a future career in politics anyway, right?

Check out the video above for my run-down of some of Kinect's top fitness games, including Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012, UFC Personal Trainer, Zumba Fitness Rush, and more!

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1:15 PM on 02.03.2012

Dance Central 2 Facebook app lets you track your scores

The new Dance Central 2 Facebook app lets you check your high scores, compare leaderboard rankings and see how you stack up against your friends (or the world) on individual songs. Go here, get the app, link your gamertag, an...

Dale North

9:30 PM on 01.30.2012

Dance Central 2's February DLC lineup: Cee-Lo, LMFAO

Whether you're a part of the old school or the new, fresh beats are always something to get excited about. Harmonix has just announced their new tracks for Dance Central 2, kicking it off with Cee-Lo Green's "Forget...

Jason Cabral

1:00 AM on 01.20.2012

Dance Central Dance*Cam is available now for free

As if dancing in front of a camera in the comfort of your own home didn't make you look silly enough already, Harmonix has released an app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices today to take the humiliation to the next ...

Brett Zeidler